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The Console Wars

Over the last decade, Microsoft and Sony have been at war. Microsoft produces the Xbox One console, a highly advanced video game computer. Sony’s Playstation 4 console, is in direct competition with the Xbox One. Both video game consoles are extremely advanced, in terms of technology. The graphics on these gaming systems, are truly unbelievable. When looking at a game these days, some people may not realize what they’re watching. As a gamer, this gets me excited. 

The best part about competition, is that people often strive to become great. While these giant studios battle to determine who is the best, the gamers become the true victors. Microsoft and Sony continue to try and out-do each other. Once upon a time ago, Xbox was the king of social gaming. For gamers, Xbox Live was the service of choice. Playstation on the other hand, was not as refined when it came to online gaming.

Xbox Live set the bar with Halo 2, and it’s matchmaking system. However, the amazing online experience did come with a price. Sony’s online system was free, but it did not offer an immersive experience, like Xbox Live. Now, Sony charges for their premium online service. Both systems continue to grow, and reach new audiences. A clear cut winner may never emerge, and that’s perfectly okay with gamers. If you’re going on a Skout date, this’ll be the topic of conversation if you’re a gamer.

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