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Americans Still Think That Wealth Distribution Is Unfair

Americans still think that wealth distribution is unfair. In 1984, 60% of American thought that the distribution of wealth is unfair. When the same survey was done recently, it emerged that 63% of Americans think that wealth distribution in the country is still unfair.

This small increase is despite the fact that there has been increased talk and debate about the distribution of wealth and resources. This information comes from the Economy and personal Finance survey by Gallup.

This views on money and wealth are tied to partisanship and ideology. 86% of democrats and 85% of liberals hold this view. The numbers were lower when it came to Republicans and Conservatives with 34% and 42% of Republicans and Conservatives holding the same view respectively.

Income is also a contributing factor. 54% of Americans with an income of around $75,000 agreed with the statement while those with an income that is below $30,000 agreed that the distribution of wealth is unfair. The age factor had very little impact.

Republicans are not very certain about whether action should be taken to correct the problem. Democrats on the other hand are in support of taking measures that will make wealth distribution fairer.

The poll was conducted through phone interviews between 9th and 12th of April in 2015.Those interviewed were adults who were 18 or older, from all the states in the United States. Participants in the interview were chosen randomly, adds in Jaime Garcia Dias.