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Doug Levitt at His Best at Greyhound Diaries

Doug Levitt came from a long way to be the founder of Greyhound Diaries, he started as a communicator in a company in London that made him broadcast from Iran, London and Bosnia for companies like NBC, ABC and CNN. He as well is a songwriter and a musician. Through his hard work and commitment made him attain a Fulbright Scholarship that made him accomplish a lot. When he finished school he got a master’s degree in Ethnic Conflict and nationalism from the London School of Economics. Doug Levitt passion of doing a lot more things made him be where he is right now.

At Greyhound Diaries the main goals of the company are to convey information through music which inspires people. The message that is conveyed to the people is very significance to the people who lives are hard. By using Greyhound buses Greyhound Diaries made a massive road traveling for more than10 years and also an odd of 120,000 kilometers whereby the travelers use their images, songs and stories to tell on how challenging life is for them.

WPA-era is the reason of the display and motivation of the Greyhound Diaries. They present a full image of The United States of America through Greyhound Diaries. The Greyhound Diaries has numerous sites that it platforms of the illustrations. Some of the platforms are colleges and Woody Guthrie Center, Southern Law Center. Greyhound Diaries has been broadcasted in numerous TV station and also magazines. TV station includes the CNN, Fox News and the Reuters. The broadcasting includes abundant stories on how a people can make their life better and also motivated a lot of people on how to tackle their problems when they may arise. Other than the TV stations and the magazines Greyhound Diaries has also been displayed on web series and photo exhibits and a lot of other platforms.

Music is a unique tool that is used to pass information through Doug Levitt, Greyhound Diaries ensure that they music which they display is to help people who are faced with conflict being in order for them to resolve them and also create a better relationship in the community.