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KC Still Trying to Intimidate Opponents

There is one thing that is for certain…the Kansas City Royals are looking for respect from every team they play this season. The only problem is when they are not getting it from their performance; they seem to resort to trying to intimidate their opponents. This is especially true of Yordana Ventura who attempted to intimidate the Angels just a few games ago and now has been ejected from the game, suspended, and fined for intentionally throwing at the head of Oakland Athletics Brett Lawrie. The umpire believed it was for retaliating for a home run given up to the batter just ahead of Lawrie. However, the Royals have gone on the offensive and say their two pitchers were giving him a warning for him sliding dangerously into second base.

It really is a sad state of affairs in Major League Baseball when the defending American League champions have to resort to intimidation factors to try and get ahead of their opponents. The Royals are currently 10-3 trailing the Detroit Lions by just one game in the central division. Fans like Sam Tabar know that there are a lot of months and games left in the season. It is only April, and if this is what we can expect of them then we probably won’t need to expect them to repeat last year’s Cinderella run through the playoffs. Mainly because the league won’t put up with it and frankly the other teams won’t either.

Yankees Pitcher Returns to Japan for 2015 Season, takes 80% Pay Cut

Hiroki Kuroda, a former New York Yankee, has left Major League Baseball to return to Japan’s Central League Club. The pitcher with a powerful arm and great strategic throws, will be taking an 80% pay cut to return to the pacific island.

Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that Kuroda had played in japan for over 10 years when he signed with the L.A. Dodgers in 2007. Find more on Barbouti on He had a bumpy start as he tried to acclimate himself to the MLB playing schedule, as well as the language and increased physical demands from pitchers in the league.

Kuroda had a successful 2014 season with the New York Yankees, leading many to believe he would return for the 2015 season, but Kuroda made a decision to return to Japan. According to the pitcher, as he approached 40, he thought it best to return to Japan, hopefully bringing back things he learned in New York and the MLB to excite fans further.

Kuroda made $16 million last year with the Yankees. Japan, on the other hand, doesn’t offer huge athletic salaries, like the United States, so upon his return, Kuroda will make about 80% less, although the details of his contract have not yet been released.