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Shervin Pishevar’s US is Losing Pace with the World

The rise of Bitcoin, and other digital currencies that don’t belong to any individual state, are factors that are firmly at the helm of a “once in a 1000 year shift,” according to Shervin Pishevar – the co-founder of Sherpa Capital and Virgin Hyperloop One. He believes that the governmental and financial institutions that have traditionally run the United States, will eventually have to face a day of reckoning where they will be deemed irrelevant. The result of this impending movement will result in the dismantling of the original system that we’ve gotten used to, and it will be replaced with something completely new. Shervin Pishevar touched on this topic, as well as a number of others in his return to social media, which saw him discuss a number of issues that will change the trajectory of the American economy. Initially, Shervin Pishevar had no intention of becoming an entrepreneur, attending the University of California, Berkeley to study molecular cellular biology. Over the years, Shervin Pishevar’s voice has garnered a lot of support from his contemporaries – mostly due to his exploits within the business world, as he has taken up with a multitude of startup companies during their early stages, and watched them grow into global powerhouses.

Over the course of the 24-hour trade, Shervin Pishevar also discussed the changes regarding innovation in the United States today, which has traditionally been confined to the walls of Silicon Valley. Today, with the ideas associated with Silicon Valley transcending the physical location, the world has adopted these concepts, creating a new system of borderless innovation. Companies no longer need to be physically located in America in order to grow their brands, and instead, are remaining in their homelands and harvesting their own homegrown talent. Other zones of competition are currently on par with the United States, and in the case of China, is vastly outpacing it. During his Twitter session, Shervin Pishevar detailed the construction of a Chinese train station that was fully completed in under ten hours, which, when compared to the speed of execution available in the United States today, is far superior.

Algo Trader Jordan Lindsey Created the Bitcoin Growth Bot

Jordan Lindsey Lindsey is an experienced algorithm trader. He is the Chief Executive Officer and the founder of JCL Capital. He is an entrepreneur from way back in his childhood in New York, the place in which he was born and raised.

He recalls being very competitive as a child. Jordan was a big sports fan, and he enjoyed playing a competitive game, particularly of one of his two favorite sports. He loved to play tennis and ice hockey. He also recalls having the business mindset of an entrepreneur, even as a youngster. Jordan loved to create new things, and his dream was to create something very important, and that would change the way things are done. Now as an adult, he has done exactly that, and is a big way.

Jordan Lindsey has created a cryptocurrency, and a new trading platform for it. The technology has changed the course of bitcoin trading on the Forex market. He is the creator of the Bitcoin Growth Bot, a program that manages and keeps track of cryptocurrency trading on the world markets.

Jordan received his education at the Mount Angel Seminary, and he later studied at Saint Joseph College. He decided to make a move from New York to San Francisco. He was asked in an interview why he made the move out of New York, and to San Francisco in particular. Jordan explained that he had been to San Francisco on a trip, and he absolutely loved the city and the lifestyle there. Within a few months after his return to New York, Jordan made his move to San Francisco.

Jordan Lindsey has done a great deal of traveling over the years. He has visited many locations around the world. One of his trips to volunteer abroad ended up being quite a life changer for Jordan. It was on this trip that Jordan met the woman who was soon to become his wife. He and his wife have three daughters.

Jose Hawilla Discusses his Thoughts on Entrepreneurship and Reveals Some Facts

Jose Hawilla is a highly successful entrepreneur in the sports marketing industry of Brazil with many aspiring entrepreneurs consider him as their role model. Interestingly, he was opening an industrial path that was not utilized until he was entering the arena. Recently, he talked about his thoughts on entrepreneurs and revealed some facts about it. Hawilla says that people should have the characteristics of an entrepreneur to succeed in the same and should have the right environment for the nourishment of ventures in the respective countries.

He says that the U.S. is the top entrepreneurial country in the world as per Global Entrepreneurship Index 2016. The country scored 86.2% in the index with many tax incentives for small businesses, quick dispersal of small business loans, and more are clearly advantaging the country as a land of opportunities. While coming to other countries, Canada received 79.5%, Australia got 78%, and Denmark made 76%. According to Hawilla, small businesses are more crucial than large corporations as the former players employ more people and produce more goods compared larger counterparts.

He also feels that small businesses give greater flexibility to the entrepreneurs and help them to include their family members into the payroll to use them. Hawilla also thinks that small businesses give greater freedom for people and can quickly execute plans without waiting for approvals from too many people. According to him, successful people in entrepreneurship should be quick enough to adapt to the changes. They should be motivated to family and personal considerations, looking for independence, and dedicated to their ventures. Check out google to see more.

Jose Hawilla was born in Sao Paulo and began his career as a journalist. Later, he moved to the sports marketing industry and established his own venture named Traffic. When Hawilla was putting his steps to sports marketing, a large majority of people did not see any opportunities in the sector and thought it was a risky attempt. You can visit Estadao to see more.

But, over the years, Hawilla grew as one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the country. He also owns Rede Globo, a leading media group of Brazil, which publishes several newspapers and magazines such as Bom Dia Bauru, Bom Dia Jundiaí, Good Morning Fernandópolis, Good Morning Rio Preto, and more.

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Sawyer Howitt’s Advice On Successful Entrepreneurship

Millennials are often subjected to stereotypes in their places of work. They are viewed as unprofessional and lazy. Others hold on to the belief that successful entrepreneurs can only develop through experience which of course comes with age. However, this is not always the truth; some Millennials might even possess better business skills than the older generation. Today, young people are venturing into entrepreneurship and achieving higher profits more than the baby boomers.

One successful young entrepreneur is Sawyer Howitt. He joined the corporate world when in his final year in high school. He became the project manager at Meriwether Group in Portland. His innovative mindset and ceaseless energy helped him a lot in his career. Other skills that Howitt possess include brand management, photography, customer services and financial services.

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Here are tips young entrepreneurs can use to deal with ageism at work places.

Be True
Young people should enter the business world with an open mind and ready to learn. Pretense only sets one for failure. Say when you don’t know something as it will offer a learning platform.

Show your value
Your young age, little experience, and career history may cause employers to overlook your accomplishments. However, through competent and diligent working, you can prove your value.

Use your age for your benefit
Your young age can be an asset in matters such as proficiency with technology and energy to work late. Use these advantages to show that you are a benefit to the business.

Market your accomplishments
Don’t be shy about your achievements, instead make the right people aware of it. This would set you up for promotions and career growth.

Never give up
Continue to prove your usefulness even when you get snubbed because of age. Add value to the business and results will speak for themselves.

Sawyer Howitt has also previously worked with RFID Checkout as a business strategy analyst. Before joining RFID technology, he worked at KURE Juice Bar as a Customer Service provider. He studies Entrepreneurial finance at Columbia University. Howitt has keen interests in assisting young entrepreneurs, and their businesses grow. He has already guided several charitable organization into success.

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In Support Of The Family Place, James Dondero Announces $1 Million Challenge Grant

The co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P., James Dondero, announced a $1 million challenge grant in support of the completion of The Family Place’s new facility. The Family Place is a Dallas, Texas nonprofit that offers a place to stay and services for the victims of family violence. The challenge grant will match 50% of donations up to a total of $1 million which will go a long ways towards the nonprofit’s goal of raising $2.8 million in the next six months. James Dondero made his announcement at the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon which is hosted by The Family Place.

The Family Place is nearing completion of the Central Dallas Counseling Center which will include emergency shelter bedrooms, counseling rooms, a space for job-training, as well as a dental and medical clinic. They expect to serve over 2,000 victims of family violence every year. The building, which will be called the Ann Moody Place, will also serve as the headquarters of the Be Project. This project teaches students about bullying and teen dating violence in order to prevent these types of occurrences from happening as well as how to report it when they do.

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 along with his business partner Mark Okada. Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment firm that serves institutional investors, endowments, public pension plans, high net worth individuals, and other large investors. James Dondero has developed deep experience in alternative investments such as collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, real estate, and private equity.

James Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia – McIntire School of Commerce. He earned two degrees while attending college in both accounting and finance. He started his professional career at Morgan Guaranty as a financial analyst in 1984. He advanced his career by joining American Express in 1985 as a Corporate Bond Analyst. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero worked at Protective Life Insurance Company as their Chief Investment Officer.



Beyond the Myth of Ghosts and Ghouls

Podcasts are the future of news broadcasting. Nearly every industry has begun exploring the information-sharing capabilities of podcasting. Norman Pattiz, Founder and Executive Chairman of PodcastOne, is one America’s leading experts on podcast success. His company, PodcastOne, is the largest advertiser-supported podcast network in the country.

PodcastOne sponsors dozens of unique podcast shows. Earlier this year, Pattiz announced a show on WWE star Chris Jericho’s podcast network. The new podcast, Beyond the Darkness, explores the world of the paranormal and the supernatural. But the show isn’t just a bunch of crazy people spouting theories of alternate universes.

This show will feature mind-blowing and entertaining conversations with some of the top, respectable researchers and field experts in the field. The experts are sure to challenge everything that society thinks about ghosts and ghouls, angels and demons, aliens and monsters, and mysteries and miracles.

The show’s hosts are author, Dave Schrader, and radio producer, Tim Dennis. The program is scheduled to have new episodes released every Monday. Listeners can find Beyond the Darkness on, the PodcastOne app, and on iTunes.

Pattiz went to talk about his company’s relationship with Chris Jericho. The Jericho Network collection is one of the most popular podcast networks at the company. Even though Jericho’s first podcast shows involved wrestling, Pattiz always knew that Chris would evolve beyond that. So far, Chris has brought shows involving comedians and wrestling, and now he’s taking listeners into the world of the paranormal.

Chris talked about how excited he is to be launching a new podcast show. Chris also mentioned that the evidence is sure to creep out any listener. This show, like all of Chris’s earlier shows, is a personal project. Chris met with both Dave Schrader and Tim Dennis before deciding to give them the opportunity to host the show. They are both at the top of the paranormal broadcasting world.

Pattiz’s excitement for the new show is just as high as his first launch. Pattiz got his start in the industry decades ago. The first company he founded was Westwood One Inc., in 1974. Since then, he’s served in many high-ranking positions at companies and organizations all over the country.

He served on the Broadcasting Board of Governors for a few years. He’s worked at radio stations and universities.

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John Goullet is the Consummate IT Staffing Professional

From IT consultant to an IT tech staffing professional, John Goullet carved out a niche in the high-tech staffing industry that blossomed into a very successful enterprise. That enterprise, Info Technologies, of which John was the CEO from its inception in 1994, grew as his company melded his keen understanding of corporate clients. His ability to correctly match talented professionals with his clients proved to be the key ingredient of his success.

As further proof of his successful business model and business acumen, John’s company, Info Technologies, enjoys recognition as the recipient of several awards, including inclusion on Inc. Magazines Inc. 500, as one the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

Later, in 2010, Gene C. Waddy, the visionary owner of DIVERSANT, Inc., together with John Goullet, merged DIVERSANT, Inc. and Info Technologies to form DIVERSANT, LLC., of which John is now Principal. John’s passion for creating avenues of opportunities in meeting the ever-evolving changes in the IT marketplace is the reason for his incredible success. His professionalism and enthusiastic approach to IT staffing and the unique needs of his company’s clients, allowed the company to gain the level of respect few companies enjoy is this field. Perhaps his success stems from his management style. Goullet encourages his staff to think creatively and without barriers to create an environment of utmost respect and ethical behavior. It’s no wonder John’s peers regard him as a true professional in his field.

With his enthusiasm and quest for excellence, John Goullet and company continually search for the best fit for staffing in the fast-growing arena of high technology, and the unique staffing needs it requires. Technology is changing before our eyes, which translates into challenges for staffing professionals tasked to deliver high-caliber clients to every level of an organization. There is no doubt that John Goullet and company are consistently on their game, and stand ready to provide companies with the very best and qualified candidates to ensure future growth and relevance for their clients as they continue to navigate the exciting changes within the IT staffing industry.