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Sergio Cortes Can’t Be Beat When It Comes To Impersonating Michael Jackson

When I was younger, I went to Disneyland for the first time, and even though the lines were long, I had a lot of fun. One thing I really remembered was that there was a show that featured Michael Jackson, and you could see Michael Jackson on the big screen, and the whole movie was in 3-D. It wasn’t a very long movie, but he was in outer space, and he had a furry little friend that would fly around, and it seemed as if his friend was coming out of the screen towards you. The movie was called “Captain EO” and 3-D was relatively new back then, but it was the most amazing short movies I’d ever seen at the time.

I remember leaving that show absolutely loving Michael Jackson. I had heard of Michael Jackson before, but I was in my mid-teens at the time, so I wanted to know even more about Michael. I started buying Michael Jackson albums, and I would even purchase his music videos. It’s funny how one trip to Disneyland changed everything that I thought I knew about Michael Jackson, and the visit really made me fall in love with the singer.

I really grew to love Michael Jackson over the years, and it all started on that trip years ago. You can’t imagine how sad I became when Michael Jackson passed away, and I honestly cried over the entire ordeal. Although I was very depressed over the fact that Michael was no longer around, I held onto his memories by playing his music all the time and watching his videos. I live in California, and I was coming home one day when I saw a man performing as Michael Jackson on the side of the road.

He was holding up traffic, but I was very curious as to what he was doing. I decided to go home and look to see what type of other Michael Jackson impersonators are there.

After searching through the many different well-known venues for a Michael Jackson impersonator, I came across one that was absolutely amazing, and his name is Sergio Cortes. Of all the Michael Jackson impersonators I found online, Sergio was definitely the best. Many people will advertise themselves online as a Michael Jackson impersonator, but Sergio Cortes really sold himself by the way he danced and looked. This man favors Michael Jackson like no other person I’ve ever seen, and his videos prove that he can really dance. It turns out that Sergio lives in Brazil, but it doesn’t stop me from watching his videos, liking them, and also promoting them on my own website. I think Sergio is the best Michael Jackson Impersonator ever!