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Will And Pete Best Are Welcomed To Autism Rocks Board Of Trustees As New Members By Sanjay Shah.

Autism Rocks is the charity organization that works towards to improving the lives of children living with autism. This charity was started by the famous business person and entrepreneur Sanjay Shah, who began his charity works on autism in 2011. Sanjay Shah was inspired to start charity work on autism after his son diagnosed with the neurodevelopment autism disorder in 2011. Since 2011, Sanjay Shah has been inputting much of his personal time and resources to fighting autism. After he founded Autism Rocks in 2014, he initiated private musical concerts where celebrities would perform, and the proceeds would be dedicated towards autism. This funds would help the charity organization fulfill its plans to help autistic children. Free therapy sessions, free therapy equipment, and free transportation were donated to the autistic children and autism centers.

Autism Rocks operations are overseen by a board of trustees. These Trustees are mandated with the day to day running of the charity and making decisions for the charity. Will and Pete Best are the latest trustees to be elected to this charities board. As they join the board of trustees for Autism Rocks, they are also expected to participate in decision-making and governance of the charity. Sanjay Shah was so glad during his welcoming speech for the Best brothers to the Autism Rocks board of trustees. He went ahead and said that he has high expectations for the brothers as he knows them to be hard workers and professional in their duties and will help his charity grow.

Solo Capital is also one of the business entities Sanjay Shah founded after he lost his accounting job on 2009. Sanjay Shah was studying medicine before he switched gears to the business sector as an accountant. He worked as an accountant for the bigger part of his career business underemployment. Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse were the notable mist firms Sanjay Shah worked for as an accountant. Solo Capital his business entity has been ver successful in the business industry as a hedge fund. It serves clients worldwide by offering financial solutions such as proprietary trading.

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Qnet Supports the Vulnerable

Qnet utilizes the e- commerce platform to reach out to millions of its customers worldwide. With its headquarters located in Hong Kong, Qnet was founded in 1980 by Vijay Eswaran as its chairperson and JR Mayer as the managing director. It is a direct selling company that deals with a broad range of household goods. Also, it specializes in energy, weight management nutrition, personal care, home care luxury goods and fashion accessories. The company explores a direct selling and a multi-level marketing strategy model through its website. Qnet has since established itself in over 100 countries having branch outlets in more than 50 countries.

I would like to acknowledge the exceptional humanitarian activities that are supported by Qnet. These supportive activities have been to a greater extent of benefit to millions of needy people across the globe. The company runs these humanitarian activities under the CSR banner We Care. Qnet’s philanthropy is seen when it donated kidney dialysis equipment at Shirdi Sai Hospital, Devasandra Bangalore. Substantially this has subsidized the cost of dialysis to patients having kidney complications and can’t afford specialized medication.

I strongly support Qnet’s philosophy of Raise Yourself to Help Mankind. Through the partnership with other global humanitarian organizations, it has been able to paint a smiling face on many individuals and families. It has partnered with the Lions Club International in the provision of donations and support to the needy. Additionally, QI, Qnet’s parent company is a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network. It’s the world’s largest corporate sustainability network that ensures people lives decently.

The company encourages its employees to be of service to humanity and help the needy. Also, as part of its corporate social welfare, Qnet has been extensively working on an international platform to help the homeless, poor the orphaned. Furthermore, in India Qnet is an active member of health foods and dietary supplement Association (HADSA). Also, victims of natural disasters have benefited greatly from Qnet’s support.

More importantly is Qnet’s role in collaboration with Lions Dist. 317F Service Foundation in distributing basic household kits to 200 families at Meenambakam, Chennai. These families lost homes after being washed away by floods. I join these families in appreciating Qnet’s support in resettling them. The families received sheets, mats, cooking pots, alongside other essential household items. Qnet also has helped the elderly by building centers for the old. Furthermore, it has partnered with governments in the provision of educational materials and facilities.

James Dondero Appoints a President to Head the Department

Highland Capital Management, L.P. is a Hedge Fund company registered under SEC as an investment advisor which combined with its affiliates has over $20 billion of assets under management. It is headed by James Dondero who the president and co-founder of the company. The Fund is well known for its diverse set of asset classes and structures that include CLOs, distressed private equity, separate accounts, mutual funds, hedge funds, and ETFs.

With its management under Dondero, the company is famous for alternative asset management especially in the healthcare sector with the current asset value under management standing at approximately $3 billion in healthcare assets mainly in mutual funds and institutional funds. Dondero has more than three decades of experience in equity and credit markets. He is known for his role in pioneering the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). He attained BS in Commerce (Accounting and Finance Option) at the University of Virginia. He has served as the Chief Investment Officer GIC’s Protective Life subsidiary.

Recently, Jim Dondero announced the hiring of Terry Jones as the head of institutional products. Mr. Jones will report to James Dondero to lead in HCM’s discussions in institutional assets portfolio management as well as Highland’s institutional sales platform. Jones will be responsible to optimize the HCM’s risk management infrastructure, align portfolio risk management across the platform and identify and assess risks where applicable.

On his first in office, he expressed his excitement to join the HCM expressing his confidence in the company’s experience investment capabilities and infrastructure to outperform the market cycles. He reiterated his enthusiasm to work with HCM team to develop customized client solutions based on the customer’s needs. According to him, the goal is to provide customers with the transparency necessary for them to understand the risks and opportunities.

Jones attained BA in Economics from Columbia College. He was a Lead Director of the Highland Funds and served as the Board in SEI AIC III board and Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York. Jones professional experience include former Global Head of Hedge Fund Strategies Group, Goldman Sachs and Founder of Battersby Capital Management. James Dondero welcomed Jones and expressed confidence in his leadership after working in the financial services industry for over 25 years. According to Dondero, Jones administration is supposed to expedite the client solutions to enhance the risk-adjusted performance in today’s increasingly complex markets. Original article found at

iFunding and William Skelley Creating Momentum

William Skelley the co creator of iFunding was recently inducted into the group known as the “Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders”. The ceremony will commence on the 27th of January when the group holds their first annual dinner in New York City at the Columbus Citizens Foundation. This event is under invite only and was originally founded by Michael Stoler who is the managing director of the Madison Realty Capital firm as well as the host of The Stoler Report. The Stoler Report is the New York Business Report which is a weekly television show who’s main focus is on business trends and real estate within the tri-state region. This television show has now been aired already for 15 seasons and has been very successful. There are also other very well known members inducted into the group, men and women from very prestigious real estate companies globally. These companies are the Kushner Companies, CIT, Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, Cushman and Wakefield and the Carlyle Group.

William Skelley was one of the first entrepreneurs to use the crowdfunding approach in real estate investment. This was soon after the ruling of Title II of the JOBS Act. The iFunding platform was launched in 2012 and has since seen great success when it comes to funding of real estate projects. Since their launch they have been involved in over 40 real estate projects with a total value of over $250 million. This venture into real estate and crowdfunding was brought about by the knowledge and experience gained in his years at a boutique investment bank which saw William Skelley underwrite over $2 billion in real estate transactions through iFunding. This allowed him to acquire millions of dollars in real estate financing.

William Skelley has also had a history at Rose Park Advisors where he was an acting principal for several years. Rose Park Advisors was a hedge fund founded by a Harvard Business Professor by the name of Dr. Clayton Christensen. His field was on “disruptive innovation” where the company would target up and coming companies who had been taking advantage of future trends. This was William Skelley’s first experience with crowd funding and led him to believe that the same approach can be made when looking at real estate investments. The rest is history and iFunding is now a real estate powerhouse going global.  Check out their Android app to get a feel for iFunding yourself.

How The US Money Reserve is Securing People’s Financial Future

Precious metals on have been used to as a store of wealth since time immemorial. Today, trade in precious metals such as gold and silver is undoubtedly the most lucrative of all other businesses. The prices of these precious metals never goes down. It is ever increasing and it is predicted to be extremely high in the future.

The US government issues gold, platinum and silver coins. Many people are seeking to own these coins as assets of great value. There are several reasons why people are shifting their focus to these assets. People predict that the value of dollar will fall after some time but value of the precious metals will have the opposite trend. They are also worried about the rate at which the U.S Federal Reserve is introducing more money into circulation. This is one of the ingredients of inflation on The precious metals are the only sure store of wealth as compared to paper money. Another reason is that the precious metals are becoming rare and after some years, it will be very hard to find. Acquiring it now is therefore a good idea. These are some of the reasons that people are motivated to stockpile these coins issued by the government.

The U.S Money Reserve was formed against the backdrop of this demand for the coins issued by the U.S government. The founders felt that there was a need to provide the customers with the right guidance coupled with perfect knowledge of the market and quality customer service.

The U.S Money Reserve is based in Austin, Texas. It is one of the leading distributors of the coins made from the precious metals that are issued by the U.S government. They have since helped many customers wishing to grab the opportunity to own precious metals for future financial benefits. US Money Reserve provide the customers with the best coins in the precious metals market. They have also advised the clients on the coins that are likely to bring them the best financial benefits.

Many people who have been served by the firm have secure financial positions as they were led to buy only what is profitable. The best services offered by US Money Reserve to their have brought the firm a high reputation in the precious metals market. The U.S Money Reserve has a team experts in the precious metals market. The team is dedicated to offer the best services on and have helped the firm build strong relationships with the clients.

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Brad Reifler Gives $3 Million for Easter Seals Dixon Branch

The 29th of February is a very special and unusual date. It is that extra day added every fourth year to the month of February in the calendar year, which makes up a full earth year of 365 1/4 days. It signifies an election year. On this special date Brad Reifler the Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital Advisors announced a donation of $3 million to the Easter Seals Dixon Center.

Reifler said on Twitter he selected this association because he felt that Easter Seals Dixon Center has made a positive impact on veteran’s lives and the lives of military families, by changing their lives for the better and offering them opportunities for advancement in a post military world. It is his wish to see the work continued into the future for the benefit of those who have faithfully served the United States of America armed services. makes it clear Reifler has numerous years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. He has had success with a number of companies operating in the United States of America located in New York.

Reifler has founded numerous independent businesses since his initial foray named Reifler Trading Company which he started after college in the early 1980s, He went on to began Forefront Capital LLC. with subsidiaries Forefront Advisors, LLC. and Forefront Partners in 1995. In late 2014 he founded Forefront Income Trust.

His 30 plus years on Wall Street have, indeed, been busy. His donation to the Easter Seals Dixon Branch marks a magnanimous gift to assist those veterans and their families, who are making adjustments to a life in a world much different from their military experiences.

While his investment companies help those sophisticated investors achieve financial rewards, this donation to veterans and their family will pay dividends to Brad Reifler and his companies for years to come.

Highland Capital Management hopes to attain the Largest Portion of Argentina’s $12 billion Bonds

Argentina’s announcement about its comeback to the global bond market has triggered a lot of interest from various parties and institutions such as Highland Capital Management. The Highland Capital Management, which is headed by James Dondero, stands a greater chance of scooping the largest portion of the bonds. The interest shown by Highland Capital Management is an important pointer that gives hope to Argentina.

The high hope by HCM is derived from its history with the Argentina government. In previous times, HCM was the largest holder of Argentina’s $4billion notes for a duration of six months and are set to mature in 2033.In addition, James Dondero asserted that HCM was planning to maintain its share of the original bonds, but would still buy the expected issuance in April.

The Sale of the $12 billion worth of bonds by Argentina is reported to commence on April and targets to yield an approximate 7.8-8 percent by the middle of April. However, the Argentina also expects the yield to decline to 6% for a short duration because of rating improvements. The sale of the debt will be done with an aim to pay off the country’s debt to distressed creditors of financiers such as Paul Singer is expected to be done under the New York Law. The expected issuance is an effort by the current Argentina’s president to reclaim or recapture its previous economic status by revising policies, which instituted by his predecessor Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. The original information can be obtained via

Information Concerning James Dondero

As the co-founder and head of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero leads the entire investment plans by his company. In addition, both Jim and Mark Okada, co-founder to Highland Capita Management, are in charge of an estimate of $21 billion in terms of assets. He is highly acknowledged for pioneering the non-bank Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) in 1996.Certain Funds, which have been managed by Jim have managed to attain various awards such as the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities and the 2014 Morningstar 5-star designation for Global Allocation.

Apart from being an executive at Highland Capital Management, James is a chairperson of numerous Boards of Directors such as CCS Medical, NexBank, and Cornerstone Healthcare. He also boasts of membership to other boards including American Banknote Corporation and MGM Studios. His proficiency in the finance sector is credited to his academic accomplishment such as being a CMA, CFA and CPA. He has outstanding experience spanning for an excess of thirty years in matters concerning credit markets.

Squaw Valley Ski Talks About Respite After Incorporation Unrest

The communities in the North Shore of Lake Tahoe have had a difficult couple of years. First, nature took its toll with its capriciousness and the epic drought brought small businesses and resorts of the area right on the edge. Natural problems aside, the incorporation war over the Olympic Valley, where Squaw Valley Ski and various other resorts are based, also caused a lot of unrest. Some of the best terrain for winter sports is said to be found in Olympic Valley.

However, nature is now shining again on the area as both political and natural unrest seems to be nearing an end. Mentioning how tough the past 4 years have been for the area, Andy Wirth, CEO of Squaw Valley Ski, expresses happiness that there have been some early season storms and dropped temperatures that have helped the businesses in the area. Because of this weather, various resorts have opened their shops early this time.

As far as the incorporation dispute goes, formal withdrawals have taken place from the backers and Olympic Valley will stay the way it is. A lot of money was spent by Squaw Valley Ski Holdings to fight against this incorporation.

Andy Wirth adds that businesses and residents would have had to pay increased taxes if the incorporation had gone through. Plus, road maintenance, snow plowing, and other basic services would have experienced lower levels of quality and attention. On top of that, Andy Wirth mentioned an interesting point – which has been the backbone of this fight – the incorporation would have caused Olympic Valley to divide from the other communities in the North Shore. All these communities are known to pool resources in order to handle regional problems in time of need.

Andy Wirth has ensured that this ski area is one of the best in North America with his efforts. Lake Tahoe has also benefited from his focus on community and environmental causes. His initiative “Wounded Warrior Support” also helps to raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation.

Wirth has a huge name in the Tahoe Valley area because of his philanthropic assignments and his work always aims to improve the life of people living in the area.

Now that the incorporation effort is a thing of the past, Wirth added that members of the community could finally move on and focus on healing from this divisive incident. Business is booming and they can get back to work, in the knowledge that their community is still whole and intact.



Sanjay shahs love for music is a lifetime aspect from him, he spent lots of his free time back in the days running clubs or playing music. Music runs in Shah, Sanjay has a medical background since he studied medicine at Kingston College. When he realized he could not make millions in medicine he decided to embark in entrepreneurship. His dream since college was entrepreneurship and he pursued his dream with starting lots of company in the United Kingdom and solo capital limited is one of them. Sanjay is currently on a philanthropic mission to fundraise for autism research trough organizing music events and inviting famous musicians and DJs to perform.

Autism Rocks is a foundation founded by Sanjay Shah and has a board of trustees who ensure that the raised funds are not led into other businesses. Sanjay entrepreneurship applies in the foundation in that he did not see the logic behind inviting everyone in his events because it will make it crowded and not so many people will have the motivation to attend. Instead invites only concerts to attract many people with the motive to donate for the autism research. Among the common symptom of autism is the inability to hold food a character Sanjay saw with his kid before knowing he was autistic. After running Solo Capital for 5 years, Sanjay Shah decided to go out there because he did not like working in an enclosed environment. Solo capital performance is, however, hilarious for the 5 years he has been the director of the company.

Currently, Solo Capital has a total of 3 directors managing the activities of the company and has more than 15 partners in the company. It has also accumulated assets amounting to $280 million and even runs offices in Dubai and London. The services of solo capital are majorly financial like brokerage investments, Sole proprietorship, consultancy and securities and lending. The company is also a leading source of investment advisories to all investors in the world. Solo capital services are not limited because it is a boutique of investment and it has a lot to offer to all its esteemed clients.

Solo Capital has been running in more than 5 years, back in 2009 it was a sole proprietor company initiated by Sanjay Shah, but it came to establish a partnership with other partners and became a private limited company. In 2011, Solo Capital saved old park lane from undergoing more losses by merging with the company. Old Park Lane focuses on investments relating to natural resources like oil and gas. However solo capital is currently on the wind-down and is not taking more clients. But those interested in making more profit should be on the lookout for the next chances in Solo Capital and they will experience financial satisfactory advice and services.

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Stocks For Beginners

There are a lot of things a person can do with stocks. They can create a life with the money they make from investing right. They may wonder what they can do in order to ensure they have the best stocks picked out. The good news is there are ways that are easy and people that can show you the way.

Getting Started

The first things you can do is to find a great group of stocks. This means taking a little time for research. People can see what stocks are at the highest or what ones are gaining. There is always a risk, but they can take a chance and determine what ones are the best risks to take. People can also learn from others that are moer experienced in finding the right stocks. One such person is James Dondero. He has been doing stocks for a long time and always finds the ones that are going to make him the most money. He takes the stocks that are on the edge of making it big and invests in them. This is why he has made the money he has.

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital which is a force to reckon with globally. The hedge fund management firm is worth over 15 billion US dollars. James Dondero is a former student of the University of Virginia where he obtained his BS degree. James has over 30 years experience in the stock market, starting from his university days. He is credited as one of the brains behind Collaterized Loan Obligation (CLO).


Once the stocks have been purchased, they can rise or fall depending on what is happening in the financial world. Those that understand this are the ones that make the money and drop the stocks that are not going to make them any more money. They also should be able to watch and see what ones are going to dip a little but recover before they make a choice to not stay with them. James Dondero is one person that can see what the stocks are going to do each day. This is part of the reason most investors follow him with him purchases and sales. He seems to know what will happen before it does.

Investing in stocks is a great way to get the money they want for later on or for now. It’s really going to be up to the person that is investing and what they are planning to do with it. They should research before doing anything and watch the masters in the investing of the stocks they choose.

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