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What Happens When You Mix Wengie with a Whiteboard


If you have been paying attention to the recent trend of Youtubers than you should be quite familiar with the latest wave of draw my life videos coming from all across the Youtube-verse. The idea is novel enough and actually quite engaging as a means of storytelling, in spite of our disdain for low budget production values within media.


Wengie, a Whiteboard, and Her Life


Jumping in on the draw your life action, Youtube starlet and fashion icon Wengie gave viewers a rare glimpse into the events that helped shape the Youtube stars early life.


Although I regularly frequent Wengie’s channel for life hacks, hair tips, and generally hours of entertainment after I was able to watch her Draw My Life video, I realized how very little I knew about my favorite Youtuber.


Wengie Style Comes Though a Whiteboard


As with all of her videos, Wengie’s unique sense of style and personality shone through what otherwise would have been just another white board. In characteristical sweetness, Wengie quickly filled the white board with animations of her early life from her incredibly difficult move to another country at a young age to seeing her parents for the first time after years of separation the entire video was eye-opening in a way only Wengie could manage.


I highly recommend you open a tab and spend a minute learning about the internet’s favorite Aussie fashionista life hacker. You can see Wengie’s Draw My Life video as well as the rest of her videos on her Youtube channel.