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Perry Mandera; improving the lives of others one day at a time

Joining the Marine Corps immediately after high school, Perry Mandera gained know-how with several different transportation agencies. After exiting the Marine Corps, Mandera began he own business in 1980 but sold it only 5 years later. Mandera interests then became more focused on politics where he got elected the youngest person to ever fill the position of Republican Ward Committeeman. He then began his own company, The Custom Company Inc. It is a full service transportation provider that is very successful today. Mandera Company provides a complete range of logistic services, Domestic and Air Freight forwarding services, and local cartage (Resume).

In order to provide the highest level of custom service, Custom Companies follows three specific technologies. The first one being Cheetah Dispatch which permits the drivers to access information such as automatic pick up times, and proof of delivery certifications by using comprehensive and vibrant software. The Warehouse Management system selects and packages fulfillment service. This use of electronics allows customers to easily check inventory this way as well as things they are having delivered. Finally, by using Dock Management system Custom Companies can move freight efficiently and minimize errors or potential delays by being completely paperless with unique bar codes for each shipment.

Being in the Marines definitely gave Maderas a compassionate side for everyone. He fully supports and participates in charitable work and is often willing to provide his advice, time, and founding for anyone in need. For example, incorporating his company by serving children with financial aid and transportation support as necessary, and donated materials young kids from which young children can benefit. He demonstrates support for Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) and the Police Athletic League. Offering guidance and education to improve the awareness and talents of the Chicago police department is a regular feat for Mandera. This Chicago area organization delivers hands on preparation to best ensure local enforcement agencies are equipped to reduce crime and juvenile delinquency. The organization also works assiduously to develop legislation for the reduction of crime while simultaneously strengthening laws currently in existence.