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Water level critical at Venezuela’s largest hydroelectric reservoir, but officials remain cautiously optimistic

Though much of Venezuela is currently in a state of rationing electricity and drinking water, and the water levels “remain very critical” at the crucially important El Guri reservoir, Electric Energy Minister Luis Motta said recently that forecasts are “good, despite that fact that (we haven’t had) rain for three days.”

The severe fall in the reservoir’s water level is illustrated in a series of photographs he posted on facebook while doing an aerial survey of the affected area. The most recent report was posted on, puts the water level at 242.07 meters above sea level, which puts it barely two meters over the lowest safe level for the dam’s safe operation.
Venezuela is currently dealing with a serious drought brought about by El Niño says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, and was granted a light reprieve by some lucky heavy rainfall at the start of May. The country has made several attempts to alleviate its power needs by reducing hours for schools, shopping malls, and public offices, as well as encouraging business owners and residents whenever possible to find means to generate their own power.