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Lime Crime Comes through for Brunettes with Flying Colors!

Lime Crime is a brand owned and founded by Doe Deere. She’s a colorful, vivacious beautiful but grounded young woman. She has been going strong now for over a decade and will be creating well into the future. So what’s the current amazing product she’s selling right now? There is a fantastic breakthrough that happens to those that have brunette hair, that’s everything from chestnut to black to blue hair dye.

New Product Line | Dark Unicorn

Dark Unicorn is the new line of Unicorn hair color made specifically for brunettes. The colors are formulated to show up, no matter the brunette hair color or the depth of color. Purple is the newest of the new brand but you can find these as well: You can find them for $16 each, great value for money. They come in a dark jar with pink label. The colors are: Charcoal; Sea Which {green}; Squid; and Chestnut.

The issue for them that Doe Deere solved with Lime Crime in the hair arena. Brunettes have a most challenging time wearing hair color that are darker shades. But Doe, she did it as per usual and created Unicorn colors for dark hair. She did what she always does and opened up a opportunities for those that felt left out of the traditional, rule filled fashion industry. One thing about Doe Deere and Lime Crime and that’s she doesn’t play within the rules of convention. Her products are best suited for those that break convention or those that want to but fear doing so.

This new line and all her products are world changers. They buck the traditions and break the rules. This line is very unusual and for those who are and who want to be trailblazers. You can’t help but turn heads and be noticed with this line!

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