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The Lime Crime Brand

For the past nine years Lime Crime has been offering some of the top leading cosmetic products on the market. Known for their bold Innovative lip colors they also offer eyeliner as well as eyeshadow. Their products are known for being very pigmented as well as very long lasting. Below you will find just a few of the top reasons why they have sold millions and millions of products all over the world.


Cruelty Free


It can often be hard to find lip products that are cruelty free however each lip product the company has to offer is not only cruelty free but also vegan friendly. The products contain no animals and no animal by-products and they are also not tested on animals. This can be extremely hard to find in the Cosmetic industry however the CEO and founder Doe Deere Works tirelessly to offer cruelty free products to her customers.


Bold Colors With Lasting Power


Although they were one of the first companies to offer bold unique colors nowadays many companies do offer more colors. However Lime Crime not only offers bold Innovative colors they also offer long-lasting power as well as more pigment then leading brands. Each color is made to be vibrant and very playful however they are also made to last.


Adorable Packaging


When the company first begin creating products in 2008 they offered a simple basic Packaging that was cute and convenient. In 2009 they released their iconic unicorn packaging. The Unicorn line of lipsticks come in an adorable pink shimmery lipstick container with an adorable unicorn on it. The fun packaging matched the bright fun colors that the Unicorn line offered which included lipstick colors such as mint, blue, purple and even black. Till this day their unicorn packaging is still one of the most recognized products in the Cosmetic industry.


Being cruelty free, richly pigmented, and sold in adorable packaging are just some of the many reasons why Lime Crime is still so popular today. Each of their products are not only moisturizing but also unique and one-of-a-kind. They are widely available online and have something to offer for every taste.


more about the limecrime products in pinterest.


Why Fabletics Is A Great Place

Fabletics is a fitness clothes firm co-founded, owned, and managed by Kate Hudson. The company runs on a monthly membership program. VIP members purchase their first outfit at $25 and get discounts.


The company is giving Amazon executives sleepless nights. With is innovative ideas and a great business model, they are attracting the attention of many trendy shoppers that were exclusively Amazon customers.


According to their website, to get the most out of them, it is advisable to become a VIP member since there are no monthly charges. Also, every month, you get a 2-3 piece outfit that is curated for you for only $49-$59. This crazy discount is significant such that even Amazon is struggling to compete with.


On joining, one participates in a survey indicating the types of workouts and styles that one prefers. At the start of every month, outfits are picked on your behalf depending on the information you gave in the survey.


Their products are of good quality. The quality of their products is much higher compared to their price. The quality of their products rivals those of other companies like Lululemon. Their style is very impressing. They have simple tanks and bottoms and other funny items with great cutouts, sheer fabrics, and patterns.


At Fabletics, you don’t just get value for your money; you get an amazing experience. The leggings and tanks rival other brands in quality but are very cheap. The only item they sell at almost the same price with other companies is sports bras.


Fabletics have a website that is easy to use for all people. However, when you consider factors like the availability, sizing, and shipment of the items, there are many challenges. One has to order new outfits immediately before they run out of stock.


Their customer service is not impressive. Despite the fact that they resolve your issues, they are tough to deal with. Exchange of any outfit becomes difficult as they run out of stock quickly.


Fabletics workout clothes have become very popular because of their low prices. Their clothes are fashionable. One of the methods the company uses to attract customers is the VIP membership.


An outfit priced at $100 is sold at $49.95 to VIP members. There is a discount on the first VIP purchase. VIP members also enjoy free shipping.


One has to log in between first and fifth of every month and click “skip this month.” Failure to do so attracts a $49.95 charge and your account credited for one outfit. An outfit is never shipped without your approval.


One can unsubscribe from the VIP membership any time by calling 1-844-322-5384. Fabletics accept returns of up to 30 days. The returns are free except for those who want a refund. Their products are very cheap compared to others.


Fabletics have a Short Lifestyle Quiz that helps them know their customers. The information they get helps them recommend you an outfit depending on your style and preference. Also, Fabletics can send you new handpicked outfits.

Lime Crime Cosmetics Are Doing Something Brand New

Lime crime is a cosmetics brand that took the internet by surprise and became a huge success. These cosmetics are vegan and cruelty free. This cosmetics brand is unique. The creator wanted to make bold colored makeup, and that is exactly what she did.


Lime crime sells several different cosmetics. They are famous for their matte liquid lipstick which has many different colors to fit any style, even bold ones for those that like to stand out. There are also different eye shadow pallets with amazing bold colors and original ones. They also have new high lighter pallets , which add a nice glow to your look. There are six different pop on chrome nails for sale on the website, they are beautiful. Coming soon on the website is a set of makeup brushes! They now also have thirteen different colors of hair color. the colors are all bold and unique. They are also vegan and cruelty free. She calls them unicorn hair and the colors have the most unique names such as blue smoke, chocolate cherry, pony, and bunny.


This cosmetics brand is one of a kind. Another thing about them that draws attention is the names of all of the products, Each and every product has its own unique name. This brand was created by a young woman named, Doe Deere. Just by looking at her, you can understand why her products are so bold and unique. she herself loves to wear bold lip colors, and she has purple hair. She wanted to make this cosmetics line so that others can express themselves through makeup. Makeup was always a way in which she expressed herself. She always searched for bold colored eye shadow and lipstick but had a hard time finding it anywhere so she made it.

Lime Crime Creates New Hair Dye

Lime Crime fans who are interested in looking a little more fanciful will likely be excited to try the Unicorn hair dyes by the brand. The dyes come in 13 shades, and they’re as bold and vivid as all of the other products that the company provides.


Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, has spent three years creating the hair pigments for the Unicorn line. She is also known for wearing her hair in eye-catching shades of purple, pink and green, which is yet another reason customers can trust that the dyes are high-quality and easy on the hair. The hair colors are available in full coverage and tint varieties. The full coverage dyes last for 10 to 12 washes, and the tints last for 8 to 10 washes. The hair colors are available for $16 each.


The full coverage dyes are suitable for hair that is platinum blonde or lightly bleached. The tints have a sheer effect on the hair, and work well on pale blonde shades to produce a pastel effect. Unicorn dyes also work on brown hair, but will show up like a tint, which is great for those who want a more understated look. All the ingredients in the dyes are certified vegan and have a vegetable glycerin base.


Unicorn hair color is gentle on the hair and has a deposit-only effect to keep the hair from being damaged. The dyes are also free of bleach, ammonia and peroxide. The company recommends getting a professional to bleach the hair before applying the Unicorn dye.


If the hair is already colored, the Unicorn dye will only slightly change the shade of the hair, since there is no bleach in the dye. Full coverage shades are best for hair that is permanently dyed.


More information on Lime Crime’s new Unicorn dye, as well as its nail polishes, lipsticks and eyeshadows, can be found at







Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Grows $250 Million Business Despite Amazon’s Presence

Growing a $250 million business within three years is no mean accomplishment by any firm aside Amazon, yet that is the thing Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is doing. With 20% control of current fashion e-commerce market, Amazon remains a big threat to its competitors. Many will want to

know how Fabletics succeeded in spite of the threat.


Fabletics has been able to put in place a number of strategies. Top on the list is Reverse Show-rooming. Consumers Show-rooming is a term used in describing situations where people visit retail showrooms only to see and select items that they later buy online usually at reduced prices. On the

other hand, Reverse show-rooming occurs when people carryout online research for the purpose of selecting products they will later purchase offline (in a bricks and mortar store).


Show-rooming remains one of the biggest threats to brick-and-mortar retailers because consumers just stroll into stores with smart-phones and observe merchandise only to subsequently do their purchases online from another company at a lower price having enjoyed the expertise of associates

in the store.


The only way to counter this is by reversing the whole process, which is how we come about the term Reverse Show-rooming. In achieving this feat, Fabletics cuts off half the market price offering personalized and on-trend service through its membership model.


Just like Apple and Warby Parker, Fabletics’ strategies are paying off as they prepare to open additional physical stores this year. Already, they have sixteen such stores in spots like Florida, California, Hawaii and Illinois.


There are few companies that could surmount the threats pose by Amazon and go ahead to build fashion brands just few months into a new year. Fabletics now belong to this league of companies. Others include Warby Parker and Bonobos.




Fabletics is a fitness apparel firm owned by Kate Hudson. It operates on a monthly membership structure. Joining as a VIP remains the best option as you are only required to pay $25 for your first outfit and not compel to make any monthly purchase against your will or pay a fee if you decided to suspend purchase for a period. The beauty of being a part of Febletics is the monthly outfits’ curate you get with possible 2-3 pieces within $49 and $59.


You will be expected to take a survey just after joining and provide information about the sorts of workouts you do and the styles of outfits you prefer. This will help the company pick for you suitable outfits that meet your taste each month. Here is my brief summary on Fabletics services with respect to Quality, Style, Value, Customer Service and Ease of Use.


Quality: Good! Outfits do not fade, and the quality for price paid is quite high.

Style: Impressive! They have a wide variety of styles.

Value: Solid! They provide great deals considering the quality of each outfit for

only $50+.

Ease of Use: Great! They boast of a beautiful and easy-to-navigate website.

Customer Service: Pretty good! They are always friendly and helpful to customers


In a nutshell, I recommend Fabletics for all ages and both sex.