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Securus Technologies Specializes In Prison Technologies

Securus Technologies is a national leader in the world of criminal technology. The company has been in existence for many years and specializes in various areas of criminal operations such as investigation, public safety and modern communication. They assist their clients in solving several different types of complicated crimes that happen within unique environments. Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas. The company has served a variety of law enforcement bureaus and public safety organizations around the country. Securus provides a platform that assist crime prevention organizations in making the world a better place.


Prison management is a complicated matter that requires skilled personnel and the right tools. Securus Technologies has been in this business since 1986 and is leading the industry with its innovative business strategies. It has offices in Dallas Texas and Atlanta Georgia. Securus currently employs more than 1,000 employees who oversee 2600 contracts around the United States. The leaders at Securus Technologies are very aware of the value of growth and what it means to create opportunity for others. It continues to invest in its infrastructure, which opens new avenues for business ideas. The company dedicated more than 600 million dollars to patents and acquisitions over a three-year period in order to strengthen its position within the industry. Securus acquired Offender Management Systems in 2007. Before the acquisition Offender Management have been leader in the criminal technology industry.


Securus Technologies introduced a method to prevent cell phone contraband. The company partnered with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology. The system was approved by five different Department of Corrections bureaus by 2016. The program is designed to prevent cell phones in the facility from connecting with outside mobile networks. Cell Defender technology will be a great asset to detainment facility agents for the purposes of solving and preventing inmate-on-inmate crimes. The program was introduced in 2017 and will be a sought after feature by detainment facility agencies within the industry


Securus Technologies made a key acquisition of JPay in order to strengthen its position in the industry. JPay Incorporated specializes in email, payment processing and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. The company has contracts in place with correctional agencies in 33 States throughout the nation. Securus Technologies is counting on its relationship with JPay to diversify its reach within a very competitive industry. The company will now be able to offer a larger package of products to its clients. This makes ordering the services more convenient, as well as applying them to a specific organization.


Securus plans on allowing JPay to operate as an independent organization. The company has a business model that is very successful. JPay will in turn use the Securus Technologies resources to expand its own consumer base.

Talk Fusion: Giving People What They Want

Talk Fusion is the kind of company that truly listens to its customers and that is one of the major things that sets them apart from other companies. They listen to their customers and they go out of their way to make sure that all of the changes made are changes for the better when it comes to the company and the customers. They have many meetings with one another and talk about ways to improve the company, the product, and make the customers happy. After all, it is all about giving the customers what they want, as that keeps them coming back for more.

These changes are a big reason why Talk Fusion won two big awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation. That is right: two awards in one year. 2016 was a year to remember for Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion since 2007 when he started the company. Now the company is a decade old and big things are around the corner for them. The award for the Communications Product of the Year is one they won’t soon forget anytime soon that is for sure. With their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they have worked very hard to provide everything they can and more for their customers. Click here to know more.

They are also a vital part of the community. The CEO and founder Bob Reina made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society which really went a long way in terms of saving animal lives. That is the kind of person that people wish to work for at the end of the day. They want to work for someone that cares and really goes out of his way to show it. He also gives his employees the chance to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their own personal choosing.

He believes that the more people that use Talk Fusion, the better for everyone involved. They also have 30-day free trials going on right now as well for new customers. Bob Reina wants the world to get a taste of Talk Fusion.