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Apartment Living: Stylish and Clutter Free

Wengie’s apartment was renovated and she gave her viewers a tour! She gave a walk through tour of each room and told the viewers what her favorite pieces were.

First, she showed the living room. She loved that the coffee table was actually a cute trunk. She liked how the bright couch cushions, lamps, and art brightened up the room. They made an art piece out of a collage portrait of some of her favorite pairs of shoes. She likes how the colors make her living area so happy looking.

Next she goes to the dressing table. She really loved the colored boxes that they put on the wall as displays and storage. . She likes how bright and colorful the storage is, as well as the use of fresh flowers in the vintage bottles as vases. Her acrylic make up holders from Howards Storage. She says the storage containers for her make up really helps keep that spot organized.

Next she moves to the entertainment area. She loved how much storage was added to this space. They added brightly colored baskets, curtains, vases and candles to make the area really bright. More flowers add a little bit of her personality to the space. The drawers and storage containers are labeled with pictures and hold more make up, accessories, games, etc.

She then goes to the study area. They have spots for her favorite magazines and added storage boxes for her various electronics and cables. They added brightly colored and cute sand timers as decoration as well.

The hallway has more of those display boxes with her favorite figurines. Lastly, she shows her bedroom. They’ve added a lot of storage to make it part wardrobe as well as bright colored prints, curtains, and cushions. She feels that the prints that are on the wall make the space.

She closes out her video expressing the love for the dramatic change made to her apartment. She also expresses her former love of having just things. She shares her thoughts on valuing the people and experience in your life more than the material things.


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