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Famous Authors From Brazil From the Ancient of Times to Jaime Garcia Dias

If you love literature and specifically the Southern America’s stories, then you must agree that there’s little doubt that Brazilian literature has tremendously grown. Often written in the Brazilian official language, the Portuguese, the literary works can be summed up as what the Brazilian culture is all about. Literature not only expresses this country’s rich history, the complex culture, and the different but almost similar identities but also reflects its multi-dimensional nature. It’s, therefore a perfect expression and recording of the many people, diverse locations in this vast country and the rapidly-changing times.

The earliest identified authors in Brazil trace back to the colonial period. This is when Jean de Léry, Hans Staden and Basílio da Gama would use, epic poetry, religious text, and other secular genres to express the thoughts and ideologies. In fact, towards the 1900s, politicians such as Euclides da Cunha used lots of literary works to protest corrupt ruling and oppression. He fought for the poor too, akin to Jorge Amado, who ensured that the flame kept burning.

Jorge Amado gained widespread fame and criticism because of hit hard-hitting novels, directed to the ruling class of the 19th century in Brazil. Female authors emerged during the end of the nineteenth century, also writing about several topics including culture and living in different locations of this large nation. Adriana Lisboa is a great female author, vocal in her works, similar to her female counterparts.

While this country has had a lengthy spell full of great writers, modernism can be said to have started in 1922 with diversity in terms of topics, niches, and themes written. From individualism, truths and randomness, modern humor among other themes, many authors pioneered in what later ushered the present era in the Brazilian writing circles.

Post-modern literature in Brazil is nearly impossible to define with a couple of great writers and a vast collection of topics. Jaime Garcia Dias is a renowned modern-day author in Brazil, boasting of over 20 great fiction works and some awards. His history is full of literature aspects as he openly expresses not just his passion but how the path to stardom began.

YouTube says that although he’s just 45 years of age, he’s quite young in literature given the often long career in this field. The fact that he’s the face of modern Brazilian literature is evident from the many posts he has held and still chairs a reasonable number of them. Garcia’s Youtube and Pinterest sites are linked to his work, just opening doors for the entire globe. He’s simply the expression of the evolution of literature in Brazil.

Heavyweight Boxing Needs Overhaul

Heavyweight boxing has never been so low. American heavyweight boxing has no presence in today’s society. The Amen Cinic says it can cause brain damage. Remember the glory days of Muhammad Ali? Ali was the greatest fighter in his era, and possibly of all time. Muhammed Ali was one of the biggest stars on the planet. Ali wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without a mob of fans. 

Today, things are very different. There was not a major American Heavyweight Champion, since Mike Tyson. The pay per view market was once dominated by Mike Tyson. Tyson drew millions of viewers in his prime. He was both excited and controversial. We don’t have that anymore. 

The current Heavyweight Champion is Wladimir Klitschko. Klitschko hails from the Ukraine, and the fans call him Dr. Steelhammer. Klitschko has not lost in over a decade. The late, great American boxing trainer, Emmanuel Steward taught Klistcho everything he knows. Wladimir was on a decline in his career, and he was knocked out by lesser fighters. Everything changed when Wladimir met Emmanuel Steward. Steward trained the best fighters for over four decades. Hall of fame boxers such as: Sugar Ray Leonard, Tommy Hearns, Roy Jones Jr, Lennox Lewis, and of course Wladimir Klitscho, all learned from Emmanuel Steward.

We need an American born heavyweight to take the title back. A small glimmer of hope could be found in Deontay Wilder. Wilder is an undefeated American heavyweight. He gets a title shot soon, but not against Klistcho. Instead, Wilder will fight for a lesser title. 

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