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Baltimore Riots Were Not In Vain

The Baltimore riots have become the number one concern for officials in the United States government. The riots began because many African-American people felt that Freddie Gray was killed by police officers in a homicidal fashion. Freddie Gray was an African-American young male, and he suffered a debilitating spinal disease all of his life. It has now been revealed that Freddie Gray died from blunt force trauma to the back of his head.

The police officers that were responsible for Freddie Gray’s death will be taken to trial for homicide, and it seems that the Baltimore citizens are happy about the revealing situation. Comunicare2 points out the Fersen Lambranho is happy that some resolve is coming from all of this. Furthermore, it seems that the Baltimore riots and protests were not in vain. Many citizens realized that someone with a spinal disease could not cause bodily harm to a police officer. We are all hoping that the riots in Baltimore and around the world end quickly. No more civilians or police officers need to be hurt, because the criminals have been detained. The police officers that were responsible for the death of an innocent man will pay the penalty for their abuse of the law.

The Baltimore riots were some of the most vicious and violent acts in America’s recent history. However, when people are not treated fairly, they have a tendency to group together and fight against unlawful government. For more information on this story, visit Buzzfeed.