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Where Brazil Is Headed According To Specialist Felipe Montoro Jens

As Brazil plummets further into economic ruin, their future is looking increasingly grim. Brazil’s predominant shortcoming is their poor infrastructure, and after the National Confederation of Industry released a study highlighting how slipshod Brazil’s operations are, their critical condition became apparent. According to the report, Brazil failed to complete 517 infrastructure projects in 2017. Brazil’s inability to execute these jobs resulted in a $10.7 billion loss. As a result, Brazil’s economy began unraveling. The state in which Brazil is currently in has engendered genuine concern. Economists and analysts who have scrutinized the situation are particularly troubled by the country’s negligence.

When these statistics came to light, Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure specialist, was keen to volunteer his sentiments. What’s more, Jens was inspired to delve further into Brazil’s ongoing issues. Jens concluded that Brazil’s sorely lacking in the following areas: finances, technology, training, business relations, and planning. Ilana Ferreira with the National Confederation of Industry maintains that “the main problem that leads to the stoppage of works is technical.” With that said, Brazil is being urged to revolutionize their operations and adapt to the modern world. Jens proposes some other suggestions as well. Learn more on ideamensch about Montoro Jens

Jens believes that the following resolutions could rectify Brazil’s situation: improved micro planning procedures, training programs, balanced contractual agreements, strengthened interpersonal relationships, and financial parameters. While Jens is confident that these solutions will rid Brazil of their distress, the nation hasn’t inspired much confidence. In fact, Brazil is seemingly unwilling to implement reform. Jose Augusto Fernandes, a project analyst, put it best when he said that “Brazil seems unable to learn from all the surveys, losses and conflicts that their process produces.” Though many are all but begging Brazil to rework their system, Brazil is blatantly turning a blind eye to their problems.

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Ricardo Guimarães Helps Manage Atletico-MG

Ricardo Guimarães is the former chief executive of BMG Bank, and he is an avid fan of football. Football in Brazil is almost a religion, and it is the favored game of the majority of the population. Ricardo started an advertising campaign with Atletico-MG to help make a better name for BMG Bank, and he is still managing the team in his semi-retirement. This article explains how Ricardo is helping the team prepare for its biggest tournament in quite some time.

#1: Terra Reports On Atletic-MG Finances

Esportes Terra recently reported on the finances of Atletico-MG, and the team is planning on taking on more debt to pay for better players. Winning the Brazilian premier league is a priority for the team, and Ricardo will help the team spend as much money as possible to get the right players.

#2: Ricardo Holds Installment Loans Made To The Club

The loans that Atletico-MG has needed for payments to players have been given by Ricardo in many cases. The loans Ricardo has decided to give the club are helping the club compete in the Brazilian premier league, and the team is working to be as competitive as possible. Ricardo is a fan who has the capital to invest in his favorite team, and he has been helpful in making the team competitive for its fans.

#3: Atletico-MG Wants To Triumph In The Copa Libertadores

The Copa Libertadores is an international competition that will be decided in South America soon, and Atletico-MG wants to have the finances necessary to field a team that will bring glory back to the club. Ricardo has been asked to fund much of the payments that were made to players, and the club has the fourth-highest debt in the league right now. There are other people holding loan debts for the club, but Ricardo has been the most avid backer of the club to date.

#4: Why Was Ricardo Investing In Atletico-MG?

Ricardo Guimarães has found a passion outside of banking, and he has something that he can do in the future after his time with BMG Bank. There are many people who love football, but Atletico-MG is a passion for Ricardo. Ricardo Guimarães has built a fortune that allows him to pay for players on his favorite team, and he is using that wealth to help further a club that its fans are deeply passionate about.

Ricardo Guimarães is a household name in much of Brazil, and he is moving on to working in the football world that he has loved since he was a boy. The loans that he has given to Atletico-MG are only part of his involvement, but his involvement has made the team much more competitive.

The Rise and Success of BMG’s Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor plays a significant role in the establishment of the BMG as one of the leading financial institutions in Brazil. Marcio Alaor is a top executive of the bank as he holds the office of the vice president as well as serving as a director of the firm. BMG has been in the banking industry for nearly a century providing its clients with first class financial services. Marcio Alaor is instrumental in the maintenance of the high standards that BMG established over the years. The services that BMG offers include loans, investments, deposits, credit cards as well as insurance.

The loans offered by BMG helps their customers not only to finance but also acquire highly-priced items so as to improve their living conditions. Additionally, the clients in the BMG also take advantage of the investment and insurance services offered by the bank. The investment services open doors to the individuals who seek for an opportunity to endow their money so as to grow their savings. On the other hand, the insurance service provides the clients protection for their property and home. Under the leadership of Alaor, the services are readily available to all their customers.

Together with the President of BMG Ricardo Guimaraes, Marcio Alaor oversaw the formation of a partnership with Banco Itau. The partnership aimed at capturing more market shares of the consignment credit industry. The partnership gave birth to the Itau BMG Bank that had an initial capital of $R1 billion.

Marcio Alaor has a strong academic background holding a business administration degree from Instituto Metadista Benett as well as a post-graduate degree. The educational background indeed played a tremendous contribution to his managerial skills and for his contributions to the Board of Executive for the bank.

Recently, Marcio Alaor was recognized for his numerous philanthropic donation and his efforts towards community development in his hometown of San Antonio. As a result, local leaders instated a square in the town in the honor of Marcio Alaor. The honoring was a tribute for the aid Alaor offered to the city. Additionally, they made a plate that applauded the importance of his works as well as acknowledging his achievements.

Marcio Alaor serves as a role model and inspiration for many not only in San Antonio but also globally. He rose from a humble background in San Antonio where he began as a shoeshine kid so as to make ends meet to become an executive in one of the largest banks in Brazil. Alaor success story inspires many who are struggling to make ends meet not to give up but to put more effort towards their goals.

Ricardo Guimaraes Accomplishments As The Head Of Banco BMG Bank

Ricardo Guimaraes has turned Banco BMG bank to be an influential figure in the Brazilian football clubs. Banco BMG bank uses funding and confidentiality to motivate diverse talents found in Brazil football leagues, most likely in the first division. Ricardo Guimaraes began his career as the chairperson of mining bank in 2008. In his era, Mining bank started investing highly in sports.
He also served as the chair of Atletico Mineiro. Banco BMG bank sponsored twelve teams in 2011 to motivate them to compete in the Brazil Championship. In Brazil Serie A football league, more than half of the teams bears Banco BMG bank logo. Ricardo Guimaraes has more passion for sports a scenario that made him pay players allowances with his personal money to motivate them while being the chairperson of Atletico Mineiro club. Ricardo Guimaraes led Banco BMG bank to be the leading bank in the modalities involving payroll loans.
Agencia Estado news made a liberation that composed of comprehensive information on Banco BMG bank Chief Executive Officer. Ricardo Guimaraes got nurtured by Flavio Guimaraes, who taught him how to deal with the bank distribution channels. Flavio Guimaraes was a top-notch entrepreneur who invested highly in the cannery and the Brazil agricultural sector, which gave him very huge returns. Ricardo was lucky to be raised by one of the wealthiest families in the whole of Brazil.
Executive Ricardo was nurtured in Minas Gerais town. He has been treasuring Minas and promoting the development of this city. Guimaraes possessed great innovation and leadership talents since his childhood. He indeed participated in turning BMG bank into the nationally recognized loans lender Company. His contributions towards achieving a flexible and sustainable banking system impress many organizations that honored him with awards in return.
In the reign of Ricardo Guimaraes as the head of Banco BMG bank, the bank strategized and took over in the sole operational of consigned credit. Guimaraes embraces the presence of technological advancements to make Banco BMG flexible and stable in the capital market. BMG bank contains committed and dedicated personnel who works efficiently and reports the banks daily undertakings to CEO Guimaraes.
The primary focus of Ricardo Annes Guimaraes involves the lending out of loans at cheaper rates so as to benefit clients of all economic groups. Guimaraes is also highly recognized due to his successful offering of sponsorships to the Brazil sports.

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Ricardo Guimaraes and BMG: Sponsoring Local Tennis Legend

Recently, an article was published by concerning the sponsorship of Brazilian tennis star Marcelo Melo by Ricardo Guimaraes and Banco BMG. The following is an English translation of the original article published in Portuguese:
The BMG announced its newest sponsorship, the tennis player Marcelo Melo. The company said it signed a commercial agreement with the athlete. Melo occupies the number one title in the world ranking of the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) in the form of dual tennis playing. According to Ricardo Guimarães, the Minas Gerais Bank logo will be displayed on the sleeves of Melo’s gaming uniform and other sporting equipment he uses.

On the established contract, Melo said that their support will assist him in preparation to compete at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro next year. This partnership with BMG will be very important for Melo. BMG bank, under the presidency of Ricardo Guimarães, will support Marcelo to further enhance his goals to achieve new titles and for better preparation for the next world sporting event. The tennis star said that the considerable help of BMG sponsorship helped him and his tennis partner, Ivan Dodig, win the doubles championship in Paris. Together, they won the 1000 Master Trophy.
“The partnership was started in early November and brings a wealth of recognition regarding this goal. It is something that befalls any investor,” quotes the president of Banco, BMG Ricardo Guimarães. Marcelo Melo arrived in Brazil with the celebration of a new conquest. This week, he packed the trophy in his luggage that he won in the doubles tournament in Paris. This was the fourth consecutive victory for the Brazilian. Apart from this tennis victory, the tennis player has won the ATP’s 500 Acapulco, the Tokyo and Vienna, as well as the Master 1000 Shanghai and Roland Garros.

BMG bank values the tradition of sponsoring the sporting talents of Minas Gerais. They also appreciate the fact that Brazil promotes sponsorships in various categories. BMG promotes the prominence and visibility of Brazilian athletes on the international scene. According to Ricardo Guimarães, it is also important to support athletes who are dedicated professionals and are disciplined and committed to their goals. These values are ​​highly esteemed by BMG. “And this is the case with Melo,” stated the executive. Ricardo Guimarães reiterates that this partnership aims to have representation of the good BMG name within various sports as well as full recognition of the miners.


Banco BMG is a bank based in Belo Horizonte Brazil. It is a subsidiary of the BMG group. Its Consignment lending operations is the main business of this bank. It provides consignment loans at a discount to ordinary Brazilians and today has 5 million customers. It has been voted 8 times as the best financial conglomerate in Brazil. Ricardo Guimares leads it. He has led the Bank through one of the biggest growths.
When he became the president in 2004, the market was ripe for take over. Brazil had a strong growing economy and growing credit sector. In 2004, BMG controlled 20% of the consignment credit sector valued at $ 6 billion. By 2010; the bank had a 60 % market share. Its credit portfolio increased from $ 2.4 billion in 2004 to more than $ 14.5 billion in December 2010.Its equity rose from $ 300 million to $ 1.1 Billion in the same time period. It’s currently the undisputed market leader in a sector they compete for with 62 other banks. The amazing thing is only 50 % of the market is tapped. There is still a lot of mileage to be covered. The remarkable growth in the area is because consignment credit is very cheap. Being the pioneer, BMG has been adequately rewarded. The demand for credit is today at an all-time high.

Today the bank controls over 80% of the has the biggest distribution channel all over the country. It has over 3000 point of sale terminals and over 50000 agents. Through its bond issues in the international market, it has good access to capital. Recently it has been going through a growth and consolidation period .It has acquired Banco GE in 2010 and Banco Schahin in 2011.It currently has 5 million customers.
The Bank is the biggest sponsor of sports team in Brazil. It’s especially active in soccer, a sport popular in Brazil. It also has also sponsored basketball, volleyball and car racing team. This genius marketing strategy has stuck a chord with Brazilians. A partnership with a local TV station has seen it help 60000 youths showcase their football skills. The Company also sponsors many community activities like healthcare and schools. It has mostly concentrated in the Slum regions of Brazilian cities.
Mr Ricardo Guimares started his career with BMG in 1980.In 1989; he was declared the financial officer of the bank. He was promoted to the vice president post in 1996 and chairperson in 2004.

How To Choose The Right Lawyer For you

If you need a lawyer in Brazil, it’s important that you hire the right one. Once you have decided to get a lawyer, you need to choose a specific lawyer who is capable of handling your particular legal issue. While there are many lawyers in Brazil, choosing a suitable lawyer can have a impact on the outcome you get. Having a reliable lawyer will give you peace of mind in knowing that your case is in trusted hands.

Prior to having any contract or official relationship it is important to make sure that you are dealing with an honest person. So find a trustworthy lawyer. After all, there is nothing more frustrating or worse than being in a court battle or other dispute and not having a reliable person on your side. You need to choose someone who is willing to communicate your chances of getting a favorable outcome. It would be equally disappointing to discover that the lawyer you hired is hurting your case due to his or her poor reputation.

The initial meeting or discussion with the lawyer can also help you to determine whether the lawyer is detail oriented. Again, your instincts should guide you here. Make sure you ask the lawyer if you can call him or her during the legal process to discuss any issues related to your case. If he or she feels reluctant to answer, it may indicate that you should look for someone else. Find a lawyer who will respond to your inquiries, or return your calls. To that end, make sure you retain a lawyer who is communicative.

Finding the right lawyer in Brazil for your situation means finding one who is affordable. With that in mind, you should inquire about costs before you even consider hiring the lawyer. After all, it wouldn’t feel good to find out later that the lawyer is charging you per hearing, per letter, or in a way that only prolongs the case and incur a huge bill.

Also, try to get a written estimate of what the lawyer will charge to litigate the case. Then, again in writing, get a contract that will outline the maximum costs involved in handling your case. That way there won’t be any misunderstanding or unwanted surprises.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a reputable Brazilian lawyer, specializing in business law litigation. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho considers it a great privilege to take on business and corporate litigation cases, and he works hard to win. He doesn’t believe in excuses, he only believes in results. When a client contacts Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, he takes the time to evaluate the case and explains the client’s options.

Everything You Should Know Before Investing In Brazil

Undoubtedly, investing in Brazil is a rewarding experience, but global market watchdogs have reservations. A leading U.S.-based rating agency Standard-and-Poor’s have presented a recent review in the nation’s future in the finance market. Brazil surprised the world after it overcame an overwhelmingly stressful financial depression and fully recovered in 2010. Today, the nation’s financial market future is greatly influenced by politics. It reached “investment grade” rank in 2008 after controlling and reducing debts. The ruling government “Workers’ Party” has established alliances that keep the nation’s economic welfare in a positive light.

With the recent developments of a threatened alliance, it’s crucial to re-assess investment options before investing in Brazil. Global financial market watchdogs hope this blows over quickly and Brazil survives this phase successfully. According to them, Brazil has corrected numerous policies and a political shift could steer these efforts in another direction. No doubt, foreign investors often describe Brazilian investment markets as an overwhelming platform, but with expert guidance success is imminent. It has survived the toughest economic struggles. It’s been a little over a decade since the macroeconomic industry became stable in 2003. Shortly after it began a debt reduction campaign, which generated a fruitful outturn and later boosted its foreign reserves.

As the nation with the 6th wealthiest global economy, Brazil attracts a vast investors’ population, especially for ethanol, iron-ore and more. China is a largely invested in Brazil’s resources, particularly a key investor of raw materials to product consumer and industrial goods. Zeca Oliveira is a renowned Brazilian investor who’s had enormous success investing in Brazil. At Bridge Trust, a leading financial consultancy, Oliveira, the firm’s active president takes care of resource and fund management activities. Oliveira’s firm recently formed an alliance with the renowned financial group, Gradual Investimentos. It’s raised the financial group’s total asset value to an impressive $6.5 billion BRL (Brazilian Real).

Oliveira of Bridge Trust has over $900 million BRL in investment funds and became the firm’s chief management of operations over a year ago (May 2014). Fernanda Lima is still in the CEO (Chief-Executive-Officer) capacity at Gradual. Oliveira is managing assets valued at an estimated US $2.5-billion according to reports. In 1998 to 20013, Oliveira operated as BNY Mellon CEO, another top-level finance group. With the recent alliance he’s approved, it should benefit both Gradual and Bridge Trust. It’ll allow the companies to entertain cross-selling opportunities and maximize product sales while building clientele value.