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Jeff Aronin and The Problem of Adaptive Expectations in the Field of Biotech Sciences

There’s a concept in economics called adaptive expectations, and it’s a theory about how people seem to make decisions about the future with a strong connection with the past, when in fact there is no connection. This kind of cognitive bias has been a cause of troubles to people in ways that are more damaging than initially thought. In the field of medicine, this idea has been instrumental in preventing to find the right cures for diseases without making things worse.

With a wrong link between the past medical theory to a future possibility of a disease’s treatment, more trouble ensues. This is a challenge that companies like Paragon Biosciences headed by Jeff Aronin work hard to fix, and fortunately, the path is bright ahead of them to reach their goals.


The Philosophy of Simplicity

Paragon Biosciences seems to stand out today because of how simple its mission is: find cures. It is a medical research firm that offers solutions to various medical issues, diseases and barriers, and with the people behind its research team, it can address some of the unmet needs in people’s medical treatments.

With the development of the drugs by Paragon Biosciences comes the responsibility of safety. Indeed, there are more than 6,000 diseases that need more attention regarding research, and when Paragon Biosciences rises to the occasion, the challenge is to make all the solutions organic and safe enough to be disseminated across a large sample size ( The courage of Paragon Sciences is in the fact that it promises to take responsibility for all its solutions.


About Jeff Aronin

Anyone who’s someone in the field of innovative medicine may already know Jeff Aronin as the Chicago-based Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, LLC. He’s the creative engine, the fuel, the inspiration and the drive of the company to find globally competent biotech solutions that improve patients’ wellbeing as well as grow innovative companies to its highest potentials.

The expertise of Jeff Aronin is in many things, but the strength he has in the medical field is anchored on finding cures for rare diseases, algorithms to simplify complex sciences and developing drugs for ailments that have still not been addressed.