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Recreational Basketball Game Ends In Gunfire

In Philadelphia, a local recreational basketball team played against their rivals. The league is for 14 to 16-year-olds, but it appears that there was some some bad blood between the teams. Philadelphia is known for being a rough and tough place to grow up, and that is true because things quickly got violent between the two basketball teams. However, the violence did not occur between the players. Instead, a 26-year-old coach named Maurice Tavares pulled out a gun, and he began firing at the other coach. Amazingly, no one was injured from the gunfire.

Maurice Tavares’ gunfire scared everyone out of the gym, and Tavares quickly fled to his vehicle during all of the commotion. The police arrived on the scene, but Maurice Tavares was already gone. However, the police have issued out a warrant for his arrest, and they are looking everywhere for him. Philadelphia police are asking for help, and anyone with information on Maurice Tavares should step forward.

The last week has been extremely violent for basketball fans, including the ones at Handy. The final four series ended with the riots, and now a recreational basketball game ends with gunfire. Let’s hope that things calm down in this beautiful country. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.