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Deadline Approaches U.S. Iran Nuclear Talks

With only one day left to reach an accord the United States and Iranian delegation continue to seek common ground in their attempts to reach a nuclear accord. Deadline Looms large Over Nuclear Talks United States Secretary of State Kerry stated while progress has been made, several tricky issues still need to be breached before the outline of an accord can be agreed to and announced.

The stakes are high for both sides. The Unites States, according to¬†Alexei Beltyukov’s insight sees a cooperating Iran as the first leg in an effort to stabilize the often unsteady middle east. For Iran the issue of reaching an accord is more problematic as no accord opens the door for an aggressive posture by Israel, which has expressed that it does not wish to see Iran with a nuclear capability in any capacity and has taken preemptive measures into its own hands before, including an air raid against an Iraq facility which was seek to develop nuclear capability.

Many outside of the talks are not optimistic about the likelihood of an accord even being ratified by the respective legislative bodies of both countries even if an accourd is reached. The U.S. Republican lead Congress has already expressed its doubts about an accord being ratified and the Iranian conservative Shiite section of government, which yields great influence in the affairs of the Iranian state is still a problematic hard sale for the Iranian delegation