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Sanjay shahs love for music is a lifetime aspect from him, he spent lots of his free time back in the days running clubs or playing music. Music runs in Shah, Sanjay has a medical background since he studied medicine at Kingston College. When he realized he could not make millions in medicine he decided to embark in entrepreneurship. His dream since college was entrepreneurship and he pursued his dream with starting lots of company in the United Kingdom and solo capital limited is one of them. Sanjay is currently on a philanthropic mission to fundraise for autism research trough organizing music events and inviting famous musicians and DJs to perform.

Autism Rocks is a foundation founded by Sanjay Shah and has a board of trustees who ensure that the raised funds are not led into other businesses. Sanjay entrepreneurship applies in the foundation in that he did not see the logic behind inviting everyone in his events because it will make it crowded and not so many people will have the motivation to attend. Instead invites only concerts to attract many people with the motive to donate for the autism research. Among the common symptom of autism is the inability to hold food a character Sanjay saw with his kid before knowing he was autistic. After running Solo Capital for 5 years, Sanjay Shah decided to go out there because he did not like working in an enclosed environment. Solo capital performance is, however, hilarious for the 5 years he has been the director of the company.

Currently, Solo Capital has a total of 3 directors managing the activities of the company and has more than 15 partners in the company. It has also accumulated assets amounting to $280 million and even runs offices in Dubai and London. The services of solo capital are majorly financial like brokerage investments, Sole proprietorship, consultancy and securities and lending. The company is also a leading source of investment advisories to all investors in the world. Solo capital services are not limited because it is a boutique of investment and it has a lot to offer to all its esteemed clients.

Solo Capital has been running in more than 5 years, back in 2009 it was a sole proprietor company initiated by Sanjay Shah, but it came to establish a partnership with other partners and became a private limited company. In 2011, Solo Capital saved old park lane from undergoing more losses by merging with the company. Old Park Lane focuses on investments relating to natural resources like oil and gas. However solo capital is currently on the wind-down and is not taking more clients. But those interested in making more profit should be on the lookout for the next chances in Solo Capital and they will experience financial satisfactory advice and services.

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Stocks For Beginners

There are a lot of things a person can do with stocks. They can create a life with the money they make from investing right. They may wonder what they can do in order to ensure they have the best stocks picked out. The good news is there are ways that are easy and people that can show you the way.

Getting Started

The first things you can do is to find a great group of stocks. This means taking a little time for research. People can see what stocks are at the highest or what ones are gaining. There is always a risk, but they can take a chance and determine what ones are the best risks to take. People can also learn from others that are moer experienced in finding the right stocks. One such person is James Dondero. He has been doing stocks for a long time and always finds the ones that are going to make him the most money. He takes the stocks that are on the edge of making it big and invests in them. This is why he has made the money he has.

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital which is a force to reckon with globally. The hedge fund management firm is worth over 15 billion US dollars. James Dondero is a former student of the University of Virginia where he obtained his BS degree. James has over 30 years experience in the stock market, starting from his university days. He is credited as one of the brains behind Collaterized Loan Obligation (CLO).


Once the stocks have been purchased, they can rise or fall depending on what is happening in the financial world. Those that understand this are the ones that make the money and drop the stocks that are not going to make them any more money. They also should be able to watch and see what ones are going to dip a little but recover before they make a choice to not stay with them. James Dondero is one person that can see what the stocks are going to do each day. This is part of the reason most investors follow him with him purchases and sales. He seems to know what will happen before it does.

Investing in stocks is a great way to get the money they want for later on or for now. It’s really going to be up to the person that is investing and what they are planning to do with it. They should research before doing anything and watch the masters in the investing of the stocks they choose.

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Highland Capital Management Has Some Losses In The Third Quarter

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, which manages about 15 billion dollars in assets. The firm has 35 employees who act as investment researchers and advisors and another 70 part and full time employees. Highland Capital Management generally has between 26 and 100 clients.

Before Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management, he was the Chief Investment Office for a Protective Life GIC subsidiary. During his four years there, he helped to create the fund and then develop it to more than 2 billion dollars. Prior 1989, Dondero was working for American Express and helping to manage 1 billion dollars as a corporate bond analyst and a portfolio manager. Before working for American Express, Jim spent a year in the Morgan Guaranty training program after he had graduated with a dual degree in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. He graduated with some of the highest honors.

Now, as a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Management Accountant and Certified Public Accountant, Jim is a board member of MGM Studios and American Banknote. He is also a Chairman of CCS Medical, Cornerstone Healthcare and NexBank.

According to Octa Finance, Dondero’s fund, Highland Capital Management, has made some losses in the third quarter. At the end of the second quarter, the fund’s portfolio was valued at 4.91 billion dollars. During the third quarter the value of the fund decreased by 1.49 billion to 3.42 billion dollars. This equity exposure is roughly 22.73 percent of Highland Capital Management’s total of 15.04 billion dollars under asset management.

During the third quarter some positions changed. The fund created new positions for itself in Spdr S&P 500, Amazon Com, Eagle Pharmaceuticals, Danaher Corp, Intra Cellular Therapies, Jarden Corp, Extra Space Storage, Vulcan Matls, Anacor Pharmaceuticals and Illumina. The fund sold out completely in Spdr Series Trust, Nexpoint Cr Strategies, McKesson Corp, Envision Healthcare Holdings, Laboratory Corp Amer Holdings, Disney Walt Co, Quest Diagnostics, American Rlty Cap Pptys, Humana and Abbott Labs. And although the firm did acquire new positions, there were three that stand out as Highland Capital Management’s top holdings in the third quarter. These holdings are American Airls Group, Salesforce Come and Ishares. These three make up 13.59 percent of the funds US listed securities.

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They say if you don’t build your dreams, someone else will hire you to build theirs. Where you see obstacles, a true entrepreneur will see opportunity. Sanjay Shah is well versed in this line and has been widely influential in the world of business. Shah grew up in Marylebone in central London after his parents moved to London. He joined Kings College to pursue a career in medicine but left shortly after for a job in the city. Shah has toiled for several firms including the Morgan Stanley Bank, Dutch bank and ING before starting up his very own brokerage firm.
Shah founded the Autism rocks foundation in 2014 where he currently resides as the CEO. The organization aims at raising Autism awareness as well as conducting research on Autism. In June of 2015, Shah purchased the Autism.Rocks domain for 100,000 dollars. The domain hosts the organization’s web page. Shah is also the CEO of Solo Capital, a consultancy, investment, and trading firm that has its offices in Dubai and London. He started the company after leaving Rabobank the Dutch bank back in 2009.In 2014, Shah had an estimated net worth of 280 million dollars
Shah got inspired to form the autism foundation after Nikhil; his two-year-old son was diagnosed with Autism following an incident related to food intolerance. Since then, Shah has been at the forefront of Autism awareness funding various charities inspired by the condition. Shah launched the Autism Rocks Foundation in Café de Paris in West London raising 200,000 Euros with about 700 people in attendance at the exclusive event. Shah’s musical background and entrepreneurship skills have helped him facilitate donations for the fund holding numerous concerts that raise money for Autism. The list of acclaimed acts the organization has hosted includes Joss Stone, Xavier Rudd, Joss Stone and Elvis Costello, Lenny Kravitz, Prince and famed American rapper Snoop Dogg.
Funds raised from these donations go to the Autism Research Trust, which supports the Autism Research Center(ARC). ARC is London based and works to understand further the effects and causes of Autism. ARC has been widely influential in Autism research and is credited with the discovery of the effects of Autism on different parts of the brain with regards to gender.
The Autism rocks foundation aims at empowering kids with Autism and facilitating their everyday needs. Sanjay Shah uses the organization as a means to reach out to children with Autism and help them out. Shah uses his entrepreneurship skills as a means to give back to the community and in doing so has helped create a brighter world for tomorrow’s generation. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.

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Koch not happy with Republian candiates

Charles Koch, co-owner and CEO of Koch Industries, said in a recent news article that he is not satisfied with the field of candidates the Republicans have offered in the 2016 U.S. Presidential race. His company is one of the largest in the nation and he is one of the worlds most wealthy men. He has pledged to spend more than $900 million on the upcoming elections to help get republicans elected. Even though he is not overly pleased with them, he plans to still endorse a candidate and to spend the money he pledged before the election.

He gave the interview to The Guardian, a British publication, and some others, to try to set the record straight on what he is trying to do. He said the mainstream media, as well as other outlets and the government itself, have misrepresented what he is about, and so he is speaking publicly more to get his message out there. He said because he is the one that is being demonized, he feels like he needs to speak out more to let people know what he is really about. Koch describes himself as a classic liberal. He is still a believer in Republican ideals, but may feel they go too far at times.

Koch supports conservative issues and is a big proponent of free market economics. This means he wants to let businesses operate with a minimum of regulation by the government. He believes these principle will spur economic growth and be better for everyone over time. He is involved in giving to many groups and has founded an economic studies center at George Mason University.

Koch said in the article that he has a hard time getting enthused about the Republican field because the issues he feels are important are not being talked about very much. He criticized Donald Trump’s suggestion of making all Muslims register with the government as a violation of basic American freedom. He also disagrees with Republicans who want to bomb Muslims because some are terrorists. He points out that it is hard to define who terrorists are and you cannot bomb every Muslim person in the world.

While Republicans seem to support war efforts, Koch was critical of the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He said America has been there for 12 years and has not accomplished anything. He said our presence there has not made us safer from terrorism.

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James Dondero and the Stock Situation This Year

The new stock market analysis shows a market that is experiencing a resurged growth. The pessimism that greeted the market has now turned into optimism as the market shows signs of a recovery this year.

According to a recent Forbes article, the last year was a good year except a mini crash in mid-august. It was triggered by investor fears of the stock market after the oil price tanked unexpectedly. The oil price decreased all over sudden, and many energy companies followed.

As the markets recovered from this unfortunate occurrence, the confidence of investors did not recover. Instead, there was much fretting about the now-revealed uncertainties in the market. The investors are still to recover completely and have shown signs of risks in the market. It is an unfortunate but real situation on the ground in this challenging time.

James “Jim” Dondero seems unperturbed by the current problems. It is a difficult time, and everyone is panicking except Dondero. In fact, he has increased his firm’s $ 21 billion stakes by 0.7 %. Such is his confidence that only a major challenge like the 2008 crisis can throw him back.

Experts were increasingly worried that the crisis would quickly have seen the market create a domino effect that would have sucked the entire world market. It was a fear made all the more surreal by a Brazilian stock market that shed 45% value in 3 months.

James Dondero is the CEO and president of Highlands Capital Management. It is a firm he started in 1993 with his business partner Mike Okada.The company has become a feared competitor in the hedge fund world thanks to its cutting edge technology and competitiveness it employs. It has highly qualified employees that have seen it pioneer financial products like CDOs.

James began working as a trainee in Morgan training institute as a stock analyst straight firm college. His career has seen him work for over 30 years in the equity as well as credit markets, gaining a wealth of experience.

He studied finance and accounts at the University of Virginia. Jim is also a certified credit professional, A CPA and a CMA.Jim has invested in various ventures over the years including NeXpoint ventures and Nexpoint bank.

Jim lives in Dallas Texas with his three children. Jim is also a philanthropist active on public affairs.

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The Rise and Success of BMG’s Marcio Alaor

Marcio Alaor plays a significant role in the establishment of the BMG as one of the leading financial institutions in Brazil. Marcio Alaor is a top executive of the bank as he holds the office of the vice president as well as serving as a director of the firm. BMG has been in the banking industry for nearly a century providing its clients with first class financial services. Marcio Alaor is instrumental in the maintenance of the high standards that BMG established over the years. The services that BMG offers include loans, investments, deposits, credit cards as well as insurance.

The loans offered by BMG helps their customers not only to finance but also acquire highly-priced items so as to improve their living conditions. Additionally, the clients in the BMG also take advantage of the investment and insurance services offered by the bank. The investment services open doors to the individuals who seek for an opportunity to endow their money so as to grow their savings. On the other hand, the insurance service provides the clients protection for their property and home. Under the leadership of Alaor, the services are readily available to all their customers.

Together with the President of BMG Ricardo Guimaraes, Marcio Alaor oversaw the formation of a partnership with Banco Itau. The partnership aimed at capturing more market shares of the consignment credit industry. The partnership gave birth to the Itau BMG Bank that had an initial capital of $R1 billion.

Marcio Alaor has a strong academic background holding a business administration degree from Instituto Metadista Benett as well as a post-graduate degree. The educational background indeed played a tremendous contribution to his managerial skills and for his contributions to the Board of Executive for the bank.

Recently, Marcio Alaor was recognized for his numerous philanthropic donation and his efforts towards community development in his hometown of San Antonio. As a result, local leaders instated a square in the town in the honor of Marcio Alaor. The honoring was a tribute for the aid Alaor offered to the city. Additionally, they made a plate that applauded the importance of his works as well as acknowledging his achievements.

Marcio Alaor serves as a role model and inspiration for many not only in San Antonio but also globally. He rose from a humble background in San Antonio where he began as a shoeshine kid so as to make ends meet to become an executive in one of the largest banks in Brazil. Alaor success story inspires many who are struggling to make ends meet not to give up but to put more effort towards their goals.

Insight into Finance Law

Most laymen or ordinary bank clients do not understand what finance law entails since it normally deals with banks, large-scale firms and business magnates. They require long term experts in the field with years of experience, like Sam Tabar. The following is an insight into the high-yield activities revolving around this corporate field. Generally, corporate finance lawyer’s work involves mega deals which include international travel. Corporate finance solicitors facilitate hectic and pressurized deals which involves co-coordinating teams of lawyers and negotiating the demands of opposite parties. This field of finance is mostly associated with mergers and acquisitions deals and equity fundraising. These lawyers have a wide understanding of the entire spectrum of the civil law.

Sam Tabar says on that large-scale international takeovers are normally complex and most of the transactions have international dimension to them. Apart from being involved in takeovers, they also work on public assets listing which requires a firm to raise funds by selling its shares on stock markets. All these high-profile deals require a close-knit team of professional finance lawyers like Sam Tabar in collaboration with other experts. These mega transactions usually last several months and the actual transactions can be cyclical. This means that the lawyers may have several weeks without much work but have extra busy schedule the following month.

Dynamics of Finance Law Profession

In a Vimeo video on the subject, Sam discusses that although the current economic turmoil has impacted on the overall amount of corporate finance deals available, it has as well created new opportunities. For instance, lack of readily-available bank financing means that many firms are instead contemplating to raise extra funding for the public markets. Also, the depressed value of many publicly-traded entities means that there is a forthcoming bargain for those bearing cash reserves and confidence to keep buying.

Requirement Skills for Practicing Finance Law
The following are the traits that renowned finance lawyer like Sam Tabar possesses;
• Immense interest in commerce and finance
• Exceptional communication as well as organizational skills
• A cooperative team player
• Analytical mind
• Ability to keep calm when under pressure

Role of Trainee Solicitor Finance Law
Trainee solicitors are crucial members of this team who are involved in various tasks like taking notes during client meetings, sketching simple contracts, investigating the firms and individuals who are opposing or backing deals, researching technical points of finance law and assisting in reviewing on target firms. They are also responsible for coordinating with client or their bankers. Trainees also liaise with and receive assignments from other members of the team regarding a deal.  Sam just landed a new gig as the CEO of FullCycle Fund, and you should follow his career with great interest.

Ricardo Guimaraes Accomplishments As The Head Of Banco BMG Bank

Ricardo Guimaraes has turned Banco BMG bank to be an influential figure in the Brazilian football clubs. Banco BMG bank uses funding and confidentiality to motivate diverse talents found in Brazil football leagues, most likely in the first division. Ricardo Guimaraes began his career as the chairperson of mining bank in 2008. In his era, Mining bank started investing highly in sports.
He also served as the chair of Atletico Mineiro. Banco BMG bank sponsored twelve teams in 2011 to motivate them to compete in the Brazil Championship. In Brazil Serie A football league, more than half of the teams bears Banco BMG bank logo. Ricardo Guimaraes has more passion for sports a scenario that made him pay players allowances with his personal money to motivate them while being the chairperson of Atletico Mineiro club. Ricardo Guimaraes led Banco BMG bank to be the leading bank in the modalities involving payroll loans.
Agencia Estado news made a liberation that composed of comprehensive information on Banco BMG bank Chief Executive Officer. Ricardo Guimaraes got nurtured by Flavio Guimaraes, who taught him how to deal with the bank distribution channels. Flavio Guimaraes was a top-notch entrepreneur who invested highly in the cannery and the Brazil agricultural sector, which gave him very huge returns. Ricardo was lucky to be raised by one of the wealthiest families in the whole of Brazil.
Executive Ricardo was nurtured in Minas Gerais town. He has been treasuring Minas and promoting the development of this city. Guimaraes possessed great innovation and leadership talents since his childhood. He indeed participated in turning BMG bank into the nationally recognized loans lender Company. His contributions towards achieving a flexible and sustainable banking system impress many organizations that honored him with awards in return.
In the reign of Ricardo Guimaraes as the head of Banco BMG bank, the bank strategized and took over in the sole operational of consigned credit. Guimaraes embraces the presence of technological advancements to make Banco BMG flexible and stable in the capital market. BMG bank contains committed and dedicated personnel who works efficiently and reports the banks daily undertakings to CEO Guimaraes.
The primary focus of Ricardo Annes Guimaraes involves the lending out of loans at cheaper rates so as to benefit clients of all economic groups. Guimaraes is also highly recognized due to his successful offering of sponsorships to the Brazil sports.

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White Shark Media is Very Helpful For Anyone

The world of SEO is very complicated. It is not easy to figure out how best to work with the net or how to make sure that any given customer can find you. People and companies spend hours each week using the net to conduct all kinds of searches. Such searches will typically look for all kinds of products as well as all kinds of information. When you can figure out the best way to use the net to help reach out to potential customers, you can often see a huge jump in your local business as well as any plans you may to expand into other areas of the market.

Getting help can be easier than people think. The right help, from media experts such as those at White Shark Media, can be ideal for anyone’s needs. As many people at Yelp have pointed out, this company has the expertise to assist anyone who needs it. Staffers here know the world of the net and know how to demonstrate to anyone how they use it as effectively as possible. Their skilled staffers have spent many years working with many clients in order to help them reach out to many potential new clients and also how best to provide as much information as possible to their existing customers who may be searching for them at any given time.

White Shark Media staffers can show any given person or any given company how they can harness the power of the net and use it to rank highly in a specific search. They have many years of experience in the field. They have also provided help for people to figure out which particular keyword may be ideal for their needs and may be best to attempt to rank for when trying to reach out to customers.

They can provide a customer with any kind of plan they have in mind from one that just includes a basic media campaign to campaigns that focus on many areas of search engine optimization at the same time. A good media campaign can help introduce the public to your new business. It can also help provide important information to people about a business that may already be thriving but one that local people may not be aware of as well. The right campaign from the right company can be the ideal way to expand any company.

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