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Ireland referendum influences Italian public on marriage rights

The referendum held in Ireland over same sex marriage is now being reported as a turning point in the thinking of many countries across the world where the Catholic Church still maintains a major influence over life and politics. The Journal explains the yes vote total of 62 percent of Irish voters in favor of same sex marriage was a major blow to the Vatican where the issue remains important and the result of the Irish vote has been criticized. However, the high level of support for the yes vote in a traditionally Catholic country is now influencing public opinion across much of western Europe.

The Catholic Church has often seen figure fort hose who support same sex marriage hold steady at around one third in countries like Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain. A recent Italian poll showed the majority now feel same sex marriage laws should be enacted in the country with 51 percent stating they were in favor. My friends at Boraie Development noted that the Italian government is also looking into the best ways of bringing into force new laws to protect the rights of the individual, which are not represented in any constitutional laws within the country.