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Equities First Holdings, efficient alternative lending solutions.

Equities First Holding LLC specializes in efficient securities based lending services for businesses and high net-worth individuals. EFH provide loans based on the evaluation of the risk and future performance intrinsic in stocks, bonds, and treasuries. Their approach to funding provides their clients with a lower cost of capital and superior financing terms than more conventional financing alternatives. Banks have reduced lending options for borrowers, stiffened loan qualifications and heightened interest rates.

Al Christy, Jr., Founder, and CEO of Equities First Holdings believes this kind of stock-based lending as a viable and innovative borrowing alternative for individuals pursuing venture capital. He is quoted of saying “During a typical three-year loan term, market fluctuation is inevitable, but stock-based loans provide hedge because the borrower is lowering his or her investment risk in a downside market. Most stock-based loans have a non-recourse feature that allows a borrower to walk away from a stock from a stock loan at any point, even if the stock’s value depreciates. The borrower is able to keep the initial loan proceeds with no further obligation to the lender.”

Margin loans and stock-based loans are often considered to be synonymous. Both forms of financing use securities for collateral, but there are specific differences.

Often with margin loans, the borrower must qualify before hand, as with a traditional bank loan, and may be required to use the money for specific purposes. Usually, interest rates fluctuate and the borrower can assume a loan-to-value ratio of about 10 to 50 percent. Lending firms may also liquidate the borrower’s collateral without notice.

As for Stock-based loans, borrowers can anticipate fixed interest rates and a loan-to-value ratio of 50 to 75 percent. There are no restrictions on the loan like with margin loans. The borrower can spend the money on whatever they deem necessary.

This commitment to their clients puts EFH at the top of the list for potential financing options. Since 2002 they stand committed to providing a custom and honest transaction allowing the client to run operations on a deal by deal basis, with low risk and flexible qualifying criteria they have proven to be the standard for businesses and individuals alike.,34.htm for more.

Equities First – Stock Loans Are Better Ways Of Funding Working Capital

Working capital is the fuel for every business. For instance, a business will need to cater for short term financial requirements, such as starting a new project, preparing payroll and paying orders. Equities First Holdings is among the leading trusted alternative companies funding businesses and high-net-worth individuals, particularly who cannot qualify for traditional loans. The majority of small businesses face challenges when searching for affordable and reliable lenders. Some banks only give huge amounts of loans and that are directed to certain projects only thus not favorable for most small businesses.

Equities First Holdings is a global leader organization that has registering an increase in traction of stock loans borrowers. The company is providing financial solutions at a time when securing bank loans is much difficult. Its growth was accelerated in 2013 via a strategic partnering with Meridian Equity Partners, which is a world investment and advisory company based in Sydney and London. According to Al Christy, the President, and CEO of Equities First, the company has been doing much well with over 70% of loans that the company provides borrowed by international parties.

Individual investors, executives of public companies and businesses utilize stock loans mostly for business investment. EFH stock-based loans permit investors to unlock their stock value by accessing liquidity at affordable rates. Al Christy added that, despite the world economy recovering, businesses need alternative sources of capital for growth and development. The Equities First innovative lending services have been flourishing for years with the company providing low and fixed interest loans. Through the company’s straightforward progress, customers have been able to get quick loans at affordable rates by using “publicly traded shares” as collateral. Since its launching in 2002, Equities First has offered services to numerous clients across the global. You can visit this link,,34.htm, to learn more about the services.