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Southridge Capital: Stephen M Hicks and Making Success

Southridge Capital has made a 10 million dollar equity purchase agreement with a company known as Elayaway. It was announced by Chairman Steven Hicks who is also the ceo of Southridge Capital, now called Southridge Partners II. The Elayaway hit the market in 2006. They are the parent company to a business called DivvyTech, Inc. They are a technology and brand management company. Elayaway was formed to assist many consumers as a payment platform that has 300 merchants and impressive partnerships. The businesses payment application gives retailers the opportunity to increase customer bases. This could be in the form of a tracking less creditworthy shoppers and giving them a payment plan that is flexible and matches with their budget. has since shared on the market a layaway plan that involves processing and managing specifically for online and for much smaller brick-and-mortar retailers. This has allowed consumers and as well as businesses to begin making larger or smaller purchases. Revenue is primarily created through a setup fee and a regular monthly transaction expense that passes on to the retailer. From that point, the end consumer pays a small fee depending on how much they bought. You can visit



Steven M Hicks continues to lead as a Chief Executive Officer and also the founding principle of Southridge Partners II. He has been very instrumental in setting the strategic direction for the company and has a responsibility to its execution and business development. The corporation itself was founded in 1986 and has remained in the market leading in the investment industry for nearly three decades. Hicks brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge when it comes to financial structuring, risk arbitrage, derivatives and investment banking.


Hicks got the idea for Southridge Capital when it came to him at the time he worked at a small New York hedge fund. The main principle of the business decided to head back to Australia. At this point, Hicks gathered himself and began to realize he could take on the hedge fund himself. It was at this moment he was given the green light to start Southridge while still working for the New York hedge fund.



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Francisco Domenech Has Steadily Built Up A Reputation As One Of The Most Influential Individuals In The Politics Of Puerto Rico

Francisco Domenech currently serves in the role of Managing Partner of the government affairs specializing law firm POLITANK. The firm places its focus on working to develop the best possible strategies in order to present private interests to forums of a governmental nature. Prior to his position with POLITANK, Francisco Domenech served in the capacity of Director of the Office of Legislative Services. This was for the P.R. Legislative Assembly and he served from 2005 until 2008. His tenure in this role was highly successful as he was able to expand the organizations services while streamlining the staff. Services to the handicapped were greatly expanded during this tenure. Francisco is a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico and holds his BA in the field of political science and his Juris Doctor. He also studied abroad at University College London. Read this article at Caribbean Business to know more.

From 2007 to 2012, Francisco Domenech served on the Democratic National Committee and was also a delegate for the four most recent Democratic National Conventions. He was also was one of the campaign managers for Hillary Clinton during her campaign in Puerto Rico in 2008. He also managed Clinton’s Puerto Rico campaign during the 2016 election cycle. Through his involvement at POLITANK, Francisco Domenech has become well known for his support of a number of philanthropic movements that include The Clinton Foundation, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Francisco Domenech is also a well-known proponent of the concept of admitting the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico into the United States of America as its fifty-first state. He has consistently led drives to get Hispanic voters registred. Another noted piece of work that Francisco Domenech has accomplished was serving on the campaign of Jenniffer Gonzalez when she became the first women to win the seat of Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico in 2016. Learn more:


Ryan Seacrest: Reboot Story Excerpt

Ryan Seacrest in 2016, saw his famous giving show(“American Idol”), dropped by “Fox”. The final episode aired on April 7th 2016. However, the next May after war of bidding from multiple networks the show got revised by “ABC”. This was the same channel that got him “Live with Kelly and Ryan” just days prior.

Seacrest, also a radio show host, about right away, who took the thirteen months amid concern of the next part of his work life, had a big proposal from ABC and producer Fremantle North America for “American Idol” reappearing on television. There was a strategy for the closing of the deal for Seacrest so there would be enough time in mid-May for the announcement onstage for “ABC”. It was actually revealed to Seacrest that he wouldn’t host the reboot of the show. This was on June 5th then on June 6th Seacrest got an over 10,000 revised offer to host.

Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) is very eager in continuing to extend on to his already busy schedule. This is a value that a man named Jeffery Katzenberg enjoys the most about Seacrest. This is also a trait they have a bond over. It should also be mentioned Seacrest determined what he’s superior at and where to improve. He feels the things requiring improvement in gets him to be slower. The addition of “American Idol” is going to make him more busy than before.

American Idol returned to television for new episodes on “ABC” on March 11th. Seacrest, in philanthropy has the “Ryan Seacrest Foundation”, where broadcast media centers of ten called “Seacrest Studios” get established in pediatric hospitals in cities over the country. In the morning hours he co-hosts with Kelly Ripa on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”. This is a syndicated “ABC” and Disney” show He also works in radio where he hosts a syndicated show called “On Air with Ryan.”. Also, Seacrest works in the fashion field. He has a polish called distinction. This can be found in the store of “Macy’s” This had gotten shined by Dr. Lancer participates with Dr. Harold Lancer, popular worldwide dermatologist.

Here’s Ryan’s work out routine:

The Great Insights of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a leader, committed philanthropist and a successful Israeli-American real estate investor. He is also the founder and owner of HagerPacific firm and besides investment; he has also composed many publications. Adam Milstein recently wrote about the various challenges that the people of Israel and Jewish American face. In his article, Adam insists that the people of the races must choose and rely on good leaders who are capable of bringing change to such issues. Besides, Adam Milstein believes that the people of Israel and the Jewish Americans will make it through the challenges by giving support to their preferred leaders as well as working together with them to ensure that they also make a better future for the next generation.

Additionally, Adam encourage the Jewish people to believe in themselves and accept who they are, as it is one of the ways through which they can create peace among themselves. He believes that the people of Israel will also create a good impression to other people from various nations about themselves and as a result, gain respect and support from them. Adam also encourages the Israelite leaders to serve as an example to their people as they are the light of the nation.

Besides, Adam Milstein is hopeful that the Israelites and the Jewish people will live in unity as long as they exercise passion in whatever they do as well as focus on creating a conducive environment for a better living. He also encourages them to learn from their former leaders like Mordechai  Anielewicz, who lived and served as an example to everyone, with an aim of bringing peace and success to the nation.

He has also strived to bring his people together through the various nonprofit foundations he has launched like the Birthright. His organization has attracted a vast number of the Jewish people, who have gained insight from the philanthropist. Through the foundation, they have learned to appreciate who they are and teach their children the importance of working hard so as to fuel development in the country. Through his humble background, Milstein has also served as a role model to many people and he is admired by many individuals, especially those from the Jewish community.

Learning More About The Professional Life Of Robert Deignan

ATS Digital Services is a company that offers digital support and assistance to consumers who have technical problems that they need to face. Robert Deignan is the co-founder of this company and he also works as the CEO of the company. This man was able to attend Purdue University on a full football scholarship, and he learned about organizational leadership while he was attending the school. His time in the NFL was short-lived, and he was able to start work as an entrepreneur after leaving football behind. The first company that he started was Fanlink, Inc.

Before he gets started with his official work for the day, Robert Deignan likes to start his day with time spent working out. After working out, he enjoys some coffee and helps his son get ready for his day. After his wife and son leave the house, he spends some time just thinking and then he gets started working. He spends the early part of his day working on numbers and checking how things went the day before. He spends time checking his email and finishing tasks that he was unable to complete the previous day. After all of that is done, he moves on to any other projects that he needs to complete.

As a professional, Robert Deignan has learned that it is risky to employ family or friends in a business. If he had the opportunity to give his younger self a bit of business advice, he would warn him about the dangers of hiring family or friends to work for him. Because business is tough, he believes that it is best to keep the business life and family and friends separate from one another so that no one gets hurt. Robert Deignan is fully professional in the way that he works and he has learned a lot through the years.

Feel and look Young with Jeunesse Global Products

Wendy and Randy came out of retirement to establish Jeunesse on September 09, 2009 at exactly 9:00 p.m. They picked number nine as it represents longevity and their desire to thrive and not only to survive. Randy and Wendy were very eager to share their revolutionary youth enhancement products with the rest of the world; they created one of the best compensation plans in direct selling sector.

Jeunesse Global provides a collection of products known as Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S). These products are carefully created to incorporate powerful benefits into a synergistic system of supplements and skincare that is not found anywhere else. This collection of products comes in nine different vital ways:


The product reduces the appearance of pores, under-eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines within two minutes offering you “Instant Ageless”.


Jeunesse provides an anti-aging skin care line that restores radiance and youthful vitality of your skin. Luminesce also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and divulges your idiosyncratic glow.


RESERVE has a unique mix of superfruits containing beneficial antioxidants that work as a defense against damages caused by free radicals.


ZEN BODI targets building muscle, burning fat and curbing appetite to make sure that your body is entirely fit.


FINITI contains Jeunesse’s most advanced supplement available and a special mix of ingredients. It also has a unique combination of vegetable extracts and fruits.


In this category, Jeunesse Global has two formulas namely AM Essentials and PM Essentials.

PM Essentials contains proprietary blends and vital nutrients that ready your body for a good night and work against premature aging.

AM Essentials formula contains proprietary blends, essential minerals and key vitamins that help to increase energy, slow premature aging and improves your mood.


M1ND, which was inspired by Eastern medicine, is a concentration dietary and memory supplement made with CERA-Q and I-theanine that are clinically proven types of protein obtained from silkworm cocoons.


NEVO provides you with four refreshing formulas. Made out of real fruit juices, the drink contains 50 calories for each can and has no added flavors, sweeteners and colors.


NV, which is formulated with youth-enhancing APT-200, includes a skin-cherishing foundation, bronzer, and primer, which gives you an admirable, professional airbrush look.

Jason Hope- The role of IoT in the airline industry

The Internet of Things will have a great impact on the airline industry. It is not that the impact has not started to be felt, but more is even to come from the application of this technology. Already, Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787s come with all parts of the plane connected to the internet. The connection is wireless and is enabled by a technology known as Bluetooth beacon technology. This is a technology which involves installation of beacons in sensors. These beacons will collect information from the sensors and transmit to the computerized system which will analyze the data and detect if there is anything wrong.

The Internet of Things will serve the airline industry greatly as players in the industry try to make it safe for travelers. With IoT, the staff will receive information in case any part of the plane is not functioning well. The safety items in the plane are monitored to guarantee travelers that their safety is secured. When a problem is dedicated, timely maintenance is done when the plane lands immediately. Maintenance, in this case, is automated and does not need to be based on a duration of travel.

Another application of the Internet of Things in the airline industry is in easing ticketing. There have been challenges in the industry mainly resulting from heightened security, fluctuating ticket prices and deregulations. This has resulted in grumpy services delivery to customers. IoT is now being used to rectify the situation. How is being used? Let’s look at the information given by “futurist” Jason Hope.

Airlines are now making it easy to book a plane. Boarding passes are being assigned online via email, and the seats are also assigned 24 hours before take-off. Beacons will also be used as a travel guide. If one is lost in an airport, the beacons will detect that they are lost and give them details about the right direction. Through wearable devices or a smartphone, you will be notified when the plane doors are about to be closed among other things. In case you need a wheelchair in an airport, the beacon technology will be used to avail the information.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur and a lover of technology advancements. He spends most of his time following up on technology trends and advising business owners on the steps to take. For many years, he has been an advocate of the Internet of Things. Jason Hope has been telling everyone that this technology will be the future and now, it is clear to everyone that it has come true. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward .

Jason Hope is from Scottsdale and holds an MBA from the Arizona State University. He is also a philanthropist who’s spending his resources funding various organizations, one of them being an anti-aging research team.

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Jason Hope Funds Science to Battle the Ravages of Aging

For most of human history we have sadly suffered through the capricious and seemingly inescapable debilitation that comes with aging, taking vitality from those we love, and depriving us of their capabilities and memories. But, for most of human history we have not had the tools of biotechnology available today. Starting with a half million-dollar donation to the SENS Foundation in 2010, Jason Hope has committed his resources to challenging the presumption that aging in the way we do is inevitable. While his initial contribution was targeted at finding ways to prevent blood flow disruption due to the binding of proteins to arterial cells, his larger focus is on funding research and technology used to find new prevention and rejuvenating protocols. Targets include Alzheimer’s, cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, degraded skin conditions, and all conditions associated with aging and quality of life.

Traditional health care has focused on treating diseases after they have occurred, such as those associated with aging, rather than avoiding or deferring them. Jason Hope believes that the best way to deliver us from the problems of aging is to change the focus to prevention or delaying the onset of conditions which cause age related diseases. We shouldn’t be treating blood vessels made inelastic due to protein binding, we should be finding ways to keep them from becoming inelastic in the first place.

Jason Hope is dedicated to enabling research to address the quality and duration of the time each of us has on earth. All of us, the entire human race. He donates to organizations that will help the fields of technology, pharmacology, and healthcare come together to find ways to prevent or repair the cellular degradation which damages our bodies and causes premature disease, disability, and death. Jason Hope’s Hard Line Stance On the Internet of Things.

The end of aging. All things are impossible, until they aren’t. Futurist Jason Hope with significant insight into technology, believes we can use technology to find ways to increase the quality and duration of life by looking beyond treatment to the prevention of the diseases associated with aging.

About  Jason Hope:

Hussain Sajwani: A Master of Cultivating Important Connections

Since its founding in 2002, DAMAC Properties has carved out a name for itself as one of the leading developers of glamourous real estate properties. Founded by Hussain Sajwani who currently as the company’s chairman and chief executive officer, DAMAC Properties has established a strong global footprint with eye-catching property branding deals and continuously adding glitzy properties to its ever-growing commercial and residential property portfolio. At the core of the company’s success is its eye-catching marketing strategies including offering a Bentley as an incentive to purchase their high-end properties. Hussian Sajwani has also developed a knack for cultivating connections with highly-placed individuals such as President Donald J. Trump. Hussain Sajwani, through his company DAMAC Properties entered into a deal with President Trump to develop two glamourous golf courses in Dubai that will bear the president’s name. To highlight his ability to develop networks with such important people, Hussain Sajwani, the DAMAC owner, even brought the legendary golfer Tiger Woods to design one of the courses.

Under the visionary leadership of Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC Properties has grown into a global entity with numerous high-end real estate properties in several cities in the Middle East such as Riyadh, Jeddah, and Abu Dhabi and London. The company also has its shares listed in the Dubai financial markets with plans underway to enlist at London Stock Exchange Market in the near future through an initial public offering (IPO). It is a remarkable turnaround for DAMAC Properties which started out with a few real estate units in Dubai 2002. The company currently boasts of over 40,000 units developed with more in the pipeline.

A Self-made Billionaire with a Philanthropic Heart

Hussain Sajwani is actively involved in supporting philanthropic causes. The University of Washington graduate and former contract manager at GASCO donated thousands of dollars to UAE Red Crescent; an organization dedicated to helping refugees in various nations including Jordan. DAMAC Properties and its owner have also donated millions of dollars to support various philanthropic initiatives including clothing of children from poor backgrounds and provision of water. They have also supported Dubai Autism Center by donating thousands of dollars towards the building of state-of-the-art facilities at the center.

Hussain Sajwani relishes his roots:

Types of Products and Sales Approaches With Market America

When dealing with Market America or any online earning opportunity, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of products that is being sold. Among the different types of products that Market America offers are those that are expected to be bought once and those that are expected to be bought on a regular basis. Of course, unfranchise owners have the choice between the types of products they are going to use. This has a huge effect on the type of approach that would work best for the user. The user can choose the approach that he wants to use.

With the types of products that are bought multiple times because of a need for replenishment, people can promote the product on a regular basis. Among these products are vitamins, minerals, and even certain foods depending on the brand that the unfranchise owner is involved with. One of the best things about this type of product is that people can sell this product over and over if it is a good product. The best types of these products to go for are groceries. These are often what are going to be sold the most of these types of products even with Market America.

When it comes to the products that people are expected to buy once, the best approach to use is to go for the new products. One of the reasons behind new product promotions is that they are the ones that have sold the least so far. Therefore, people have the biggest chance to make a product off of those products.

Some of the best business owners use a variety of approaches when it comes to using Market America. Therefore, they make a successful career out of their marketing and continue to work on building their businesses.