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Healthy Dog Owners Like Healthy Dog Food

As Americans become healthier, it appears they want their dogs to follow suit. The pet food industry is approximately 20 billion per year and is attracting the likes of companies such as FreshPet Inc., producers of the only industrial refrigerated pet food. They avoid preservatives, instead relying on fresh ingredients and limit the amount of time a product can stay on store shelves. They have their own refrigerated display cases in over 10,000 retailers including some Targets and Whole Foods Markets. Companies have been putting salmon and lamb into their food and offering grain free dry food for years. However long time pet food manufacturers are changing their marketing concepts as new companies like FreshPet Inc focus on the health trend. Purina produces the popular Beneful pet foods. They ensure that all raw ingredients are tracked from the time they are received at the plant through production and onto the store shelves. Beneful offers a variety of foods. They have dry dog food ranging from Originals that feature raw beef, chicken or salmon. Also available are formulas for puppies and weight management. In the wet food category, they offer blended meals with fresh meats, salmon and vegetables. The be healthy like your owner idea seems to be working. Beneful sales of high-end dog food have increased by 45% in the last 7 years. Blue Buffalo, one of the first companies to blend fresh meats with vegetables and fruits, went public last summer and sales are expected to be at least 1 billion this year. Feeding your dog FreshPet can be pricey – about twice the cost of the standard canned food. Fresh beef and chicken are expensive. While Beneful sales have climbed to 37%, Wall Street is skeptical of the company’s future. They lost half of their value last year. The company believes they will turn a profit in 2016. A healthy family means a healthy pet is their feeling. Information for this post was found here: