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A Special Thanks To Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a blessing in disguise. First of all, they took all the heat for the program of monitoring the calls of the inmates. It was said that all Securus Technologies was interested in was invading the privacy of the ones in jail. That has proven not to be true. The system put in place by Securus Technologies has done more good than harm any day of the week. More criminal activity has been identified than previous to their equipment going in. More inmates that needed special attention was helped as a result of Securus Technologies monitoring the conversations. Most importantly, some sick inmates who would not admit they were sick got the help they needed because of the system put in place by Securus Technologies. Why no one is talking about all the good things that have occurred from the Securus Technologies systems, I do not know. All I can say is that it has helped my daughter calm herself down knowing that her phone calls are being monitored. She never knows which call is being listened to, so she has to keep herself clean all the time. I think that is a good thing. I am her mom and I want what is best for my daughter. I want her to become more responsible while in jail, not learn how to become more evil. Jail is supposed to rehabilitate and point her in a positive direction. And if it takes monitoring all her call by Securus Technologies, then let it be so. Jail is not supposed to be a walk in in the park. Jail is not supposed to be easy. She has to take whatever she is given. She is the one who put herself in this position. Thank you Securus Technologies for being there. Please don’t leave.


Securus Technologies Breaks Records of Giving at United Way

Securus Technologies’ Associates broke a company giving record to the United Way’s campaign in 2015. Though the goal that had been set was to acquire $290,000, they managed to collect an impressive $345,763 for their campaign, beating their goal by 19% and topping 2014’s goal by an addition 4%.

Richard A. Smith CEO of Securus Technologies, was quick to point out that when their Associates began working with United Way they only managed to gather $32,995, yet managed to multiply the sum more than ten times for the last year.

2008 was the year Associates at Securus took it upon themselves to offer financial aid to their immediate and national communities who are in dire need of basic healthcare and education. The United Way noticed, and marked their contributions as unprecedented highs for the organization.

For their contributions, Associates were awarded by United Way: Highest Level of Annual Securus Associates Contributions, Greatest Percent Increase Above Annual Goal, Greatest Number of Associates Giving, Greatest Number of Leadership Givers. 

Smith was elated by the accolades, but was moved even more by what they mean for United Way’s work. He cited the level of contributions to be wondrous, and was glad that the amount would improve the lives of others. In some cases even save the lives of some, and sees it as a testament to the quality of the Associates’ hearts.

Development Officer of Resource Development at United Way in Dallas, said that he sees the campaign at Securus to be a model worth emulating. Rather than going directly to Associates for funding, Securus makes an outing of their campaign, fostering an enjoyable environment that increases interest. Though the dollar amount is needed in order for United Way to function and provide service to those impoverished persons who need their help, companies like Securus and their Associates make it happen.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus Technology provides services to law enforcement and corrections facilities numbering into the thousands. This includes 1.2 million incarcerated persons across North America that utilize their at-home visitation technologies to connect with family. Registering for video visitation is easy and the app is free, so all you have to do is connect it to your device. Get the app here:

Securus also connects these facilities with emergency services, public information, and incident management. Through Securus, inmate communication is also monitored, which includes biometric technologies, allowing law enforcement agencies to ensure that inmates are accounted for. Their presence in these facilities make the surrounding communities safer by assisting the civil and criminal justice system to operate at a higher degree of efficiency.