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Dr. Clay B. Siegall – Helping Cancer Patients

Dr. Clay B. Siegall is President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Seattle Genetics. He founded the company in 1998 and has worked tirelessly to build a company that has a passion for helping cancer patients through rigorous research and drug development.


Dr. Siegall has led the company to develop ADC’s (antibody-drug coagulants) and was able to secure the first FDA approval of an ADC product in 2011. ADC’s work when combined with cancer drugs by allowing sensitive discrimination between healthy and diseased tissue in the body. The drug is called ADCETRIS and is now a global brand and used in more than 65 countries. Under his leadership the company holds multiple licenses for their ADC technology. There are more than 20 ADC products in clinical development using the Seattle Genetics technology at this time.


The one thing that lead him to make cancer patients his primary focus was watching his father suffer through cancer for 6 years. Dr. Clay Siegall knew after his father passed away that he wanted to find a way to help oncologists have more extensive tools available to them to fight cancer. He has found over the years the one thing to do over and over and recommends to others is to learn as much as you can by interacting with smart people with different expertise in many areas.


Dr. Siegall graduated from George Washington University with a Ph D in Genetics. Before founding Seattle Genetics he worked for several research programs as well as with the National Institutes of Health and Cancer. He sits on the board of several companies at this time. One of these is Ultragenyx a development stage bio pharmaceutical company.


In his position with Seattle Genetics, he works tirelessly and continually to obtain funding for development of ADC’s for cancer treatment and the urgent needs of cancer patients. Under his leadership he has led Seattle Genetics’s capital raising activities to secure millions of dollars towards clinical development of this life-saving technology.