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Goettl Return To Success As A Leading HVAC Company In The Southwest

Life in the Southwest was seen as impossible to survive in the early 20th century when Adam and Gust Goettl made their way from Ohio to Arizona and saw most residents take the journey to the Californian coast each year to escape the intense heat of the Summer months in the Southwest. Adam and Gust made a number of innovations in the HVAC field and saw their work rewarded with more than 100 patents for their own Goettl brand.


The Goettl brand has recently made a triumphant return to success under the leadership of Ken Goodrich, a man who made his first steps in business alongside his father working to service and repair Goettl brand units; the main aim of Ken Goodrich has been to focus Goettl’s expanding team of technicians on providing the level of customer service the company was known for in the past. Goettl now conducts daily meetings with technicians in a bid to make sure every member of the team is working towards the same goal each and every day.


Goettl is a historic brand that has a history dating back to its foundations laid in Phoenix, Arizona in 1939 and Ken Goodrich is always looking to remind the people of the world of the success the company has always enjoyed. Among the innovations Goodrich has been at the heart of are the creation of metal flashlight replicas of the original Goettl lights handed out to customers earlier in the history of the brand.


Goettl now focuses largely on the maintenance and repair of all brands of HVAC units across the states of Arizona and Nevada. In recent times, the development of the brand has been based in developing the use of zoned heating and cooling systems that have the ability to lower utility bills for all Goettl customers.