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The Case on College

There are few places in the world where college seems like more of a ‘next step’ as opposed to a choice. In America, it is almost customary that individuals go to college, or some form of higher education, after finishing grade school. However, what isn’t mentioned is how class and welfare play a huge role in whether or not a child goes to college. TheNew York Times released an interactive survey to see if people knew how much more well-off richer children were when it came to getting a higher education than the poorer children. Like most would come to realize, about only 30 percent of disadvantaged children receive a higher education. While almost 100 percent of richer children receive some form of secondary education.


Many factors come into play when looking as these statistics. For starters, children who are born to wealthier families usually go to better high schools. Whether they are just in a better learning environment, or their parents send them to a private high school, either way these children are given much better choices of schools. On the other hand, poorer children receive public education and are expected to just reach the standard instead of pushing it. Executives in charge of these school districts are usually more concerned with students just graduating and avenues for them to achieve secondary education aren’t always afforded. For these reasons and many more, the country is pushing to advocate for disadvantaged children. These children shouldn’t lack a decent education soley because they were born into a less advantaged family. That doesn’t make sense to any person leaving a FreedomPop review or any other online review.

A 140 Foot Cross to Bear

When it comes to race, religion, sexual orientation and other aspects that have divided cities, countries, and even continents, the idea of coexistence can be a beautiful concept. Not every member of different races or religions are completely opposed to people who are opposite of them. Recently, one faith based country has confirmed this mentality with the acceptance of an opposing religion. A devout Christian living in Pakistan has decided to construct a large, 140 foot tall, bulletproof cross in the middle of downtown Pakistan. Parvez Henry Gill is one of the richest men in Pakistan. He is also a devout Christian living amongst a population that is 90% Muslim. Christians are often ostracized in the country of Pakistan. They are only allowed to work remedial jobs, can only associate with other Christians, and are constantly threatened due to their faith. In the past year alone Gill has talked with multiple Christians who are debating on leaving Pakistan. Gill loves his country and loves his faith; it breaks his heart to see the disconnect happening within its borders. Gill is constructing the cross over a Christian cemetery that is located in the middle of downtown Pakistan. Folks at Amen Clinics ( have learned that when the team of construction workers realized what they were building, 20 of the devout Muslims quit the job in protest to what the cross stood for. Gill was expecting this backlash and instead of quitting, he hired on more people to finish the job. Some of those people were Muslims who respected Gill for his faith and for what he has done for the Pakistani community. Gill and his father are extremely generous and donate their time and money to help feed families and provide eye care for blind citizens. The construction of the cross is the first step in Gill’s dream for a more accepting Pakistan. After the cross is constructed, he hopes to invite dignitaries like Hillary Clinton and Queen Elizabeth to come and visit the erect monument.

Save A Dog and Get Arrested

What should a person do?

Just consider this….You are in a mall parking lot , and you see a dog in a car with the windows rolled up. It is very hot and you can tell that the dog has been in there a long time. You want to help the pooch, but the doors are locked and the windows are completely up. What do you do?

A Gulf War veteran by the name of Michael Hammons was in this predicament. He noticed the Yorkshire Terrier suffering in a hot Ford Mustang, so he did what he thought was right, he broke the window.

Hammons was arrested for trespassing. Was the owner of the car cited for leaving the pet in a dangerous situation? What if it was a child in that car? Would Hammons been arrested if he saved a child?

Folks at Amen Clinics have found that this all happened in Athens, Georgia. It seems the law is giving mixed messages. We are supposed to protect, but when we do, we get arrested.

Shame on you owner of this Mustang. You should be grateful this veteran was looking out for your pet. You should drop charges and give this vet a hug…he deserves it.