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Will Drones Replace Servers?

At most sit down restaurants diners are welcomed by a host/hostess, taken to their table, and from there a member of the wait staff takes care of all of their dining needs. A Singapore restaurant had been struggling to keep enough servers on staff to properly attend to their guests in a timely manner. Timbré is preparing to utilize drones to aid in serving food and drinks. Yes, you read that correctly, drones. The current plan is for servers to take orders as usual but rather than heading to the bar or kitchen to retrieve the meal items, the drone will fly it all out to the server’s station. The server will then bring the order to the table in person. It makes one think that perhaps in the future waitstaff could be fully eliminated by drones or robots. Lee Slaughter wonders: Too futuristic? The price for each drone is astonishingly high so it will definitely be awhile before other restaurants begin to copy Timbré if they are successful. Until then enjoy your server when you eat out because in the future you may be talking to a robot instead.

Social networking on the go with Skout

During the digital age, the process of finding new friends and potential romance partners has become much easier. Popular social networking app: Scout as become a worldwide great way to discover new friends and possibly meet that special someone.

Expanding your social network as never been so much fun or easier due to Skout’s easy to use platform that lets users interact in a safe environment. Users can easily set their search preferences and the app will then filter suitable matches onto the user’s android or iOS device. The app features an easy to use interface with a simple tab click system that allows users to control their experience with the tap of a button.

The direct messaging feature allows users to interact in a real time environment. This great feature is streamlined, clean and easy to use. This instant chat feature makes chatting with new friends a cinch. While, there is some advertising on the free version, for a small fee users can unlock the ad free platform where some great premium features lay. One of the beat main features of the Skout app lays in its usability which is much like Facebook.

Skout has a very vibrant network community of over 10 million users in over 100 different countries. This worldwide network is one of the most active social mobile networks in the world. The app features a truly unique shake to chat feature that allows a user to connect with a random skout user by simply shaking their mobile device. The shake to chat feature can connect the user with anyone from around the world allowing them to possibly make a new friend. This clever way to meet a new person is ingenious in how its presented and can be just a bit addictive, even if not all shake to chat interactions turn into friendship.

Skout’s in-app purchasing system lets users purchase points using real currency and buy virtual gifts, comments plus likes which can be bought with the virtual skout credits to help turn a stranger into a new friend. The app is free to download, however users wanting to take advantage of the great virtual gifts need to earn points or purchase them.

The travel feature is a great way Skout allows users to make a new friend from any place in the world while also letting them experience a new city. The travel tab features a listing of great metropolitan cities worldwide. The cities range from London to Tokyo where users can then travel to that city’s server to virtually travel the city and also make new connections.

In addition, Skout allows users to login to the service with a variety of different login options such as Google+ or they can create their own profile using their email address. Skout also allows users to create their own uniquely original Skout user ID that makes staying in touch with friends and loved ones a breeze.

Making a new friend or finding that special someone while on the go is easy when you use social networks like Skout where the search for better interaction is a mere tab click away.

Moving Towards a Cashless Society

It was barter before cash. People traded items with equal worth to get what they needed and wanted. Looking at it from today’s perspective, we can say how inconvenient and unreliable it must have been. But it was all our ancestors knew. Then came the dawn of the exchange medium. People didn’t have to carry large goods for barter. Coins were easier, far more convenient, and a whole lot safer.

Today, first world countries are moving into a new era. Coins and bills are not the only ways to purchase goods and services. The earliest cashless technology is the credit card. People don’t have to carry around money with them and all they needed to do was swipe the card to purchase what they needed.

Another technology that is showing promise of a cashless society is through the use of smart devices. Phones, and tablets can now be used to buy items. Cards are generally more fragile than mobile devices. Transactions can be easily monitored using mobile devices. Queues and lines can be reduced or even get rid of when you can just transact on your phone or tablet. Today’s technology is way too advanced for me ans well as a good friend Laurene Powell Jobs.

A major advantage of a cashless society is lowered priced of goods and services. Cash transactions cost more than card and online transactions. Nordic counties are the ones leading towards a cashless society with well-established and widely-used mobile apps for transactions.

Animator Discovers a New Use for Old Technology

According to an animator discovered a new use for an old piece of technology. Developed and released in 1989 by Abrams/Gentile Entertainment, the Nintendo Power Glove was one of the first in augmented reality hardware. This glove allowed gamers to play games without the use of a traditional controller. Eventually, the Power Glove flopped in the market-place, due to a lack of quality games designed for it. Since then, this piece of gear, which was ahead of its time, disappeared out of the minds of early gamers.

CNN addresses from Sultan Alhokair that the Power Glove now has a new lease on life thanks to animator Dillon Markey. After years of tedious work going back and forth from the computer systems controlling the camera and the puppet stage, Mr. Markey needed a more efficient workflow. He could spend 10 to 15 minutes on a single frame. The glove helps to cut this time down. With some modifications, Dillon could wirelessly control the camera and edit his footage using the glove.

These modifications include adding a Bluetooth connectivity to the computer, re-mapping the controls to his editing software and included a self-retracting pair of tweezers that is used for manipulating things like eyebrows and mouths of the puppets. With these new functions, he can now control frame advancement and shutter release. This type of repurposing old technology can help keep our landfills free of electronic waste.