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Representative Clames Illegals Are Murdering A Person Per Day

Representative Pete Sessions (R-TX) claims that illegal immigrants released by an executive action by President Barak Obama last year are responsible for a murder a day. The story reported here reports that of the 130,000 illegal immigrants released back into the United States population, 30,000 of them had a previous criminal record. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG seems to think it goes on to break down the average number of murders committed in the country versus the percentage of the population that is here illegally with surprising results, although Facebook news reports seem skeptical.

Sessions believes that the President overstepped his authority and that allowing these immigrants to remain is itself a criminal act. The story does not support the Representative, however. It shows through Department of Homeland Security records that the homicide rate is closer to one every five days committed by all of the illegal immigrants and not just the ones released by the administration.

A separate report by Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) does show that, of the illegal with criminal records released in 2013, over a thousand had added to their criminal record. The new charges include making terrorist threats, assault with a deadly weapon and rape. They do not include murder on the list.