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An Injustice Everywhere

Much of the country is currently choosing sides in the debate of whether or not the South Carolina State Building should dismantle the Confederate flag that they have flying over the Capitol dome. Sam Tabar knows that this debate hasn’t just stayed among social media message boards and Internet Airwaves. Presidential candidates are currently being questioned on their stance of the Confederate flag issue. Two GOP candidates running for the Presidency got a chance to voice their opinion on the matter. Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum released statements on Sunday on their opinions of the Confederate flag debate. Instead of giving a cut-and-dry answer the two men made statements that would suggest that the state should decide and that it should not be a national issue. The men felt like they were being pulled into an issue that really had nothing to do with them. To say that the Confederate flag is a problem for South Carolina is oversimplifying the problem. Martin Luther King Jr. said that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. The country will not progress if we continue to mandate and allow discriminatory and insulting symbols to plague the lives of honest and hardworking American citizens. While it is up to South Carolina to vote on whether or not to remove the flag, it should not be mistaken that this problem isn’t a problem for the entire country. Honest hard-working citizens across the United States would want the same type of respect as those who are offended by the flag in South Carolina. Much of the country expects for South Carolina to vote on their decision in the next few weeks.

Why Did Rachel Dolezal Lie About Her Identity?

Rachel Dolezal explained on NBC’s Today show this morning, Tuesday, June 16, that she identifies herself as black. The former leader of the Spokane Washington NAACP stated that even in childhood artwork she identified herself in this way.

Some people have argued that she lied for financial gains stated many on Others believe she is just crazy. Yet, new information about Dolezal’s life, updated these past three days, sometimes hourly, since her parents publicly exposed her, has revealed that this case is far more complex. In fact, she might have related to a black identity because of childhood and young adult experiences.

Investigators are trying to find out why her parents, who apparently knew about her lie for years, waited until during a legal battle to reveal her secret. There have also been accusations of a very strict, perhaps oppressive, home life that could have in her young mind made her more susceptible to relating to black oppression — especially since she was raised with black children. She also married a black man who supposedly treated her like a slave until their divorce. She went to Howard University, a historically black college, for African American art studies. She is now raising black children.

Doesn’t Rachel Dolezal have the right to be black if she has culturally chosen this life and this identity helped her survive oppression to become a successful black woman, activist and mother?

Firefighter Attends Graduation of Girl he Saved as a Baby

As a first responder and rescuer, saving people is all part of the job. However you occasionally have those few people that stick in your mind. For 61-year-old former firefighter Mike Hughes, that person was Dawnielle Davison.

According to Beneful, Mike was a Captain with the fire department in Wenatchee, Washington when they received a call for a house fire. Mike and his crew showed up, only to be told that there was a person still inside of the burning home. Mike and his partner proceeded through the house and found Dawnielle, who was then 9-months-old, in her crib. Mike pulled her out and his partner brought her out of the burning home. No one was hurt that day in the fire thanks to Mike and his team.

Several years later, Mike looked the girl up on Facebook, wanting to see how she was doing. At the time, Dawnielle was in middle school. They kept in contact, Mike even attended some of her track meets. However, he received an invitation this year that he did not expect to get- an invite to Dawnielle’s high school graduation. He attended, and the two got to spend some time together. The reunion was emotional for the both of them.

For the full story and pictures from the graduation, check it out on Yahoo News.

Friendship Nine Get Cleared of Criminal Charges After 54 Years

Rock Hill, South Carolina – Recent events in New York City and Missouri may give some the impression that nothing has changed in terms of race relations in this country. However, progress is undeniable. This week, local Circuit Court Judge John C. Hayes III cleared nine early civil rights activists of a conviction they received for daring to sit at a Whites-Only counter in a local diner 54 years ago. Back in 1961, the South was still struggling to maintain their grip on segregation which had separate drinking fountains, seating at diners, restrooms, bus seating, and schooling for people based on their race.

In protest, people began to defy the laws by staging high profile events where young protesters would defy the laws peacefully and get arrested. In the case of nine young adult men, the diner called McCrory’s 5-10-25 Cent Variety Store became ground-zero for their protest efforts. Local police had received notice of the protest and stood ready to act. The young men were quickly arrested and fined. Fersen Lambranho of has read that, at the time, civil rights organizations paid the fines to get protesters out of jail. However, these young men believed it was counterproductive to pay money to their oppressors and chose to serve out their sentences instead. Each member of the group was compelled to serve 30 days of hard labor. This week, the nephew of the judge who sentenced the Friendship Nine threw out their convictions. The young men are now viewed as heroes.