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Handy’s Bright Outlook Has Secured Funding

An app dedicated to the cleaning and repair of homes called Handy has been the number one place where both cleaners and people who need their homes cleaned have gone to book these cleaning services. It is known that it used to be quite difficult to find people to clean your home, but Handy has helped changed this aspect of home cleaning.

Handy is popular because of the easy interface and the quality of cleaning provided by people using the site. Less than four percent of people applying for Handy actually make it on Handy, which makes the average cleaner very reputable and ideal for home owners and landlords.

Handy is not exclusively reserved for cleaners, as only eighty percent of the people on Handy clean homes, while the rest of them do other sorts of handyman work.

Handy recently became the recipient of $50 million in more funding so they could expand into new areas. There are only 28 places that Handy works in, so expanding the range that Handy can appeal to is expected to be essential in the company’s success.

Handy is worth about $500 million, making it one of the most popular home cleaning forums in the entire world. There have been a few competitors that have been lured in by the technological base of the company in hopes that they would earn a good deal of money, but none of these other companies have done very well. Handy has been dubbed the Uber of the home cleaning service industry because it is so easy to find someone who can clean your home.

Improve Your Search Engine Results With Status Labs Online Reputation Management

The internet continues to be one of the most important tools in marketing today. People turn to search engines when they are looking for a product or service of some kind. A single search on a specific keyword can easily lead the user to find hundreds of possible choices. Narrowing down such choices is something that many searchers look to do to enable them to figure out which particular company will be serve their needs and allow them to get the product or service they happen to need at the moment. Companies need to know how to use such search engines well in order to help them reach to customers.

This is why many companies turn to resources that image management companies such as Status Labs can offer for them. Understanding how search engines work has become even more important in today’s business world. Companies now more than ever need to be conscious of what happens when someone looks for their name in a search engine. They also need to be aware of keywords that might be related to their business and what happens when a user searches for such keywords. This can help the company gain insights into the kind of ways they can gain customers via the use of the net.

Status Labs staffers understand this need. Their specialists know how the net works. They know how people search for a given keyword and what happens once they do. Status Labs also knows how any given company can use the power of the net to help them get the kind of search results that will lead customers right to their door. A company that fully knows how the net works as well as how to work with search engines is a company that will be able to succeed in today’s modern world as well as one that will often be able to do better in the marketplace than all of their competitors.

Status Labs can also help their clients how to figure out how important tasks such as how to create a specific marketing campaign based around a specific keyword. Should a company desire to offer a new product or service, the company can also help their clients figure out how best to do so using the net for help. Many of their clients have been very highly pleased at how Status Labs has helped them use the net more effectively.

How You Can Start Choosing Better SEO Keywords

As technology continues to evolve and develop at an alarming rate, search engine optimization becomes more of an integral, inherent component of digital marketing. Deciding which keywords to use in your business’ SEO campaign can be one of the most difficult things to do properly unless you know how to go about picking the most searched for keywords.

What keyword should you use? Instead of molding an article around a keyword or title, write the body of the text first. Think of different ways to word the topic or main idea of the article in one to four words, and write them down. Use Google Trends to search these different phrases you come up with to discover which ones are most commonly searched, and which ones would be best to draw readers to your web page.

Although search engines used to not filter out advertisements and literature that was obviously spam and stuffed with keywords, major search engines do, in fact, filter out these spam articles. It is best to use whatever keyword you select no more than one time per one hundred words, or you may run the risk of readers thinking that article is purely a cheaply made advertisement with no value.

Whatever keywords you decide on using, make sure to use wordings that flow smoothly with the rest of the article. If you decide to use the same keyword over and over, even if you use it sparingly, it might not fit in well with the syntax of the literature. Find different synonyms of the words in the keyphrase, and use the most fitting wordings.

SEO and content creation is pretty difficult to do properly and successfully. Contracting a digital marketing company such as White Shark Media to help you with your digital marketing endeavors is a great idea. White Shark Media is one of the most reputable companies of its type, with hundreds of testimonials backing the variety of services they provide can be found on their blog. White Shark Media provides its services at reasonable rates for clients, such as AdWords Management, Bing Ads Management, SEO Evaluation, and PPC Management. If you are interested in finding more detail about these services, Google search White Shark Media or visit their website.

Finding the best fitting keyword is one of the most important parts of SEO. If you have not experienced the level of success you have shot for in past campaigns, contact White Shark Media today.

FreedomPop Finally Breaks Ground in the UK

Once it worked in the United States, the major phone service provider, FreedomPop, knew it would work in the United Kingdom. As of September of 2015, FreedomPop has unleashed their mega useful program to a market outside of the United States for the first time. It is their first step in international market shares. UK residents now have the option of using FreedomPop’s dynamic service to achieve a free or low cost internet. The service is completely free for the basic plan. The customer will have to pay a set up fee. This set up fee for British residents is seven pounds. It is all that is required in order to start taking advantage of the free services.

FreedomPop’s free and basic plan includes a large amount of usage. It is often enough to satisfy users on completely. The basic plan can be a great supplement to plans where users are already in contract with their cell phone provider. The basic plan includes 200 talking minutes, 200 texting messages and 200 MB of data. The 200 MB of data can be equivalent to roughly 100 web page downloads. This information was reported by the Telegraph. After a user has exhausted their usage under the free plan, it is possible to continue on with another package. The free plan resets every month. However, if the user wants more data in one month, FreedomPop is working on these plans as of September 2015. The plans range from 4.99 pounds to 16.99 pounds.

The reason that FreedomPop is able to provide such an outstanding discount to its users is because they are able to buy large quantities of talk time, text messaging and data from major cell providers. They buy in bulk and pass the savings on to consumers. The United States market is filled with happy users of this service. The chief executive provides statistics on the United States market. These statistics show that only around 50 percent of United States consumers would opt to purchase more cell usage each month. The remainder of customers were either happy with the free usage or use the service as a supplement to the major phone provider. FreedomPop has attempted to enter UK markets, and finally broke through to them.

Rhapsody Plans To Stream Music on Twitter

Now you can stream music on Twitter. During a panel at South by Southwest in Austin, Rhapsody announced that it will be allowing users to stream music on the site. The deal won’t extend to Rhapsody’s entire catalog, but you’ll have quite a few tuns to choose from. The music network plans on allowing 30 million songs in fact to be streamed on the service.

So how’s it going to do it? Music will be available on Twitter via Twitter Cards. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG knows that twitter’s Cards are the displays at the bottom of tweets that contain information. Cards are already being used by a number of publishers to show previews of their stories. The Cards can also come int play when someone shares a Vine on Twitter or a link to Apple’s iTunes.

Music can be streamed from any of the new Twitter cards for free, with no subscription service require. Rhapsody hopes by making the feature free, it will in turn encourage more people to learn about and potentially subscribe to the service in the future. What do you think? Would you want to stream a single song on Twitter using the service?

Christopher Cowdray awarded Lifetime Achievement Award at 2013 European Hospitality Awards

Dorchester Collection’s CEO, Christopher Cowdry, is going to be conferred the Lifetime Achievement award during this year’s European Hospitality Awards being held on 1st November in London.

Presently in its 4th year, this high-status award acknowledges an individual for service to hotel society as well as their organization of operation and is bestowed by a board of judges obtained from the hotel sector.

Christopher Cowdry has served as Chief Executive Officer of a hotel management corporation based in London called Dorchester Collection, from November 2007. An inhabitant as well as Columbia Business School Executive Program graduate, Cowdry has more than 30 years of vast worldwide experience in the hospitality management on 4 continents. Former responsibilities comprise of General Manager of The Dorchester, M.D of Claridge’s, London, and also General Manager of Al Bustan Palace Hotel, Oman. Cowrdy is a Fellow of Hotel Catering Institute Management Association, a holder of Masters Degree, honorary Professor from Thames Valley University as well as former chairman of British Hospitality.

Giving remarks about the award, Phil Foster, Editor of Hotel Management International as well as Chair of judging board for European Hospitality Awards, said: “Over the course of more than three decades in the hospitality sector, Christopher Cowdry has become universally acclaimed as an outstanding hotelier and business leader. His achievements of expanding and establishing Dorchester Collection as an exceptional luxury brand were preceded by a terrific front-of-house career, an increasingly rare career trajectory for CEOs of international hotel groups. The success Christopher has enjoyed creating a group founded upon service and uniqueness of experience is testament to an innate appreciation of what makes our industry tick.”

Phin also said that precisely, Christopher Cowdry personify several of the traits they were looking for to celebrate during the European Hospitality Awards-Ambition, originality, imagination as well as individualism. It is an actual delight to applaud Cowdry for duration of accomplishment.

Cowdry also said that he was truly pleased to be acknowledged with that award conferred to him by a board of well-regarded judges. He continued to say that they had pursued continuously and diligently their vision at Dorchester Collection so as to set up the definitive hotel administration corporation and he has been helped by a devoted team to make sure the focus stays on authentic guest engagement as well as their values of enthusiasm, personality, admiration, team work and innovation. A lot more information can be found on HawkPR referring to that.

Other prizes that are going to be rewarded during the European Hospitality event in November comprise of Green Hotel of the Year, Opening of the Year, International Hotel of the Year, Best Hotel Suite, Best Use of Technology, Hotelier of the Year, Hotel Spa of the Year, Innovation in Service of the Year and finally, Best Hotel Restaurant.

QNet is Marketing a Successful Line of Home Healthcare Products

The vast majority of press that QNet has received has focused on the company’s marketing practices and the creative antics of its unique founder. Few journalistic reports have focused instead on the types of things that the company actually sells. QNet markets a line of useful home healthcare goods, and more customers are looking at the company as a place to acquire these types of goods at a lower cost than they might see at a retail store.

QI Group sells a variety of weight management, nutrition and personal care products in addition to its line of luxury goods and collectibles. Most notably the company markets a water purification system that sells at a fraction of the cost that retail stores market such machines at. More people might start to pay close attention to QI Group as a result of the increased amount of focus on the importance of clean water.

According to the company, their machine is capable of reducing all forms of biological contaminants found in commercial water supplies. Their water filtration system apparently eliminated traces of harmful virii, biological cysts, spores, bacteria and parasites in test samples. The machine could also help to reduce the amount of mercury, copper, lead and other toxic metals found in drinking water. These toxic metals are known to cause a number of different health problems.

The QNet markets products that can also reduce the presence of petrochemicals in drinking water. These organic contaminants include herbicides and pesticides as well as a variety of detergents found in even otherwise clean supplies of water. While these contaminants aren’t spoken of as often as infectious ones, many consumers have stated that they feel more at ease after having used the water purification system.

Filtration devices marketed by Qnet are independently certified by the NSF organization in order to ensure that they are safe to use. Technology developed by QNet’s engineers for use in their water purifiers is now being used in a line of air purifiers, which is also marketed by the company. These air purifiers are now rated to remove a variety of biological contaminants, much like the water purifiers are.

With people paying more attention to their health these days, it’s likely that QNet will start to see more clients interested in their home care products line. This line might be expanded in the near future, so those who might want to look into any of these goods should check with a representative on a regular basis.

Social networking on the go with Skout

During the digital age, the process of finding new friends and potential romance partners has become much easier. Popular social networking app: Scout as become a worldwide great way to discover new friends and possibly meet that special someone.

Expanding your social network as never been so much fun or easier due to Skout’s easy to use platform that lets users interact in a safe environment. Users can easily set their search preferences and the app will then filter suitable matches onto the user’s android or iOS device. The app features an easy to use interface with a simple tab click system that allows users to control their experience with the tap of a button.

The direct messaging feature allows users to interact in a real time environment. This great feature is streamlined, clean and easy to use. This instant chat feature makes chatting with new friends a cinch. While, there is some advertising on the free version, for a small fee users can unlock the ad free platform where some great premium features lay. One of the beat main features of the Skout app lays in its usability which is much like Facebook.

Skout has a very vibrant network community of over 10 million users in over 100 different countries. This worldwide network is one of the most active social mobile networks in the world. The app features a truly unique shake to chat feature that allows a user to connect with a random skout user by simply shaking their mobile device. The shake to chat feature can connect the user with anyone from around the world allowing them to possibly make a new friend. This clever way to meet a new person is ingenious in how its presented and can be just a bit addictive, even if not all shake to chat interactions turn into friendship.

Skout’s in-app purchasing system lets users purchase points using real currency and buy virtual gifts, comments plus likes which can be bought with the virtual skout credits to help turn a stranger into a new friend. The app is free to download, however users wanting to take advantage of the great virtual gifts need to earn points or purchase them.

The travel feature is a great way Skout allows users to make a new friend from any place in the world while also letting them experience a new city. The travel tab features a listing of great metropolitan cities worldwide. The cities range from London to Tokyo where users can then travel to that city’s server to virtually travel the city and also make new connections.

In addition, Skout allows users to login to the service with a variety of different login options such as Google+ or they can create their own profile using their email address. Skout also allows users to create their own uniquely original Skout user ID that makes staying in touch with friends and loved ones a breeze.

Making a new friend or finding that special someone while on the go is easy when you use social networks like Skout where the search for better interaction is a mere tab click away.

Moving Towards a Cashless Society

It was barter before cash. People traded items with equal worth to get what they needed and wanted. Looking at it from today’s perspective, we can say how inconvenient and unreliable it must have been. But it was all our ancestors knew. Then came the dawn of the exchange medium. People didn’t have to carry large goods for barter. Coins were easier, far more convenient, and a whole lot safer.

Today, first world countries are moving into a new era. Coins and bills are not the only ways to purchase goods and services. The earliest cashless technology is the credit card. People don’t have to carry around money with them and all they needed to do was swipe the card to purchase what they needed.

Another technology that is showing promise of a cashless society is through the use of smart devices. Phones, and tablets can now be used to buy items. Cards are generally more fragile than mobile devices. Transactions can be easily monitored using mobile devices. Queues and lines can be reduced or even get rid of when you can just transact on your phone or tablet. Today’s technology is way too advanced for me ans well as a good friend Laurene Powell Jobs.

A major advantage of a cashless society is lowered priced of goods and services. Cash transactions cost more than card and online transactions. Nordic counties are the ones leading towards a cashless society with well-established and widely-used mobile apps for transactions.

Cuba as a Friend and Neighbor

Travel and trade restrictions against Cuba were lessened by the Obama Administration on Thursday and become effective on Friday.

Americans can travel to Cuba to serve religious, educational and other approved purposes and return to the U.S. with Cuban stuff worth 400 dollars. 100 dollars of the 400 can be in tobacco and alcohol purchases.

For the first time since the 1960’s, U.S airlines will fly scheduled routes. Cubans in America can send unlimited amounts of money to their relatives in Cuba.

Many Republicans and Democrats agree that the previous restrictions have not accomplished goals of helping Cuban citizens or moving Cuba toward a democracy and that Cuba should not be designated as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Dave and Brit Morin from LinkedIn have details that Cuba has released 53 political prisoners as a part of this negotiation.

Although there are still trade restrictions on most goods, cash payment does not have to be made on American goods until they arrive in Cuba. The requirement of advance payment in cash has been a big obstruction to trade with the island.

Since Cuba is less than 100 miles from the U.S, a good neighbor relationship with Cuba looks like it will be really positive for all concerned.