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Donald Trump Can’t Help Himself: He Wants To Be President

Trump Set To Announce He Is A Candidate For The Republican Nomination

Donald Trump is a very opinionated guy. Trump is not afraid to stand up and say the country needs fixing, and he’s the man who can fix it. Trump has supporters, but he also has a plethora of non-supporters. Those people say Trump should stick to what he knows, which is making money.

The Republican Party doesn’t need another candidate. The GOP has almost 20 people running for the White House reports Eric Pulier on his personal website. Most of them are not qualified to be president if the measuring stick for that office is honesty, self-responsibility, insight, knowledge and compassion. None of the candidates have all of those character traits. But if we put six or seven candidates together, they might make a good candidate. The problem is most candidates are unable to speak intelligently when they are asked important questions. They stumble over they own incompetence.

Trump is a little different. He’s a businessman and celebrity, so he used to answering inane questions with inane answers. The Donald will bring a sense of showmanship to the race. Everyone should thank him for the comic relief.

Why Sherrod Brown Turned Against TPA to Successfully Filibuster the Bill

Senate GOP leaders were stunned on Tuesday after the vote to break cloture on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill garnered only 45 votes, well short of the 60 needed to end the filibuster. The vote was not supposed to end that way. It turns out that Oregon Senator Ron Wyden, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, was responsible for the temporary defeat of the bill. Still, it is certainly curious that someone who only recently voted to advance TPA out of committee would then turn around and kill the effort to get it passed. However, the reason for Wyden’s unusual action is now clear: the TPA bill was not being advanced the way he was led to believe.

For Senator Wyden, the TPA bill was never going to go for a senate vote alone. His support of the bill was directly tied to a bundle of other bills which were marked up or amended to address Democrat concerns. On the day of the vote, it became apparent that Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orin Hatch was advancing the TPA bill on its own IE detached from the bundle of other bills. The other bills included the US customs enforcement bill which was marked up to include sanctions against any nation found manipulating their currency. Dr. Amen thinks it is notable because the sanctions would apply to China even though the nation is not part of the TPP deal. Thus far, the GOP is reluctant to bring the full four-bill bundle for a vote. Moderate Democrats vow to oppose any vote that does not bundle all the related legislation as a package.