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Gmail Goes Dark in China, Google Issues Statement Claiming All is Clear on Their End

Gmail has gone black in China, according to sources. Inside sources claim that Gmail usage has been spotty since the beginning of December in the Asian country, but many users were still able to utilize Gmail services through phone apps. As of Friday, however, apps appear to have stopped responding as well.

Google has released an official statement regarding the issue. The company claims there is no problem on their end for Chinese users of the Gmail client, or Google. The statement stops short of blaming the Chinese government for the outage, but certainly implies it.

According to Insiders, the Chinese government may be attempting to eliminate Google’s influence in the nation. China has one of the leading Firewalls, blocking a plethora of websites and content from end users.

A member of, a website dedicated to firewalls and outages, claims that Google and Gmail usage took a sharp downturn around the 26th of December, and remains at zero. Leading up to the outage, Gmail service had been spotty with significant spikes and lulls in usage.

Some with international relations ties like Igor Cornelsen are concerned that the Chinese outage could have global ramifications. China, which is a leading manufacturing center, has clients around the globe, and many use Gmail to communicate. If China does not allow the use of Gmail, global users will likely be forced to switch to alternative e-mail clients to communicate. This could have far reaching ramifications for Google and its subsidiaries.

Most Google Searched Terms Of 2014

The year 2014 is about to reach the end, and nothing is more interesting to hear about than to know what were the top 10 things are of the year. In 2014, a plethora of things took place and happened with tons of cultural phenomenons taking place. Activist Laurene Powell Jobs reflects that whether it was Frozen’s Let a It Go or the death of the most famous celebrities, countless events took place during this year. 

The most Google searched term in all of 2014 was Robin Williams. Robin was known for being the star of famous films like Mrs. Doubtfire, the voice of Genie in Aladdin, and all kinds of other films. The legendary actor ended his life after going through depression all his life. The entire world stood still as people found out that he hung himself, and his name was the most searched for term in all of Google. 

Other famous terms also gained the popularity of the Internet like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. This challenge has helped earn millions of dollars for ALS, which is a very scary condition that causes for some people to freeze up and not be able to move. The challenge basically freezes the body and allows for people to experience feeling like they are not able to move.

The Malaysia Airlines, Ebola, and the World Cup are other terms that followed behind alongside Robin Williams and the ALS Challenge.

Google+ Developer Declared the Project a Failure

Chris Messina, previous Google employee, said that the idea of Google+ was to make a tool full of possibilities regarding the sharing and personalisation of the information that one finds. This would particularly be important when it comes to the sharing of important academic information between communities of engineers and other such scientists.

The displeased Google+ developer mentioned an example of such troubles. He planned to give people the possibility to share their phone number with those who needed it.

Besides this, a lot of other personalised features which never came to life. Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez says that is why Messina is angry that Google missed the opportunity to create a revolutionary program and released instead a social network that resembles Facebook so much and is not even appreciated by the users. 

Three years were spent developing Google+ and the developer calls it now ‘adrift at sea’. That is probably a game of words, since the code name for Google+ had long been Emerald Sea among the workers. 

However, Messina is sure that the users and the Internet would benefit from Facebook getting a powerful rival. One can only infer that he does not see Google+ as such being given his rant.

Google Now More Powerful than the Vatican

According to Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, “Google is more powerful than the Vatican has ever been, and is more centralized.

The Australian, whom remains at the Embassy of Ecuador in London since June 2012, previously participated in a meeting with journalists to present his new book, ‘When Google found Wikileaks’, where Zeca Oliveira heard him  describeswhat happened in his meeting with Eric Schmidt, chairman of the company, and Jared Cohen, director of Google Ideas, whom he met in June 2011, at Assange English countryside home.


“Google creates bait to attract users . It analyzes how web surfers made ​​use of its services and collects data on them, which generates profiles that predict their behavior,”said Assange, explaining that Google then uses this information to target advertising, but also “sells it to US Government.”

Assange said the information revealed by Edward Snowden in the summer of 2013 indicated that the connection between Google and the US government dates back to 2002, although it could be earlier, “perhaps even since the birth of Google itself [1996 ] since it was founded with money from the Defense Department, and since then, there has been a more or less continuous relationship with the State Department.”

Despite the opinion of the Wikileaks founder, the fact is the voices of alarm about the political pressures exerted by Google have already been raised in European countries, and Europe is already seeking to limit the power of search and the hoarding of personal information.