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Shop your Lines

One of the common mistakes new sports bettors do is to rush and place bets on the first lines of games they see. Teddy insists that betting on lines is a huge mistake. You can view multiple sports book lines and spread your bets across leagues, sports, and bookies.

There are numerous free online betting tools that can offer you great features like free line movement alerts that enable personalized game monitoring across leagues.

Take betting as an investment and prepare thoroughly

Professional bettors do so with their minds, not their hearts. Make sure your bet is informed and avoid falling for your favorite teams just because you are a fan. Choose wisely and back your final decisions by prevailing facts like team form, player form, and availability. College basketball odds are particularly predictable since the top scorers will always score baskets as long as they are fit and available for selection.

Teddy Covers often advises that as a professional bettor, you need to pick some bets that mitigate your risks and take advantage of that. Betting on prop bets and over/under can be applied wisely to improve your returns substantially and lower your risks.

Betting is a multi-billion dollar investment, so ensure you gather the information you require to make an informed decision and reduce your risks of losing. There are many people in sports willing to put in lots of money, yet they are not professional bettors.

Watch the Market and Trust No One

Some people are quick to take Covers advice and tips on betting and put all their money on bets they have not analyzed. Take your time and bet with your mind as opposed to being carried away with someone else’s ideas. If you are planning to make sports betting an investment, focus on the analysis and learn from the experts on how to manage profits and losses. Gamblers will usually run for high returns like 70% or 80% returns, which according to Covers, is a delusional mindset. A profitable sports investor only aims to win above 52.4% to get great returns. has broadened the platform for sports betting by placing the best bets in College Basketball odds.

NBA Game 4 Roundup

The second round of the NBA Playoffs has been full of exciting finishes and buzzer-beating shots, but Paul Pierce could not capitalize on another moment to help the Washington Wizards take a 3-1 lead over the Atlanta Hawks on Monday. Instead, with 9.5 seconds remaining in the game and his team down by 3 points, Pierce missed an open jumper. The Hawks went on to win 106-101 and tied the series up at two games apiece. With John Wall injured, Pierce was able to step up for his team in Game 3, but it was the Hawks point guard, Jeff Teague, that took control of Game 4. Teague scored a career-high 26 points in the playoff game to accompany his eight assists, four rebounds, and two steals. The win is a relief for the Hawks, who will now have home-court advantage as the battle heads back to Philips Arena for Game 5 on Wednesday.

Fans at Boraie Development ( have found that, meanwhile, the Golden State Warriors dominated the Memphis Grizzlies in a road game that tied up the series 2-2. NBA MVP Stephen Curry showed up big for his team during the 101-84 victory with a performance that even impressed some Grizzlies fans. Game 5 will be played on the Warrior’s home court on Wednesday and the fans in Oracle Arena will be rowdy as they welcome their team back home in hopes of taking the lead in the series.

Recreational Basketball Game Ends In Gunfire

In Philadelphia, a local recreational basketball team played against their rivals. The league is for 14 to 16-year-olds, but it appears that there was some some bad blood between the teams. Philadelphia is known for being a rough and tough place to grow up, and that is true because things quickly got violent between the two basketball teams. However, the violence did not occur between the players. Instead, a 26-year-old coach named Maurice Tavares pulled out a gun, and he began firing at the other coach. Amazingly, no one was injured from the gunfire.

Maurice Tavares’ gunfire scared everyone out of the gym, and Tavares quickly fled to his vehicle during all of the commotion. The police arrived on the scene, but Maurice Tavares was already gone. However, the police have issued out a warrant for his arrest, and they are looking everywhere for him. Philadelphia police are asking for help, and anyone with information on Maurice Tavares should step forward.

The last week has been extremely violent for basketball fans, including the ones at Handy. The final four series ended with the riots, and now a recreational basketball game ends with gunfire. Let’s hope that things calm down in this beautiful country. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

Anderson Has An Appendectomy

The Virginia basketball team is having troubles at the end of what has been a very good season. The season has been very long, but they have that one lingering loss to Duke where they threw away the lead near the end of the game. Now they have lost their point guard to an appendectomy.

This is yet another setback in what could have been a magical season. This can still be a magical season, but it is something that can be lost if they keep having these lingering problems. They are the Virginia basketball team that has not been good for a very long time. This is their one chance to manage their way deep into the tournament. Granted, they could use this as a way to develop their team for the future. They could use this to recruit in the future, and they could use this to show other ACC teams that they mean business.

However, they are not going to be able to win a title this year without some consistency coming from their roster. Fans like Alexei Beltyukov know that the roster is going to fluctuate a little, but they cannot go without their best player when it really means something late in the season.