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Warnings About The Future Of Constitutional Democracies From Sujit Choudhry

Constitutional democracies are certainly considered the most effective societal plan, but that wasn’t always the case, and even now there are some groups who would disagree with the idea that constitutional democracy is a good idea simply because they want to control more than such a society will allow. Professor Sujit Choudhry of Berkeley has been researching and studying the subject for quite some time, and he has gleaned several insights from the process that other scholars might miss. One of his most recent articles details how constitutional democracies are in danger of collapsing due to the inherent way they function (

Constitutional democracies are championed by the common people because that sort of system gives them a voice and creates a balance of power between all sects of society, at least if it is done correctly. Unfortunately, no human system is perfect, and there are certainly holes in constitutional democracy that leave it highly vulnerable. For example, you just to need take a look at the situation in Poland. Poland gave power to a right-wing nationalist party in 2015, and that group has subsequently altered the Polish constitution at its very core.

With Donald Trump in the highest office of the United States, Sujit Choudhry believes it could be possible that a similar scenario might play out here. Trump has already made several threats to cross what others might call ‘lines in the constitutional sand’, but he has yet to actually cross one. If Trump were to cross such a line, the true strength of the United States would be put to the test.

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The biggest threat to constitutional democracy is the idea that an existing democracy can’t somehow slip back into autocracy. The masses must be ready to showcase their disapproval of certain presidential actions if they hope to remain in the political loop. As soon as voters become apathetic, the fight is essentially lost. Choudhry believes that constitutional democracies need to beware of infiltration and decimation from within. The days of societies being toppled with revolutions and force are gone now that opposing groups can simply use the democratic process to ‘legally’ put themselves in power.  Additional article on

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