Entrepreneur Josh Verne Talks on Podcast

The co founder of FlockU Josh Verne recently sat down to talk about his company and provide tips for success. On a recent podcast, Josh provided a lot of interesting information about what it takes to be a success. During the podcast, he has shared a lot of information that pertains to both businesspeople as well as regular people who are looking to get more out of life. On the podcast interview, Josh Verne revealed that you will maximize your chances of success if you do certain things on a regular basis. One of the things that Josh revealed is that you will need to exhibit good leadership skills. It is also vital that a person seek win win situations when dealing with others along with listening to other people more than talking to them. Verne also believes that you will need to seek something that you are passionate about as well as seek a balanced lifestyle.


On the Bloomberg  interview, Josh said that one of the most important attributes you must have is to be able to provide excellent leadership. In order to be a good leader, you need to focus on putting other people before yourself and use their abilities to achieve goals. This contrasts to being a boss where you use your status to force others into doing what you want. Another key characteristic that Josh believes is important to success is to always look for a mutually beneficial outcome when making business deals. He also believes that people need to listen to others’ feedback so that when they speak, the things they say have a bigger impact. It is also important that people look to have a satisfying personal life and be in great health in order to maximize their success.


Josh Verne is currently the CEO and co founder of the company FlockU. The company was launched in April of 2015 to cater to college students. With this company, a number of college students are able to gain access to the latest news about college life and events taking place on campus. It also provides them with access to brand name merchandise. By taking advantage of this company’s offerings, students will be able to purchase high quality items as well as be more connected to life in college thanks to Verne’s business.


At the beginning of his career, Josh worked in the furniture distribution business. He worked for a company owned by his family and started off as a warehouse stock person. Josh then got promoted to higher positions in the company and therefore made a significant impact on the operations of the business. Verne would later work for retail companies in which he helped them significantly boost their revenues. Josh founded his first company called Workpays shortly after working for the retailers.