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Olive Garden Getting Creative With Breadsticks

The Olive Garden is trying a new strategy out to revamp their bread sticks and it is clear that it is going to be fantastic. According to an article found on reddit and written by, the restaurant chain will be creating a lot of new dishes with these bread sticks to include sandwiches and even pizza themed sides.

Even though everyone loves the all you can eat salad and bread sticks and soup from the Olive Garden, they were shown in a study to have decreased quite a bit over the last year or so. In an effort to bring those numbers up to where they belong the company has decided to revamp the beloved bread stick and see what they can do with it. After all there isn’t much waste with them when they are used for creating something else that is wonderful. It won’t be long before these delicious treats are put back on the menu as something else and attract a whole new line of customers.
Personally, I am a big fan of the all you can eat salad, soup and bread meal at the Olive Garden because even though you are eating quite a lot at once, it still makes you feel like you are doing so in a healthier manner and can handle this much food especially since it isn’t loaded with carbs or fats. Great idea, Olive Garden. Sam Tabar can’t wait to try it out himself after seeing the news on Twitter.

Gordon Ramsay’s Appetizing Macaroni And Cheese Featuring Breast Milk

A very pleasant surprise on Season 4 of Master Chef: Macaroni and cheese made with breast milk. A female contestant, during the auditions, resorts to create what appears to be an innocent tasting mac and cheese. James Corden, of the Late Late Show on CBS, asked British chef and television host Gordon Ramsay what’s the most disgusting food he’s ever eaten.

Mr. Ramsey samples the recipe, then mentions to the lady that the cheese on top is a little too sweet. To which the female contestant responds, ” It’s my breast milk.” Ramsay, in turn, retorts, ” Not good.” Joe Bastianich, another of the chef judges, didn’t even bother to taste it. “That was a little controversial.” he states, aghast at the recipe.

Furthermore, Mr. Bastianich comments, ” It’s kind of disgusting. I know Graham (Graham Elliot, another chef judge) and Gordon tried it. Gordon spit it out. It’s a little bit like cannibalism as far as I’m concerned. I’m not a fan.”

That’s the reaction after tasting the healthy but not too appetizing macaroni and cheese with breast milk. Stay tuned to see what other crazy recipes the contestants come up with on Master Chef. It is quickly becoming something many fans like Brad Reifler look forward to.

Nestlé Is Stealing Water From Drought Savaged California

California has been experiencing a long and frustrating drought for the last couple of years. There are stringent limitation on water use both in residential homes and in commercial use. The goal is to conserve what little water stores remain. Meanwhile, Nestlé has been taking large quantities of water out of their state to sell as Pure Life, a bottle water brand. CA residents are angry to say the least. Not only have they been getting signatures on a massive petition but also have picketed at their bottling plant. So far Nestlé remains unfazed by the negative publicity.


According to rumors, the company is siphoning the water off of Native American land without breaking any laws, because they do not apply to the community. Mathieson can see that side of the story. It is merely a loophole to continue business under the guise of legality. Hopefully national news will pick up on this story and shine some light on the overlooked, yet wrong, actions being performed by this company.

The History of the Antique Wine Company

Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company is one of the largest companies working with extremely rare and vintage wines. Williams started the company after beginning his career as an insurance agent. However, he wanted a career that could also serve as a hobby as well as something he could be passionate about. While entertaining business clients during his time working for a bank, he developed a taste and interest in fine wines. After examining the market and finding his niche, he developed his own company that would sell and market these fine wines to individual consumers. Williams remains enthusiastic about wine and is often called the “Sherlock Holmes” of wine for his talent at tracking down sequestered, vintage bottles.


The Antique Wine Company currently boasts clients in over 63 countries as well as holding over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines in it’s cellars. While AWC is first and foremost a wine merchant, they also market their company by branching out into other divisions of the wine business. Several years ago, they began crafting and unveiling luxury wine cabinets. This series of wine cabinets are a great way for new wine connoisseurs to begin their fine wine collection as they are all filled with some of the best vintage bottles money can buy. They are also a great way for established collectors to easily add bottles to their current collection. The Chateaux cabinets themselves are specially handcrafted by some of the most luxurious materials available including ripple sycamore and Bombay rosewood. These cabinets are currently being sold and auctioned for upwards of £1m. They also include vintage memorabilia accounting for part of the cost.


Stephen Williams has also branched the Antique Wine Company out in another interesting way, by establishing a wine academy sponsored by the company. The AWC Wine Academy exists to teach casual wine drinkers how to truly appreciate the drinks. They are outfitted with custom tasting tables to make an event a special, memorable experience! Williams created the academy to make wine tasting and enjoyment more accessible to everyday people. He also wanted to make wine tasting and education a less “stuffy” experience by marketing to young professionals. At AWC Wine Academy, students learn from some of the most established wine educators there are. These educators include Tim Atkin and Clive Barlow, both Masters of Wine.

The Antique Wine Company was born out of a love and passion for wine by Williams. As such, it remains very important for him to bring this interest to others who may not currently see the beauty in it.