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Mike Baur- Why is the tech startup business thriving in Switzerland

Anyone familiar with the startup industry in Europe will tell you that the best place to find a healthy startups industry is in Zurich and other cities in Switzerland. Cities in Switzerland are known for being modern and trendy. They are known to be some of the best places to live on the globe. Apart from being modern and trendy, there is another impressive thing about these cities; they have embraced technology in a big way. They are numerous technology businesses that are ongoing in these cities. Whole other cities in the world are facing poor growth due to the aftermath of the great 2008 economic recession, cities in Switzerland are booming with technology businesses.



Why is Swiss technology industry booming with business while others are struggling to keep the industry running? In almost all places in Switzerland, tech startup- businesses are popping up. These small companies are numerous and are diverse in terms of the solutions that they give. Some of them are on green technology, others automation software while others deal with software design. There are many solutions that are offered by these startups. Some of the benefits that these startups bring to the country and the consumers include that solutions they offer and the job opportunities they create for the millions of citizens in the country as of today, Switzerland is one of the best places in Europe where one can acquire a job.



There is a reason to why tech-startup industry in Switzerland is booming with business while other cities in the world struggle to make ends meet there is something about the technology industry in Switzerland that makes it the best industry. There are many reasons that are given to support the force behind the success of tech industry in Switzerland. To understand this question, you must look at the deep facts about Switzerland. There are numerous factors such as governance, history, and culture of the people that support the argument about these startups being the best. The government of Switzerland is known to be among the best in the world. Cases of misappropriation of public funds are very minimal. This means that funds are channeled into projects that are meant for. The net result has been that the country enjoys good infrastructure development that supports a healthy business environment.



One of the people who support the Swiss startup industry is Mike Baur. He is the co-founder of a startups incubator known as Swiss Startup Startup Factory. Mike Baur has been training and mentoring startup’s entrepreneurs on how to make their businesses grow. The level of training that is offered in Switzerland



Felipe Montoro Jens Actualizing PPPs in Porto Alegre

The Mayor of Porto Alegre Mr. Nelson Marchezan Junior attended the Management council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships (Propar) in discussing Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions on 30th June. According to Felipe Montoro Jens an expert on major infrastructure program development many projects were on table for consideration and subsequent bidding including the President Vargas Maternal and Infantile Hospital head office construction, Public clocks concessions, Guaiba Water Park project, and bidding for other sanitation projects. Similarly the mayor of Rio Grande de Sul who attended the meeting said it aimed at setting the areas, priorities and services that the government will seek private partners to accelerate development.

Creating the (PROPAR / POA) and of the Partnership Management Council (CGP)

Like his peers Nelson Marchezan knows that Public-Private Partnership models are a major means of navigating the financial crisis that the country is undergoing and he intends to use the models in all areas they can apply. This resolve led him to signing of the Decree 19.736 establishing the Municipal Partnership Program (PROPAR/ POA) and the Partnership Management Council (CGP).

Felipe Montoro Jens who is informed of the structure says that he CGP will be the organ of Governance that will determine the structure and modalities of the PPPs and Concessions guaranteeing transparency and proper supervision of the projects. The CGP will also oversee the planning and execution of PPP projects. The mayor will serve as the president of the of the CGP and members will be Vice Mayo, Strategic Partnership, Institutional Relationship, Finance, planning, Economic development secretary. It will also include an expert on infrastructural development expert Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens.

Mr. Felipe Montoro has extensive experience in this field having worked at Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliários as chairman, San Antonio Energia SA as a director and in many other companies where he has served as an executive officer. His contribution on matters of infrastructure is always valuable.

OSI Group: Food & Drink

Worldwide organizations are nearby in nature. An association with branches in the United States, Europe and China can’t run a one-measure fits-all operation. Government controls, social subtleties and ability pool can all influence how an organization is run. In the nourishment business, that rundown of contemplations likewise incorporates the shoppers’ taste buds.

“We are situated extremely well in that we have a worldwide system, actually with individuals from our association in workplaces or plants everywhere throughout the world,” says David McDonald, leader of OSI Group. “We have a worldwide operation which implies we have scale in measure yet we have neighborhood administration groups that are exceptionally delicate and extremely comprehension of the nearby societies and tastes. It’s the energy of worldwide scale and effectiveness alongside nearby arrangements.”

Headquartered in Aurora, Ill., OSI Group is a worldwide pioneer in providing esteem included protein things, for example, hotdog connections and hamburger patties. OSI Group additionally supplies things, for example, sandwiches and pizza, to driving foodservice and retail marks. The secretly held partnership works more than 50 offices in 17 nations and it is at present utilizing its worldwide proficiency, nearby arrangement technique to extend its nearness in China.

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OSI has worked in China for as far back as 20 years and as the nation’s economy has developed, OSI’s nearness has developed with it. It works eight production lines and with two new offices in progress OSI will be biggest poultry maker in the country. Last September, the organization kicked things off on another uber plant for additionally handling in Henan territory. That same month, it reported a joint-wander understanding in Zhoukou with DOYOO Group to make DaOSI, OSI’s third completely vertically coordinated poultry operation in the nation. OSI’s China operations serve customers, for example, McDonald’s, Yum, Starbucks, Saizeriya, Papa John’s, Burger King and Subway.

“China is a genuine concentration of our own for every one of the reasons we read consistently,” David McDonald OSI Group says. “It keeps on being the biggest developing purchaser showcase on the planet thus it has the energy of populace, however that populace is developing more wealthy, also. We have some awesome clients in China who are encountering colossal development and we need to stay aware of them.”

Counting its current attempts in China, a year ago alone­ OSI propelled, extended or declared arrangements for seven new handling and creation offices around the world. The organization declared the opening of another present day encourage process in Shandong Province with a yearly limit of 600,000 metric tons, making it one of China’s biggest bolster processes in operation. Another solidified sustenances handling plant in Madanapalle, India, which at first will concentrate on the assembling of vegetable items for snappy administration eateries and retail, came online last March.

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Adam Milstein’s Philanthropic Deeds Land’s him in a Coveted List of Do-Gooders

Last week, Adam Milstein appeared on the list of the 200 most influential social entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the world released by Richtopia, a London-based publication in collaboration with Rise, a social media ranking system. Adam Milstein was ranked number 187 based on his Facebook and Twitter account’s influence on the charitable world.


Adam Milstein is the Chairperson and co-founder of the Israeli-American Council (IAC). He also leads other prominent Jewish organizations such as Hasbara Fellowship, StandWithUs, AIPAC, and the Israel on Campus Coalition. The philanthropic list contained other great business leaders who converted to philanthropists such as Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Eric Trump. Politicians such as Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama as well as Michele Obama were also part of the list. Other highly influential philanthropic public figures like Oprah Winfrey, Magic Johnson, Sean “Diddy” Combs, J.K. Rowling, Arianna Huffington, Ashton Kutcher, and Elton John were on the list.


According to the speech delivered by Milstein, his philanthropic deeds are among the most gratifying as well as important parts of his life. Milstein said that he was greatly honored to be included in a list of so many influential people in the philanthropic field. He thanked his beloved wife, the IAC, and other Jewish organizations that he partners with to make a difference in the world.


The Milstein Foundation is built on two main pillars, strengthening the Jewish country and the Jewish people. The foundation will go on with their work of strengthening the Jewish people and their state by funding projects that influences their lives, embracing the doctrines of active philanthropy, and building synergies between firms.


The Milstein Family Foundation strengthens and safeguards the Jewish people and their State by providing pro-Israel Americans who have the expertise and knowledge to advocate for Israel, igniting the Jewish pride in the young generation, and bolstering the U.S. – Israel Agreement.


Adam Milstein was born and brought up in Israel. He studied business and economics at Technion, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree. He married Gila Elgrably before moving to the United States. He advanced his studies at the University of Southern California and attained a master’s degree in business administration. He is a real estate investor and an active philanthropist.