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John Goullet is the Consummate IT Staffing Professional

From IT consultant to an IT tech staffing professional, John Goullet carved out a niche in the high-tech staffing industry that blossomed into a very successful enterprise. That enterprise, Info Technologies, of which John was the CEO from its inception in 1994, grew as his company melded his keen understanding of corporate clients. His ability to correctly match talented professionals with his clients proved to be the key ingredient of his success.

As further proof of his successful business model and business acumen, John’s company, Info Technologies, enjoys recognition as the recipient of several awards, including inclusion on Inc. Magazines Inc. 500, as one the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

Later, in 2010, Gene C. Waddy, the visionary owner of DIVERSANT, Inc., together with John Goullet, merged DIVERSANT, Inc. and Info Technologies to form DIVERSANT, LLC., of which John is now Principal. John’s passion for creating avenues of opportunities in meeting the ever-evolving changes in the IT marketplace is the reason for his incredible success. His professionalism and enthusiastic approach to IT staffing and the unique needs of his company’s clients, allowed the company to gain the level of respect few companies enjoy is this field. Perhaps his success stems from his management style. Goullet encourages his staff to think creatively and without barriers to create an environment of utmost respect and ethical behavior. It’s no wonder John’s peers regard him as a true professional in his field.

With his enthusiasm and quest for excellence, John Goullet and company continually search for the best fit for staffing in the fast-growing arena of high technology, and the unique staffing needs it requires. Technology is changing before our eyes, which translates into challenges for staffing professionals tasked to deliver high-caliber clients to every level of an organization. There is no doubt that John Goullet and company are consistently on their game, and stand ready to provide companies with the very best and qualified candidates to ensure future growth and relevance for their clients as they continue to navigate the exciting changes within the IT staffing industry.