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The Great Insights of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a leader, committed philanthropist and a successful Israeli-American real estate investor. He is also the founder and owner of HagerPacific firm and besides investment; he has also composed many publications. Adam Milstein recently wrote about the various challenges that the people of Israel and Jewish American face. In his article, Adam insists that the people of the races must choose and rely on good leaders who are capable of bringing change to such issues. Besides, Adam Milstein believes that the people of Israel and the Jewish Americans will make it through the challenges by giving support to their preferred leaders as well as working together with them to ensure that they also make a better future for the next generation.

Additionally, Adam encourage the Jewish people to believe in themselves and accept who they are, as it is one of the ways through which they can create peace among themselves. He believes that the people of Israel will also create a good impression to other people from various nations about themselves and as a result, gain respect and support from them. Adam also encourages the Israelite leaders to serve as an example to their people as they are the light of the nation.

Besides, Adam Milstein is hopeful that the Israelites and the Jewish people will live in unity as long as they exercise passion in whatever they do as well as focus on creating a conducive environment for a better living. He also encourages them to learn from their former leaders like Mordechai  Anielewicz, who lived and served as an example to everyone, with an aim of bringing peace and success to the nation.

He has also strived to bring his people together through the various nonprofit foundations he has launched like the Birthright. His organization has attracted a vast number of the Jewish people, who have gained insight from the philanthropist. Through the foundation, they have learned to appreciate who they are and teach their children the importance of working hard so as to fuel development in the country. Through his humble background, Milstein has also served as a role model to many people and he is admired by many individuals, especially those from the Jewish community.

Thor Halvorssen Selfless Contribution to Liberation of the Oppressed

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan businessman, film producer, and a human rights advocate. He is also a special commissioner for international narcotics. During the South African apartheid in 1989, Thor organized opposition despite being just an adolescent. He has since become a human rights advocate fighting oppression and advocating for the release of political prisoners across the globe. He has occasionally been described as the champion of the powerless. Thor is currently the president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) based in New York. The foundation is rooted in fighting for the release of political prisoners and exposing dictatorship all over the globe.

It is after his dad being imprisoned as a political prisoner in Venezuela that Thor became involved in the liberation of political prisoners on a full-time basis. Thor founded the Oslo Freedom Forum which serves as a forum where human rights activist can share their thoughts on different issues facing people all over the world. Since 2009, the gathering of human rights advocates has taken place in Oslo. The forum is significant in fighting for equal treatment of people across all over the world. The Norwegian newspaper refers to the forum as a Gathering of Heroes.

Some of the participants in the forum include Nobel laureate Lech Walesa, Jimmy Wales, the Wikipedia founder, Luban al-Hussein from Sudan, Maria Aliokhina, and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a political prisoner from Russia. Thor is also the Patron of the Czech-based Children’s Peace Movement. The views issued on his lectures at various universities have been addressed on various platforms and sites on the internet. Some of the venues where his opinions have been addressed include Time magazine, The Washington Post, The Economist, CNN, New York Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Daily Telegraph.

Thor is the founder of the Moving Picture Institute which he acquired in May 2010 while it was known as leftist Norwegian news magazine. A film such as The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is currently in production at the Moving Pictures Institute under Thor’s management. Also, Thor co-produced another film by the title Freedom’s Fury. The film premiered at Tribeca Film Festival. for more.

Thor Halvorssen Looks To Help Oppressed People Through The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation has been one of the most active entrants into the world of activism of the 21st century after Thor Halvorssen founded the group in 2005. Establishing the group came after Halvorssen had embarked upon a period of work for other human rights protecting groups, which gave him a wide range of experience in assisting people in closed societies. In order to make sure the Human Rights Foundation remained free of political and financial influence Thor Halvorssen led the establishment of a board filled with former political prisoners and politicians.

Oppression is something Thor Halvorssen has a large level of personal experience in within his home country of Venezuela. The position of Halvorssen and his family should have been secure after his father was promoted to an important diplomatic position for the government, but his opposition to the ruling government led to his arrest and torture despite his diplomatic status. Halvorssen’s mother was also impacted by a loss of human rights when her attendance at a political rally ended with her being shot by an unknown gunman.

The Venezuelan film producer, Thor Halvorssen, has set out upon a career as a human rights activist that he continues alongside his position within Hollywood. Halvorssen has looked to work for a number of different organizations to create platforms for the stories of refugees and political prisoners to be discussed, including the well respected Oslo Freedom Forum. In terms of his career as a film producer the work of Halvorssen has spanned the documentary and fiction fields, which often deal with many of the subjects close to the heart of the human rights activist.

The activism of the Human Rights Foundation has taken on many forms, which include the assistance provided for oppressed people who are looking to escape closed societies. The specialism of the Human Rights Foundation is in assisting those trapped in closed societies that are often rarely heard of by the majority of the public; Halvorssen and those who work with the Human Rights Foundation are part of a large network that is bringing the problem of lost human rights to the attention of the world.