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A Look At Todd Lubar’s Successful Career

Todd Lubar is a revered real estate investor and shrewd businessman. He is the brain behind TDL Ventures. Todd posits that he started this corporation with the aim of helping many people to access loans. Over the years, he has played a pivotal role in enabling many people to realize their dreams by doing away with the barriers that prevent them from obtaining loans. For over 20 years, Lubar has gained immense experience in the credit market and financial industry.

Todd argues that the problem of most entrepreneurs is not ideas, but the willingness to implement them. He contends that he has been able to establish various businesses and succeed in the market because of having a strong will to pursue his ideas to fruition. When he was asked about the activities that make him productive as an entrepreneur, Lubar said that he loves being hyper organized and follow everything that is happening in his business. This way, he is able to make more informed decisions. Todd asserted that his worst job was working for a grocery store for almost a year while he was in high school. He contends that even though he gained much knowledge on the value of money and the need to work hard, he quickly knew that grocery store was not his kind of business.

Todd posits that the friends that one surrounds themselves with are crucial in deciding whether one will be successful or not. The visionary leaders contend that if he were to start again, he would be cautious about the people that he introduces to his life as friends. He would also focus on promoting a culture of trust in his business. You can visit Medium to know more.

About Todd Lubar

In his first employment, Todd worked as a loan originator. While rendering his services for Crestar Mortgage Corporation, he acquainted himself with the concept of conservative mortgage banking. Before long, he created a network of CPA’s, financial planners, insurance agents and real estate agents. These experts have referred many people to his business.

Todd Lubar is credited for founding one of the leading privately held mortgage corporations in the United States, Charter Funding. By virtue of being the subsidiary of First Magnus Financial Company, he was able to expand his business given his access to different products and programs.

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Highland Capital Management Introduces Their ‘Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF’

Highland Capital Management has been operating since 1993. The firms main offices are in Dallas, TX., with another office in New York City and two overseas branches located in London and Singapore


Highland Capital Management currently manages over 20 billion dollars in assets and one of their best investments is their ‘Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF.’


Let’s break this down so it is easier to understand.




iBoxx is basically a very reputable source of information updating daily that allow the top analysts to evaluate on a daily basis regarding how they should treat certain investments as far as evaluation of performance in certain areas of investment to allow a for better resource allocation leading to a greater profit.


SUBHEADING: ‘Senior Loans’ and ‘Leveraged Loans’


A ‘Leveraged Loan’ is to a company that already carries a considerable amount of debt. Any lenders will therefore only offer this type of loan with a high interest rate created a higher rate of return on their investment.


Senior Loans are extended lines of credit that have a priority when it comes to the assets of a company. In other words, should anything happen, they are first in line when debtors come calling to receive the return of their principle.


Senior loans not only have the potential for a high rate of return they are also normally short in duration and are diversified to reduce any risk to the capital investment.




‘EFT’ stands for ‘Exchange-Traded Fund’ which simply means certain assets are bought and sold on a daily basis by corporations and other investment firms and the only important aspect here is an EFT is not owned by the individual shareholders it is pwned by the investment firms who then pay out dividends to the shareholder.