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Social Networking with Skout

Communicating with and through social media is a daily part of life for most people. We follow our friends and family’s tweets and we “like” their posts. Skout is another social media type app/webpage that in its origins aimed at connecting people and building new friendships. Skout users will fill out a profile that is used to connect you with other compatible people. From that point, you will decide whether or not to communicate with others. Skout offers a “shake to chat” option which will randomly choose someone for you to communicate with.
This social networking medium also contains a travel feature. You may have a travel destination in mind but have no connections there. Skout can connect you with locals, where you can find out about the area you would like to stay, local attractions, great food experiences, and maybe a future friend. Even locals can benefit when visiting a part of town they are not familiar with.
Skout advertises the recommended age for use as 13 and older, but also has offers a link about internet safety and teens. Skout has links on their webpage about basic identity protection and safety when meeting strangers for the first time that all users should read.
Skout offers another element to put you in the forefront and feature your profile. No need to worry though, you have the ability to block and report unwanted users.
Skout has a user base that is worldwide. It is likely that there are Skout users to connect with wherever you may go, near or far from home.
Skout offers gift giving options which are emoticon like themed pictures. Sharing a “gift” with a fellow Skout user will require you to use points. There is also the option to just insert emoticons and pictures used in standard text messaging.
Ultimately, Skout seems to be a great tool for using social media to connect to others.