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David Giertz advice about the retirement plan that works

The way some of the millennial are planning for the retirement can be both good news and at the same time bad news. According to David Giertz, by the time millennial are age 22 they have already started some form of retirement plan. However, the bad news is that some of them have no idea of the best way to use the money so that to save for the future correctly. David Giertz thinks that the best way to go about saving for the retirement is evaluating the financial health. It means that you need to make sure that you are saving enough and at the same time you are taking care of the debts. Clearing the debt as soon as possible because speed is the best tool when it comes to saving for the retirement.

Even if you start saving for the retirement early, you also have to make sure that you are paying the debts early and fast. Having a side gig will be the best when you retire. David says that you have to look at some of the hobbies that you have and come with ways that you can turn that hobby into a financial success. David Giertz has over 30 years of experience when it comes to the financial investments. Most recently, he worked as the CEO of the National Financial organization which deals with the sales and distribution. He has been able to help the business grow from $11 billion to $17 billion when it comes to the profitable revenue.

Before when he joined the Nationwide, David spent the best part of his life at the Citigroup, where he first served as the financial advisor, he later became the Area director, but later he was promoted to be the executive vice president. He was responsible for the sales, and he consistently helped in achieving the corporate goals. He has been involved in some of the community organization one of them being the Millikin University where he was the chair of the board. During the nine-year tenure, he chaired the budget and finance committee.