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The benefits and resources of ClassDojo

The purpose of ClassDojo, is to help parents, teachers and students to easily connect with one another, and to easily and safely share wonderful moments within the classroom. Some components that are used to connect is culture-and-skill building, video and photo sharing, and because the students love it, as will the other users. Some of the ways that parents can stay engaged within the application is instant messages, announcements, photos and videos and can be translated. This device can be used from any classroom and from any device, it is built and designed for privacy and is always free for use to teachers. There are several resources that are made specifically made for teachers use, these include one-sheet summary for teachers, 90-second “Getting Started” video, and FAQs and an overview for administrators. And as for parent resources including a parent take home letter, that involves a one-page letter to parents explaining about ClassDojo, and a Back-to-School night. There are also resources for helping to get the classroom set up for using ClassDojo and as well
as many other helpful sources.

The ClassDojo is one of the quickest growing applications within the education technology companies all time, and is loved and used by millions of parents, teachers and students, that is in over two thirds of schools in the United States. The team
at ClassDojo consist of designers, engineers and educators from all over the world. And has deep backgrounds that include being involved in charter and public schools, Dropbox, Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb and several more. The founders of ClassDojo are Sam
Chaudhary and Liam Don. The individuals invested in the company along with the team members include advisers and board members. Since it’s creation, ClassDojo has raised around $21 billion towards a series B round of the venture fund in tech that has
connected educators for parents, and this can help with the behavioral and social development of the students. Most of the users teach kindergarten up through 8th grade classrooms, while it is not as widely used within high school. One of the main goals for the founders of ClassDojo is that they will never ask or try to make revenue off the user’s data, and are convinced that they created this content and premium features that the parents would want to pay for.


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