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Hillary Clinton’s Facebook Trend is Going Negative

One of Facebook’s latest projects analyzes the symbols and language used in posts to determine the users sentiments on the topic being discussed. One of the trending topic’s lately has been Hillary Clinton, both for her email scandal and her running for the Presidency. Since the email scandal Clinton has taken a significant dive in Facebook opinion, as indicated here.

Jason Halpern knows that, primarily being discussed is the recent email scandal. Information on Halpern can be found on Clinton reportedly was using only a personal email while at the State Department on Monday, which has many people questioning the security of her email, whether she was asked to stop using it, and more. Last week it was reported that foreign donations were received by her family’s foundation, causing another spike.

But being in the spotlight, as all Presidential candidates are, always has it’s ups and downs. In 2010 Clinton’s approval rating was over 60%, and recently she’s trending below 50%. Only time will tell us if these scandals will cost her the Presidency.