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End Citizen United Restoring American to its Grandeur

Reports of a Russian company influence on the 2016 presidential elections were not surprising to most Americans. The investigations on Kremlin’s connection to the Trump campaigns were bearing fatal evidence. The elected officials stood complicit in the degradation of the whole electro process with the speculation of some politician having colluded with Russian officials. Visit to know more.

The hundred thousand dollar ad campaign uncovered by the Muller was just a tip of the ice bag on the gravity nature of the matter. Foreign bodies are technically not allowed to contribute toward political campaigns. Sadly, preventing such foreign interventions in the democratic process has proven quite difficult because of the indifference of the country’s campaign finance laws. It makes it challenging to know how much of the foreign funds got used.

The End Citizens United, however, revealed that Russians donor weren’t the only foreign actors who tried to manipulate the elections. The Chinese citizens gave 1.3 million dollas to Jeb Bush super PAC through the American Pacific International Capital. A Mexican entrepreneur also made donations through a shell corporation. Tracking that money is however tricky because of the limited regulations regarding such contributions.

The contentious verdict by the Supreme Court in 2010, on a case: Citizen United versus the United States Federal Election Commission, made the labor unions’ and advocacy groups’ right to donate unlimited sums to political campaigns, constitutionally protected. This unlimited funding has the adverse influence on democracy. The organizations with the most money can easily bribe politicians. It also makes it hard for politicians to make it past the primary without ample financial backing.

To fight against this, the End Citizens United, a political action committee have endorsed the Democrats politicians seeking reforms. Proposals have been made like the Disclosure Act, the By the People reform package, and the Get Foreign Money out of U. S. Elections. In 2015 the founders of the ECU started their fundraising campaigns to counter the influence of the external and corporate money. They aim at gathering 35 million dollars by the 2018 midterm elections, from the hundreds of thousand individuals who felt that the system rigged against them.

End Citizen United is a nonprofit organization given to limiting the influence of money in the United States elections and restoring integrity in the democracy. It got founded in 2010 after the controversial Supreme Court ruling. They back candidates dedicated to reformations and bring the public’s attention to corrupt activities of the process.

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Clinton Flexes Campaign Muscle to Evade Email Controversy

Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated press conference regarding her email scandal failed to answer any substantive aspect of it. In fact, it opened the door to additional scrutiny following her patently incorrect statement that the entire matter was much ado about nothing because any private email to a State Department email address was automatically archived. The State Department later confirmed that the practice Clinton alluded to only took effect in February, roughly two years after she left office. Her handling of the situation underscored the very lack of transparency she was hoping to avoid.

Now, Clinton has taken a new tactic to deal with the matter. It does not deal with addressing the controversy in any manner critics which critics are demanding. Rather, it is focused on reaching out to potential voters on the issues that matter most to them: kitchen table issues. It is quite likely that Clinton is betting on the fact that the scandal matters more to the media than it does to voters.

Thus far, the scandal has failed to diminish her favorability among voters which stands at 53%. In fact, a recent poll suggests the email controversy is not important to her supporters at all. Christian Broda noticed that the poll also indicated she would easy capture the White House against any GOP challenger by double-digit margins. As part of her strategy, she is tweeting out comments regarding the issues she believes will amount to a winning strategy for her presidential campaign.