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Benefits of e-governe to Brazilian citizens

The Brazilian government employs IT to enhance its interaction with the citizens as well as improving its administration. The electronic government has considerably improved service delivery. This technology has also created opportunities in the country.


The electronic governance in Brazil, however, has had its fair share of humble beginnings since its commencement in 2000. Only a few institutions and government agencies launched official websites. The sites contained basic information on the company, static links, and the interaction with the users was limited.


The implementation of the system was carried out by Instituto Curitiba de Informática – ICI. The move was characterized by training of servants from the different organs of the various municipalities so as to accelerate the implementation of e-governe system. The fundamental tool of the scheme was directed to the human resource management.


After over a decade of the system’s existence, the country’s e-governe has transformed into becoming an example that other nations could emulate. The technology enhanced better interactions with citizens and companies. It also made internal management more efficient, while at the same time offering service delivery and providing information in a more organized way.


Research by Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( indicates that the current number of registered websites under the government domain is 11.856. This number is an indicator of the scope achieved by the electronic government in the country. The large Brazilian territory and its enormous population required this development to access information quickly.


The government websites follow a basic logic. The federal government owns the entity, and therefore the addresses end with Addresses belonging to state institutions were registered according to their state domains. For instance, the address of the Central Bank of Brazil is


Services provided by the Brazilian e-governe

  • Transparency and accountability

The system provides data concerning public expenditure, financial transactions, bids, budget closures, and signing of contracts. This enhances public awareness of the government’s activities, as well as easy supervision of public expenditure.


  • E-governe health assistance

E-governe has simplified the once difficult task of managing the State and Municipal Health Secretariats. The system has also simplified the process for scheduling appointments, eliminating queues and subsequently improving the quality of service offered to the citizens. E-governe has significantly impacted the constant attention on the health sector.


  • Requests

The system allows citizens to request public services, check public works schedules, and also to complain about any instances of incompetence. It also offers a direct channel for citizens to communicate with government entities. This eliminates the need for an intermediary who may subject the information to their personal interests.


  • Platform for discussion

The system offers forums that allow citizens to discuss projects, share ideas on the use of public funds and also present their feedback concerning public service delivery. It opens the discussions initially restricted to the public. This has enabled the achievement of democracy and economic growth.


  • Registration and other online services

The application of software programs has improved online registration. This service has lowered the public shift costs, time, and workforce. Some of these services include income declaration, criminal background checks, and burglary or theft reports among others.


E-governe has offered increased public service portfolio to the citizens of Brazil. The setbacks related to the paper-based system have been eliminated. This transparency in government has improved public trust as they can monitor the activities of the government agencies. for more info look at them in their facebook account.


How Betsy DeVos Is Breaking Down Barriers In Education

One of the ways that Betsy DeVos is hoping to help the children in her communities is by increasing the choices available to them in education. Betsy DeVos has seen how restrictive education is for many people. One thing that she does not agree with is the limiting of the child’s choices for schooling to her zip code. While there are sensible reasons for going to a school that is close by, there are a lot of disadvantages that children in poor communities have to face. While there are private schools that students can go to, there is often a price that parents have to pay to get their children enrolled in these campuses.

Betsy DeVos’s major step towards breaking barriers in education involves publicly funding schools to go along with her school choice plan. This is very powerful in that it makes it easier for children to get education in a safe environment no matter where they go. For one thing, students that get their education in a safer environment tend to do better in class, than those that are in poorer and more dangerous communities. Therefore, Betsy is doing everything she can to make sure that more students have a better shot at education.

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Another thing that she is looking into is online education. This is something that she admits is in its infancy. As of right now, it is pretty effective. However, there are a lot of features that are going to be added to online classes over time that are going to give online education an effectiveness that rivals public education. One thing about online and digital education is that allows more options for the student to get the right type of education more dependent on his interests.

Betsy is working very hard to break down barriers when it comes to schooling. One of the benefits to what she is trying to do is that there is a higher chance that the students are going to connect with one another. The chances of the student making good grades and actually succeeding because of education are going to improve as well. Follow her on Twitter.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Prefers To Make Guarico Safer

Jose Manuel Gonzalez serves in the assembly of his home state of Guarico, and he wishes to ensure the people in his area are not struck by crime and poverty. The state itself is in shambles after years of neglect, and Jose wishes to bring sensibility back to the region. he is not a politician in his own right, but he wants to make a change to traditional politics. This article explains the problems Jose is trying to tackle in his role in local government.

#1: The Local Government In Guarico Is Struggling

The local government that Jose is a part of has been struggling for years due to crime rates and poverty. The people in the community are often left subject to criminals who take as they please, and poverty rates are quite high. Jose Manuel Gonzales owns a business in the area that employ some of his subjects, and he wants to help the rest of the community grow in his role as an assemblyman.

#2: How Long Will It Take To Make Changes?

It will take quite some time to reverse the effects of crime and poverty on the state of Guarico. There are very few affluent people in the region, and Jose is searching for ways to help bring the middle class back from extinction. Economic policies must be altered to help the region make money, and the tax base in the region will only improve with improved business. Someone with ambition in Guarico may follow Jose’s lead in improving the state.

#3: Jose Participates Fully

Jose has chosen to participate fully in meetings and assemblies of his government position. He is wary of his colleagues who are no longer attending meetings, and he prefers to remain as engaged as possible. There are quite a few people who are left with impunity even though they have done nothing to help the country, and Jose wishes to stop the practice.

Venezuela is in quite a bad way at the moment, and Jose only knows one way to solve the problem. Politicians must be held to account for their inactivity, and his example may change the manner in which politicians do their jobs.