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The Great Wall Of Japan

Some may be saying, “Who is the dummy writing this article? The Great Wall is in China.”

Soon, China will not be the only country to have a great wall. Japan is now in the process of building a 250 mile concrete wall. This wall is not being built with the same reasoning as China originally built its wall….well excuse me, yes they are. China built its great wall to keep enemies from invading, and Japan is building its wall to keep an enemy from invading. The primary difference is: China’s enemies were humans, whereas Japan’s enemy is nature.

The wall that Japan is building is being erected on the Northern coastline. Bruce Karatz has learned that the goal is to protect Japan from tsunamis. Not wanting another episode of the devastation that occurred with the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s government decided that a great concrete wall would be the wisest answer.

With a cost estimated at nearly $7 billion, these walls do not guarantee 100% safety for the Japanese people. No one ever knows how high the waves could go in a major tsunami, but this is the best choice in the eyes of the majority.

Now we will have 2 oriental great walls.