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Mariota Getting Hate After Heisman

Now that Marcus Mariota is the Heisman winner, he is getting hate from all sides. Reporters are scrutinizing everything he does, and NFL teams are starting to analyze what he does. The scrutiny is not new for Heisman winners, but it is new for one that will come into the draft this year. It has been a couple years since a player won the Heisman and immediately went to the NFL.

Fan Tom Rothman says that scouts are wondering how a Heisman winner can do this but cannot do that. Teams are having a look at how he conducts himself, and reporters are asking harder questions. Everyone is starting to think that he is not the kind of passer who can make it in the NFL. He can pass, but he is not a statue like Manning or Brady. HE can run, but that might make him a bust like Mike Vick. He has nowhere to turn to get away from the scrutiny. He is a tweener who will not be able to get out of this limelight until he is drafted and proves himself on an NFL team. That could take a while if he sits behind someone in the near future on an NFL bench.