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Eric Pulier: Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Have you ever heard of a guy named Eric Pulier? If you haven’t heard of him then you wouldn’t be aware of what he has done for society. Eric Pulier has a hand in numerous projects that range across a wide area of fields whether it’s business, charity, investment, philanthropy, or education. Being such an intelligent individual, Pulier has made a name for himself and has become very successful in the process. This article is written to give people a better sense of who this talented individual is and will show how he has touched many lives with his ingenious services.

Eric Pulier a proud father of four children who reside in Los Angeles, California. Pulier moved to Social after graduation college in 1988. The City of Angeles was the place to be an he knew that he could take his game to another level. Pulier is all around the board and has been a part of many different ventures such as:

• XPRIZE (Innovation Board Member)
• FLY (Founder/Managing Partner)
• Media Platform, Inc (Director/Co-Founder)
• Akana Software (CEO/Chairman/Founder)
• Digital Evolutior (Founder)
• US Interactive, Inc (Chairman/Co-Founder)

On top of his own personal ventures, Pulier does plenty of charity work and has raised hundreds of thousands in the process. In 2010 the US Doctors For Africa Benefit Event named him as the “top billed honoree” for his healthcare technical innovation. Pulier’s technical endeavors also helped to solve certain issues in disadvantaged communities. This same technology was also used worldwide in economically disadvantaged areas. The philanthropic direction of his actions have paid off big time by providing less fortunate people with a better way of living. In addition to his philanthropic deeds, Pulier has invested numerous amounts of capital to start-up companies and personal business ventures of his own.

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